Grading With GIFS: Chargers Loss to Seahawks

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Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates (85), quarterback Philip Rivers (17) and running back Ronnie Brown (23) during the first half against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Time for a little grading with GIFs for our loss to Seattle yesterday. Some things were good and some things were Charlie Whitehurst. Speaking of, let’s get started:

Charlie Whitehurst

Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Charlie Whitehurst (6) drops back to pass during the first half against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, what was that!? That was one of the worst things that I have ever seen. He was running scared out there. The line didn’t give him much help, but that was AWFUL. Vomit.

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  • PakMaN

    Well said. CBJ was horrible.

  • tubbs45

    Complete fail of CBJ and that terrible 2nd string line… damn has some respectful yourselves and quit now….

  • JoseSD

    I was very impressed by Fluker and Dunlap did you see after a run play Fluker was still battling his man and bulldozed him after the whistle and on Gates 20 yard catch the pass rusher tried to bull rush Dunlap and failed then tried a spin move and Dunlap had his feet set and was immovable shutting down the defender giving Philip time to find Gates open

    • Ernie Padaon

      I noticed both of those awesome plays. I think our line is going to play with a little more nastiness this year. I like it

    • RussinSactown

      Fluker is a road grader. He is going to beat on people for three hours a day. And Dunlap is going to step it up. We have a Bama guy and and an Auburn guy for our tackles. So I’m sure they are going to pancake fools just for school pride.
      On another note CBJ = WTF. Can we cut this guy already?

      • JoseSD

        I liked what I saw from Sorensen it was a bit lit watching Roethlisberger hard to take.down in the pocket, mobility and capable of escaping in the face of pressure, and his throws were accurate and had some velocity to them while throwing on the run like that big play to Tasker and the Green’s TD catch. I think he should see some time with the number 2s next game maybe Whitehurst finally gets the boot since he was AJ and Norv’s boy. The only reason he was kept around is he knew norv’s offense better than the other backups but with Whisenhut calling plays he should be one of the first players cut

        • Adam

          Yep. Nuff said. Cut him!

      • Adam

        Hell yea man! I bet King is gonna beast against the Eagles after all that shit the fans have been talking about him

        • Nick in PB

          Up until yesterday, I thought he was an OK backup. But he was holding the ball way too long. Looked indecisive. Stared down his receivers when he had time. Sorrenson outplayed him by a lot. I don’t like the thought of having a rookie as our backup but CBJ is done. He’s not right for this system.

    • Adam

      I didn’t see that so that’s AWESOME to hear! I saw the pocket sort of collapsing a couple times, but they still gave rivers a tiny bubble to work in, or he stepped up in the pocket and made the play.

      • Peter Thompson

        River’s jersey was only touched once when Fluker got beat. But, it wasn’t anything to get worried about.

        • Adam

          Dude that’s REALLY good to know! I remember the first year rivers didn’t have the best pocket presence if my memory serves me correctly, but then he really improved a lot. I kinda have a feeling Fluker will have a Corey Liuget type rookie season…does his job and overall solid, then his second season he will explode onto the scene as the best RT in the league

          • Peter Thompson

            There’s a good possibility, Adam. I noticed that they ran the ball between the tackles, mostly, Behind Hardwick, Rinehart, Clary, and Dunlap a little. People are saying that he was road grading, but maybe I missed it? Not that he didn’t assist on the run plays, but nothing went that way, or directly behind him. They put support blockers on his side too.. Phillips, Gates, and even Mathews. You could tell they are not asking him to do it all in week one. Which I think is good for his confidence, and allowed him to get chippy. Especially after reports that he was having a little trouble adjusting in camp. He did well in pass protection, for the most part.

  • Gunnar Martin

    We need more of these. Love the GIFS.

  • joerockt

    Sorensen > CBJ, all day son.

    I liked our starting O. However, that drive reminded me of drives last year where we get to the red zone and just drop a duce. I really, really hope we use the no huddle this year. On a 9-10 play drive like that in no huddle, by the time we’re in the RZ, their D will be sucking wind and would make it much easier to punch it in.

    And Meachump is still Meachump.

  • Peter Thompson

    If you didn’t think there were salary cap issues, now is the time to realize this. Undrafted free agents are a minimal risk / possible gain situation. I’m certain they know who will work, and are waiting to see if someone might surprise them. One preseason game isn’t a large enough sample. I’ll chalk it up to opening day jitters. If it’s that awful on week three of preseason, then we will implement a plan that I’m certain TT already has on paper. Either way, I still think we have 8-10 backups, and the rest can be picked up later, when cuts are made. I have faith. The real kind. This is a new era.

    • Nick in PB

      You also have to know that a lot of these guys looked bad because the entire 2nd and 3rd unit looked bad. There are some guys that might look more impressive with the 1st teamers. I’d really like to see some isolated film on the line play with our second and third teams. Hard to tell who stood out because from the sidelines, it really looked like we were getting pushed back on both sides. Someone had to be playing a little better then the rest.

      • Peter Thompson

        Awww, man, you are so right Nick. It took me forever to break down one play, so I could see where dudes were breaking down. It’s a game of inches.

        • Nick in PB

          The coaches have camera angles all over the place so they will see what really happened. There could be a guy or two that stood out positively but we would never see it from the TV angle.