Chargers vs Seahawks: What We Learned....

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Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Richard Goodman (15) runs the ball in the kick off return against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers – Baby Giraffe is alive and well, however it is still clear he is not paid to make plays with his feet. After going 5-6 with no turnovers, no sacks and able to step up into the pocket, PR in the new offense made it look easy going down the field. Giving PR new options to get the ball out of his hands, made him look real comfortable. The “experts” were silent on his performance at post-game. Maybe it’s because they are starting to realize they were full of it. It feels good to be right Bolt Fans, give yourselves a pat on the back.

RB – I’m proud to say I was impressed with Ryan Mathews. On his first drive, up-the-middle no less, he gained five yards behind Chad Rinehart. Not to mention Fozzy Whittaker. They both simply were getting it done on the ground and in protection. Who would have imagined a running game could appear without 21 in the backfield.

Baby Zilla and crew – Kept one of the best passers running for his llife and out of the endzone. You should take a sigh of relief, they are for real, they are young, and to Liuget to quit.

Cornerback – it was nice to see the CB right there contesting passes, without flags. And being right on top of them, to make the tackle, instead of eing 5 yards away watching the WR make the catch.

Mike McCoy – McCoy is a very intelligent HC and I like him even more now. let me explain. While most coaches would seek to win a game, McCoy’s approach seemed to be more concerned at using this “Practice Game” as a teaching tool, rather than trying to prove they are a good football team. You want to win, I don’t believe McCoy didn’t want to as well, but based on his actions he seemed to be focused on the bigger picture. Can they win “when it matters”. On the 4th and goal, instead of going for it, they got the 3 points and got the 1′s off the field. See they had already gone for it, and proved they could. so why do it again, in a game that does not matter and risk injury to your starting player?

Well I could go on but that’s what really stood out to me.


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  • FitzWilly

    doing the same thing right now Arnie, on NFL network
    and watching all the “behind the scenes stuff’
    i concur with your post

    • arnie

      Thanks FitzWilly. I’m just using my eyes.

  • tubbs45

    My thoughts exactly! Excellent write up!

    • arnie

      Thanks again. i’m glad i could read minds LOL Ernie taught me.

  • Alex Pitrofsky

    That’s a really good post, I re watched parts of the game and you pointed out some good things. I really liked this post. Did anyone else notice A.G. Spanos leave Billy Ray Smith hanging?

    • arnie

      No. but i would like to see that…

    • FitzWilly

      i saw that
      that was pretty lol

  • Adam

    It’s funny to see all the critics hushed. The thing that’s gonna drive me crazy is when they all jump on PR’s bandwagon and try to make you forget all the smack they were talking. Btw does anyone watch Breaking Bad? Holy cow tonight’s episode was CRAZY!!! If you don’t watch it, then yo watch it bitch! (b.b. reference)

    • arnie

      It’s called back pedaling, and after the bears game. it could get worse. it’s a national televised game on ESPN.

    • BruisingChargers

      Just finished season 5 on Netflix. Love the show.

  • Ioane

    Yes, I’m glad someone noticed how bad the special teams looked. We all knew what that was like a few years ago.

    I’m also happy with what Rivers and Co. Was able to accomplish. Not to mention they were without woodhead and Brown.

    Keenan Allen has me very excited, he was getting open and getting seperation all over the field. It’s too bad CBJ was under pressure all night and not able to connect with him more. Cathouse also looked pretty good.

    I can’t wait until the next game. Would be nice to see what McCoy and company will run against the Bears.

    • arnie

      Loane it was something that gets ignored, because the league has taken the excitement out of it. Yet it stood out to me because i was looking for improvement from this team and i wasn’t used to seeing people get up field, since Rich got hear. I had a chance to look and see what he was doing dallas, Special Teams was on point.
      I did notice “Cattouse” as well, he was all over the field. I liked that guys hustle.

  • Jimmybenz

    Interesting take on why not to go for it the second time. I think your right and I haven’t heard anybody see it that way. Very insightful.

    • arnie

      Thanks. as long as Ernie let’s me i’ll keep churning them out.

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  • BruisingChargers

    Nice quick summation of the game Arnie! At first, I was unhappy we did not score more points (or win for that matter) but, seeing the BIGGER picture, many new things about this team so agree with your assessment…..