King Dunlap Ahead In Race For Left Tackle Job

May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle King Dunlap (77) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It sounds like King Dunlap is ahead in the race for the left tackle job. Dunlap has been out for a few practices resting an injury and the offensive line has not been as good without him in there. The pass rush was all over Rivers yesterday during practice.

Dunlap should be back in practice today and will likely take back his spot back on the left side of the line. Max Starks would currently be the swing tackle and could fill in at right tackle or left tackle.

The reports on D.J. Fluker from camp have not been that impressive to start out also. He is a hard worker, a leader and has a great attitude, but he still has things that he has to work on. If that is the case, we might want to move Max Starks over to the right side.

Would the team want to put their first round draft pick on the bench though? They could move him inside and place him at right guard also, but they should probably start making steps toward that soon. If they do move Fluker over, that would make everyone’s favorite Chargers, Jeromey Clary, expendable.

Will be interesting to see this o-line shuffle as camp progresses.

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  • Mz. Sarah

    Benching Fluker is not an option. It’s only been a week for gods sake! He’s got what it takes, but maybe I’m a little bit biased being that I’m a BAMA fan and followed his college career. Some players are in attack mode in actual games and not in practice. All together I have faith in our entire O-line.

    • Pels04

      To me benching him is absolutely an option. We need to have in the best players play. If DJ isnt ready right yet then dont play him. Thats been McCoys philosophy this whole time, and i agree with it 100%. So i would expect him to stick to that, first round pick or not.

      • Mz. Sarah

        Don’t get me wrong, I agree with McCoy as well and whatever’s best for the team, I just don’t want to see that happen.

        • Pels04

          I don’t want to see it happen either. Teams obviously want their first round draft pick to play, but if they need to sit a bit then they need to sit. Like you said, what’s best for the team

      • arnie

        It’s been 1 week of training camp. He’s playing like a rookie. Please let’s not let the U-t get our hopes in a knot. IMO, he’s an upgrade from Clary. It’s not like Fluker has been playing like a revolving door, he get’s beat. “Everybody get’s beat”. That’s why he’s out there, with every snap, it get’s a little harder to get around him.

        • Pels04

          Obviously it’s way too early to make that decision right now. I was thinking more along the lines of Starks/Dunlap moving to RT instead of Clary. I was just disagreeing in that benching him is not an option. Every option should be on the table

          • arnie

            yeah i get that. i agree that McCoy will make the right decision. i just have a basic understand of what they’re doing to him. So “concerns” reports about him, irk me.

  • arnie

    Anyways. It looks like Dunlap is the King of LT. LOL
    Can we put all the Philly garbage to rest? Protecting the blindside of left handed QB would technically be a RT. the bigger problem Dunlap is pocket protector, asked to block for a mobile QB. He just a much better fit to protect Rivers. Starks, is something the Chargers did not have last season, insurance.
    Let’s hear it for the King!

    • Stefanie Smith

      no, cannot put it to rest until he plays a game. Seems to me, we went that route with Gaithers. He has some red flags. Hope they get cleared up is all as he did not perform well in Philly.

      • PakMaN

        Preach on sista! Too many Charger fans getting hyped up again in August.

        • arnie

          Well between you an me, there’s hype, and reality. And the reality is he’s played all the snaps an stopped 90% of the pass rushing attemps. just going with what was in front of me…

          • PakMaN

            By hype I mean it’s a little too early to put away that “philly garbage”. I’m hoping he’s an all pro LT in our system, and I agree in a sense about the mobile QB being more difficult to protect.

          • arnie

            My eyes tell me it is. again all i’m saying is, if he wasn’t able to do the job, he wouldn’t be out there since day one of camp. I believe McCoy will do what is best for the team. he’s proved that by agreeing with TT to let gaither go, despite the cap hit.

          • John Alton

            Nobody is hyping Dunlap, but people are trashing him and he has not even played a snap in a regulation game for the Bolts.

      • arnie

        What seems to me is Dunlap is not Gaithers. Playing RT is not the same as paying LT. Vick is mobile Phillip is not. The system in philly, is not the same system in Chargers park. I don’t know if you seen him practice, i have. What “red flags” are you are referring to? There are no reports on questionable behavior or work ethic about Dunlap. These are facts in “2013″. Please join us.

    • Dion Chin

      I agree with Arnie, everyone else stfu with the negativity. Arnie is dropping current facts, you guys are dropping assumptions and comparing eagles system to the chargers system who have 2 diff styles of QB’s? Get real.

