Observations From Fan Fest

Hope a lot of you were able to get out to Fan Fest today. I was there for about an hour, then it started getting a hot and the kids needed to get some food. Shoot I was getting hot and needed some grub also.

First observations… Saw a Raiders and a Chiefs fan coming into the stadium. WHAT THE HECK! Can security just turn them right around? Everyone was out their rocking their jerseys and sweating their balls off. I was rocking a tank top and chillin.

I got there and saw some special teams play. Watched Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal field some punts. Boring! There was one drop I noticed… Sadly, can’t even remember who did it. CUT HIM!

Saw them running 11s, and the offense looks sharp. I believe Mike McCoy when he  says that Philip Rivers will complete 70 percent of his passes. The offense looked efficient. We are going to move that rock. The short passing game has a lot of available options and Philip is quick at getting the ball out to the right players. The offense did decide to take a shot deep once and it was intercepted by Eric Weddle. Philip has to be careful taking those risks. He stepped up in the pocket and overthrew the deep ball into double coverage.

The defense was able to push that pocket up and make it muddy, but there were no sacks (that I saw). Ryan Mathews broke off a huge chunk of yards on one running play, but was stuffed on a lot of other runs by Marcus Gilchrist supporting in the run game.

Ken Whisenhunt threw in a reverse with Eddie Royal and gained a nice chunk of yards also. Love that Whisenhunt will throw in those little gadget plays from time to time and will keep defense honest. I remember those little gadgets thrown in there when he was the offensive coordinator with the Steelers. I am looking forward to those little gadgets from time to time.

I watched a little bit of the 2′s on offense and defense. Marcus Cromartie made a great play on a deep ball to Keenan Allen from Whitehurst to knock the pass down. That is the best I could remember from the unit though. I was too busy thinking about what to eat for lunch.

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  • jamfed

    …wish I was there! Granted, I’ve only been to ONE fan fest, and I had the most fun in the parking lot, LOL.

  • arnie

    Thanks for the update Ernie. Don’t be to hard on Phillip, he’s not used to being able to step up into the pocket. Much less being in a Pocket. Probably why he overthrew him. LOL

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      True. The offensive line was good at flushing the pass rushers out and allowing Philip to step up. It was a pretty deep ball though

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    I wish I could have been their but I had my niece’s B-Day party to attend. Family first then the job that provides for them. I love the whole feel of this new regime and team. What has been encouraging throughout this off season is that no complaining no explaining just finding solutions attitude. Its Mike McCoys estilo and I love it! Its been his motivation and reason he is Head Coach of my beloved Chargers. Telesco is the perfect GM to pair with McCoy and even if it seems to good to be true, I believe that this team is due some long overdue success in the ring department . BOLT UP!


    I just hope Vincent Brown is back by Monday. .

    And Liuget beat Rinehart very bad and tapped Rivers just before he threw the INT. In a real life game he would have gotten sacked.

    • arnie

      Practice makes perfect. LOL

  • 619chargers4life

    So after fan fest I walk out to my car In the parking lot and next to my car was a world of Giants fans tailgating , I walked up to my car and asked them if they were in the right neighborhood , they didn’t like that , then I asked how come they didn’t go in the stadium , and with another lame response I got in my car and told them good luck and went home. Got to get giants tickets now . I didn’t really like that lol

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      I’ll be hosting a Bolt Beat tailgate party for that game… Just sayin… Dan Locke will be hosting too.

      • 619chargers4life

        I’m looking into tickets as we speak lol

        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          Nice! I’m creating a google group soon, with threads for each game. That way people can meet up, get tickets together, tailgate with us, etc. Some of the writers on here are going to help out, and host other games. Should be fun.

          • 619chargers4life

            thats awesome , and yes it will be fun.

      • arnie

        Even without tickets i’ll show up for the tailgate. we always love to see Eli. he’s good for a Charger win.

        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          Nice!!! You wanna host the Raider game tailgate still?

    • Mz. Sarah

      Omg they were parked right behind me!!!! I was wearing my Fluker jersey.
      I stayed the entire time and they were still out there when I left at 1230.
      I thought the offensive was on point!!!!

      • 619chargers4life

        yeah i left a lil after 12, i was sketched out when i seen them ppl, i just spent a lot of time repainting my car and they had chairs inches from my car, i didnt do all that body work for nothing lol so i had to give them crap lol and yes i think the team as a whole looks real good besides the flags the refs been throwing the last few practices.

