Two San Diego Chargers listed on List To Make The Leap

Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (6) is chased down by San Diego Chargers defensive end Corey Liuget (94) during the second quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Two of San Diego Chargers youngsters have been selected by to “make the leap” this season. Kendall Reyes and Corey Liuget are listed as number 6 and 7 on Gregg Rosenthal’s list.

I will have to disagree with Corey Liuget for being on this list. He already has made the leap. He already is one of the best in the league, but doesn’t get the accolades around the league yet. Just watch the kid play and what he has done. he is a machine and makes plays all over the field. He is J.J. Watt for the Chargers. This will be the season that people will actually notice him.

Reyes still has things to prove, but he will get the opportunity this year to make some big things happen. He has the potential to be great. He has to get the job done and “make the leap.”

Here is Rosenthal’s conclusion:

Liuget and Reyes are at different stages of their development. Liuget has already made the leap to a high quality starter that could have been considered for a Pro Bowl last year. He can take the next step to become the unquestioned best player on his defense over Eric Weddle and one of the best young defenders in the AFC.

Reyes is trying to get to Liuget’s level from 2012. Reyes’ quest includes handling more snaps and defending the run better.

The Chargers defense will go as these two potential stars go. If they live up to their potential, San Diego will be very difficult to handle.

Both Reyes and Liuget will be counted on to carry this defense. They will need to occupy blockers while still making plays. They will still be asked to knock down passes and rush the quarterback. If they can provide pressure, then this defense will be a strength for us this season. They need to be standouts for us.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    Rumblings, Ernie. Momentum.

    • Ernie Padaon

      there you go… some news from the big network

    • Peter Thompson

      This article immediately made me think of your comments, Stef.. Heads are slowly turning… Then it will hit them… “How did we overlook the Chargers? The signs were all there…”

  • Stefanie Smith

    Here is another one from “I think this carries over into the regular season. The Chargers will be better prepared to deal with adversity, and they’ll take some games you won’t expect them to grab.”

  • arnie

    “…TRYING TO GET…”!??!! IS HE INSANE?!!
    they both combined for 12 sacks last season, and Reyes didn’t even begin the season as a starter.
    Let me put this in perspective. von miller an elvis combined for 18 sacks. elvis is gone, and miller is facing a 4 game suspension. The “Book Ends” had six less sacks than the fellas in denver, and THERY’RE NOT EVEN PASS RUSHERS!

  • arnie

    Ernie, you are correct, this Defense was ranked 8th in the leauge. From a camp point of view, that number will go up.

    • boltingindiego

      hopefully it does man i think the question marks on d our how will cam hold up through out the year and our 2 new starting cb’s and ss.

      • arnie

        actually i think the questions are with the DB’s. with the exception of Weddle. The case for Cam, Reyes, an Liuget is pretty well documanted. they filled in, and exceeded expectations.

  • Rob Base

    Too Liuget to Quit has already made the leap and Reyes will be solid. The Both of them should get a fare share of sacks

  • Gunnar Martin

    Donald Butler (if he hasn’t already) will also, maybe Cam Thomas, hopefully Ryan Mathews, Shareece Wright, Marcus Gilchrist. Off the top of my head.

    • boltingindiego

      butlers already has made the leap imo. I thinks hes the 10th best mlb in the league whos just not recognized that much because this is a really talented position in the nfl.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Agreed, just goin off of common NFL knowledge, if that makes any sense. Most people don’t even know the name. Anyways, let’s just hope he makes an even bigger leap this year and becomes an All-Pro.


    The season can’t get here fast enough.

  • Adam

    I’m gonna be just as excited to see the D come onto the field as the O this year! The D scored tons of points for us last year

  • JoseSD

    I love the young talent on this team, I know I’m gonna get my ass chewed out but hear me out…. AJ Smith was having a turn around on his draft day luck and was starting to improve the team. Let me make my case. I in no way am saying he should be back cause he was an egotistical ass that drove away our best talent. His 2004-2006 drafts set the team up for their big run and 6 season dominance of the AFC west. In those 3 drafts we got Rivers, Olshansky, Kaeding, Hardwick, Shaun Philips, Michael Turner, Merriman, Castillo, V Jackson, Sproles, Cromartie, and Marcus McNeil. Heck you can even toss Olivea,, Clary and Dobbins in that list. That’s one hell of a 3 year haul. Now its my opinion to consider a draft successful at minimum it should yield a pro bowler, 2 high quality starters and 2-3 depth players capable of starting a few games in an emergency. That’s where AJ failed and starting bringing down this team with his 2007-2009 drafts. Those 3 drafts gave us just one star, our beloved Eric Weddle. There were a few that we held hope for that one day they could become special but that didn’t happen here’s some names you might recognize: Buster Davis, Anthony Waters, Scott Chandler, Legedu Naanee,, Brandon Siler and a few you won’t remember RB Marcus Thomas, CB Dejuan Tribble, T Corey Clark, RB Gartrell Johnson, DB Brandon Hughes, WR Demetrius Byrd and you only remember safety Kevin Ellison for being arrested with a bunch of Vicodin pills in his possession and setting his apartment on fire with his roommate asleep in the next room. The only other players that weren’t complete wasted picks were Cason, Jacob Hester, Vaughn Martin and Vasquez. In fact the only players remaining from 3 drafts are Weddle and English, and English is on his last chance with the team. The deterioration of the team and AJs inability to properly replace its losses through the draft have led to the 3 years of no playoffs. But the team now has this young nucleus of players ready to take their place as the next great Chargers and as much as it hurts to say it thanks to AJ maybe from just dumb luck or gaining his magic touch back on draft day. His last 3 drafts brought Mathews,Butler, Cam Thomas, Liuget, Gilchrist, Vincent Brown, Melvin Ingram, Reyes special team studs Stuckey and Gachkar and depth players Molk,, Troutman and Ladarius Green. I know its a bit soon for some players but I gotta believe the outlook is better than the 07-09 drafts where only 2 players are still here and 10 out of 19 are out of the league already

    • arnie

      And i agree. I’ve always been of the opinion, aj was good at finding talent. I also said, it takes “more” than being able to scout talent, to be a good “GM”. aj was simply not a good GM.

      • Ernie Padaon

        i agree with that. AJ should have let go of Norv a long time ago… or not even have hired him and we would have been in a better position

        • arnie

          Or just grow up. act like a professional, and never should have fired Marty.

  • LA RiderNation

    I cant believe there are actually people blogging about these low watt bolts. Whats there to be excited about? Is this the year you guys finally win a championship?? LMAO!! Beating the Raiders is your superbowl!! And do whatever you guys can to convince your chargers to stay in SD. LA is Raider country. No one will show up to chargers games in LA.

    • Ernie Padaon

      winning 2 games is your goal this season.

      • LA RiderNation

        Winning a championship is always the goal.. Whats the bolts goals??

        • LA RiderNation

          When the Raiders play the bolts, there are more Raiders fans attending the game than bolts fans.. If they relocate to LA, there will be 75% Raiders fans at the game.. How will that look when the camera pans the bleachers??

          • Ernie Padaon

            and they all see the loss… it’s like a funeral.. everyone wears black and they all go back home sad.

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