  • Pels04

    Stefanie Smith ‘s blood starts to boil! ha

    • Stefanie Smith

      Actually, I am sort of relieved. If he actually is doing well (and it is not just wishful thinking), I would love that. Bottom line, somebody keep Rivers standing. Maybe he is sick of everyone giving him crap. I get suspicious, because we refused to believe what everyone had said about Gaithers. Ended up they were right and we we wrong. I hope Dunlap works out. If not, then… (we won’t go there for now.).

    • Stefanie Smith

      Pels: I am suspicious and skeptical of a lot. As to the Chargers, I have doubts, but they are starting to go away. Any remaining doubts I have personally, believe me, I want to be wrong, so badly. I would love it for them to go to the SB and somebody come back and say, “See! You were wrong.”

      All I want is to watch the Chargers, and not feel bad after seeing one of their games. If they play competitively, I would be fine with that.

      • Pels04

        i get that for sure. After being burned so many years it makes me more hesitant to get extremely confident. But gotta stay positive, it will come in due time!

        • Stefanie Smith

          You’re right there!

  • Stefanie Smith

    We are fans wearing rose-colored glasses. It’s nice to be positive but let’s not get carried away. We still have issues here.

  • Rob Base

    Ya eagles fans are saying its scary to have Dunlap at LT but its a different system under McCoy and plus he protected Vick which is a lefty QB. Rivers isn’t either way we now have insurance with the LT position with Dunlap and Starks.

  • 619chargers4life

    What I noticed today was coach D yelling his face off at Mike Harris , Fluker had a couple of times where coach D got on him , but nothing like Mike Harris got today, to me Fluker is doing something right . i think Fluker will be fine once he his fine tuned and dialed in . He is a rookie.

    • Peter Thompson

      Nice! How are the guards holding up?

      • 619chargers4life

        Well it was the first practice I saw this year and to me I saw a lot of weddle butler and Teo shooting those gaps , I guess u can say it could have been the beast of a D we got or they had a off day

  • Peter Thompson

    Anyone hear, or see anything impressive about Clary? We went from everyone praising him, to not hearing peep, and people are now talking about moving Starks to right & Dunlap to guard again. Is it because he is doing fine, or he just isn’t standing out? Same with Reinhert, and the other guards.. Troutman & Ohrnberger.. How are they doing? All I’ve heard about is Fluker, and Dunlap… This is the most important unit we need to fix, but I only hear little snippets about the same two players. Can anyone who’s been to the practices give some insight?

    • arnie

      It’s good thing when they are not talking about a linemen.
      See Peter, McCoy is rotating all the O-linemen. I tried to get to camp today, So i”l have to wait on my next updates about the O-line an DB.

  • Bill Nichols

    Keep shuffling them around McCoy, you know what you are doing. And no way can anybody compare King’s duties in Philly to the ones he faces here. Duh, lefty, mobile, run around like a rat, vs. right handed stand there til the end Philip “i run like I have 2 leg braces” Rivers. AND, If anyone is comparing the work ethic, or heart, dependability, mental aptitude, etc., etc., to Gaither, you should be ashamed of yourself. Dunlap is not a “lazy” anything.

  • jamfed

    Just guessing, can this offensive line go from team-weakness to team-strength? I’d really hope so. The depth looks and sounds pretty good too…

  • Mike DeWitt

    On Sunday at TC, in team Drills Fluker was the most solid player on the line, while Dunlap was getting flat out owned. Dunlap isn’t a lock yet. Starks has never shined in camps which is why he never got the official start until someone got injured. That is when Starks # was called and according to steeler fans he played more solid then the injured starter had. Some players just perform better in games. Preseason games should tell us who’s number should be called at LT, Provided both players get a shot at playing with the number 1′s. Knowing McCoy they should.

  • Leonardo Deleon

    Dunlap may be king but Stark is the champ – for me, as long as they stick with the plan – the short route passing scheme, the Chargers should be fine. we’ll get a better feel of how well they work together when they played a few regular season games. I like how McCoy is turning the offensive group into a coherent unit, much like what he did with Denver with both Tebow and Manning. I like how the main focus is in moving the ball and not the big play stuff – once they got this covered, then go do the big play – it will be exciting to see them improve each week. I’m also excited to see how well Mathews will response to the new atmosphere – with the pressure off and just focus on running the ball well.

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