  • Adam

    Hey Ernie have you read the Blolts from the Blue article titled, “I’m starting to worry about Philip Rivers”? Please tell me that they’re full of it…I haven’t personally seen any practices because I live about 7 hours away, so I rely on others to fill me in. Give me the good news!

    • arnie

      Think of that article as the red headed step child of U-T, NFL.com, ESPN, etc.

      • Adam

        Feeling better already. I thought he was doing great but I haven’t seen him, only highlights. Good to know

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          he looked fine to me from what I saw. I think he will do much better over last season

        • arnie

          Just being as honest as i can. The other “fan Site” has a motive to write things like that. Look i’m not an Expert Adam, and i know a little about football as well. The bottom line is, PR hits his mark more often than not. Most of the balls that were not caught, because the DB made a great play and broke it up. Rivers is doing something he hasn’t done in a decade. learn a new offense. On top of that he has to develop timing with new “pass catchers” an that sometimes takes years. Example: Rivers to Gates, they make it look like stealing.

    • JoseSD

      I hate that site! And that article was ridiculous fan fest was the first and only team practice that writer said he attended and out of two bad deep passes he said he’s worried about Philip and he might be gone next year, give me a break! I lost all respect for that writer not that I had any for him to begin with but any competent journalist would attend more than a single practice or even wait until there’s actually a game before writing off a players ability to function in an offense. He also says Philip doesn’t fit in the spread offense McCoy and Whiz are installing and he based all this supposed spread offense stuff on McClain lining up wide instead of at fullback. The Guy is an ass clown

      • Adam

        He still did good last year, for being on his butt half the season. He’s a clutch player and he’ll rock this year. Thanks dude

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      John Gennaro knows his stuff, so I an not going to say otherwise. They have some really good writers on there with in depth analysis. However, it’s often that same analysis that generates articles like that. They can over-analyze, to a fault. Sometimes, they are paying so much attention to stats, and schemes, and what they think are signs of things going south, that they overlook more important details. Philip is a game time player. These are practices. They are trying out all kinds of different stuff, and are doing so with some players that might not even be on the team later. Once the final cuts have been made, he can start to get comfortable with his ACTUAL offense. Also, I don’t see McCoy sticking with a scheme that Rivers is awful at running. Pay attention to what McCoy and Whiz are saying… They will point you in the right direction. There have been plenty of articles (just like any blog site) where they have been WAY off. That’s the first place I have read that Philip was not doing so good. Not to mention, things consistently come from a cynical viewpoint over there. I still enjoy some of their stuff… Not so much on the comments section, though. Some of the regulars are extremely snooty.

      • arnie

        Took the words from my mouth…

      • Adam

        Thanks Pete. It’s true what you said that they’re testing a lot of different schemes out and experimenting alot right now. Obviously when the season starts, they are gonna know what rivers does best, what he’s mastered, and run those plays. And play to rivers strengths. They just got me a little worried that’s all. I suppose no news is good news regarding PR

  • Aaron Johnson

    I was down there from about 11:45 until after the 11 on 11. For as good as the offense looked, our D was not impressive to me. I didnt see much pressure and I saw way too many guys getting open. The short-intermediate routes seemed to confuse our young CB’s. Weddle looked good, as usual, and the SS rotation looked at least as good as last year, maybe slightly better. Im a Royal fanboy (Vtech fan here) but he did look a lot better than last year.

    Thursday will be eye opening for sure.

    • Aaron Johnson

      One other observation is that Te’o looked awful in Man coverage but looked like a 2nd or 3rd year guy when playing Zone. He didnt look slow he just got juked too many times by guys like Keenan Allen and Eddie Royal.

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  • joerockt

    I think we have to come to terms that Rivers will throw interceptions this year, no question. Deflected balls are one thing, but bone headed throws directly to an opposing player should not be tolerated. Some times you have to say Fuck it, I’m going deep, but he’s got to be smart and accurate about it. Too many under thrown balls last year. I hate the fact that we don’t have a “Steve Young like” backup QB on deck. Like last year, if Rivers is having a bad day, he needs to be yanked. But Clipboard Jesus isn’t the answer so, he’s going to have to stay in. Its not a good situation at all.

    But it all remains to be seen…

    I really want to see Rivers this year just be smart with the ball. If its not there, THROW IT AWAY. I can’t tell you how many times I yelled at the TV last year “throw it away, throw it AWAY, THROW IT AWAY!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” lol. I really hope McCoy emphasized this.

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