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Carolina Panthers Fans Cheating To Win Best Uniform Contest?

So…. there seems to be some conspiracy going on with these uniform votes. Someone on the Carolina Panthers side is writing a script to get a ton of votes for the best jersey contest on Can I say this if a fact? NOT EXACTLY, but there seems to be some conversation already going on in the Panthers subreddit about the situation.

Someone from the Panthers side said this:

Hi i’m from the Panthers sub, we have told everyone not to use a script, we even made one of our own pissy because we didn’t want to cheat to win. We are out to win this fair and square. It’s not even about the uni’s anymore it’s about the way Dameshek has treated ours since this whole thing has started. Good luck and Keep POUNDING!

So you are telling me they were using a script to actually get into this position? It seemed strange that they had 100,000 votes for their side in the first 3 hours of the vote.

It seems that the Carolina Panthers are strictly against Dave Dameshek, the host for the vote:

I’ll be the first to admit you guy’s jerseys are one of the greatest, if not the greatest, jersey of all time. This is us against Dameshek.

 Check out the conversations on this subreddit.

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  • arnie

    LOL, it sounds like they have inherited something from the owner. i’m not going be sour grapes about it. It’s a shame if we lost to someone that has some personal vendetta against Dameshek, because He. Really. Doesn’t. Care.
    Seriously though, if it means that much to them, that they’d have to “cheat” to win, a least now, i have more respect for raiders fans.

    • Peter Thompson

      If we start getting all uptight about uniform polls, then it’s DEFINITELY time for the season to start.

      • Guest

        HAHA this is the truth.

      • arnie

        Agreed. This was something that was supposed to be for fun. Just so the fans could rally behind the teams. When you hear thing s like that, it ruins the fun for everyone.
        But i’m still voting. :)

        • CALiiGeDDon

          The cheaters are the ones who ruined the fun.

  • Vince

    It’s just a better looking uniform than the light powder blue charger…i honestly like the dark blue charger uni over light. over 200k ppl voted for panthers. I seriously doubt 200k would be cheating.

    • Ernie Padaon

      You might not understand scripts

  • Peter Thompson

    I thought something was fishy. I went on to vote for us, and it was 24,000 Chargers to 100,00 Carolina really quick. I was a little bit shocked, but I actually think that the blue/ silver / and black Carolina unis are pretty cool. I can live with that. But, there probably was cheating involved.

  • Peter Thompson

    On an unrelated topic… If I were Keenan Allen, I would stand next to Brad Sorensen ALL OF THE TIME! I might even make him my wing man at camp, and out at the clubs…. check that hairline.. WHOAH!!!

  • Rob Lambeth

    I still can’t figure out how a 2012 alternate is in the “throwback” category.

  • veazy

    I hope the ravens or 49ers win the vote against the panthers. I really hate dark pants, especially black.

  • Allmighty_ACE

    HAHAHA way to take my post the completely wrong way. I said we (the panthers subreddit) have not used a script. We had a guy suggest it, JUST LIKE THE GUY WHOSE POST I REPLIED TOO FOR YOU GUYS. We told him NO we didn’t want to cheat to win. We wanted to win this fair and square. We have been voting a ton to just show Dameshek how passionate we are. If it makes you feel better to accuse us of cheating that’s fine but don’t use my comment to do so. Thanks for your time and KEEP POUNDING!

    • Peter Thompson

      Eh.. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, mang. It’s already a pretty silly poll if you can keep voting over & over, or make a script. It defeats the point of whose uniform is really the best, if it just becomes fans feverishly jocking their own team’s uniform. Let’s save our energy for something meaningful.. like telling our division rivals what to pound. God bless.

      • Allmighty_ACE

        Very true, Can’t wait for the season to start so we have something important to argue over.

    • veazy

      That Dameshek guy isn’t very bright. As much as I wouldn’t want my least favorite of the four jerseys (Panthers) to win it, it’d be funny to see him complain about it afterwards.

      • Allmighty_ACE

        This is our thought process too (well other than our unis being the least of the 4 haha). We just didn’t like the way he treated us in every video.

        • veazy

          I’ve disliked him him in every video I’ve seen, especially after he called Gates the most overrated Charger of all time thinking it was a fantasy football question.

          • Allmighty_ACE

            Yeah is a tool fersure.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Well I see…. But like you all said, there is nothing to talk about

  • zacka77ack

    Just gonna leave this here. The time stamp says 19 hours ago. That means we hit 100k at roughly midnight (EST)…hardly “the first 3 hours of the vote”.

    Check your sources fellas.

    Keep Pounding.

  • Chris Ford

    Sounds like a little bit of jealousy over there in San Diego. Is it because we took one of your best weapons then used him to stomp u last season, or just because u don’t wanna admit our all black unis make your powder blues look like they belong in a european futbol league. No one in Carolina cares enough about the vote to cheat, plus we don’t need to, the jerseys are bad ass

    • Guest

      LOL, whoa there guy. Seem to be inflating yourself and your team a little much there.

      It’s uniformly accepted by most people that the Chargers powder blues are the best uniforms in NFL history. Not sure how a team that hasn’t even been around 20 years is even in the “throwback” section.

    • ChrisFordIsAnIdiot

      Is that right? You might wanna head over to and check out there thread thats been going since the 10th. They’ve been using autoclickers and getting about 5000 votes out of each person using them. They even talk about deleting the thread so that nobody will find it and use it as evidence. Carolinas jerseys look like XFL jerseys. They are hideous and without cheating they woldnt have made it passed round 1.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    I don’t give a dam about this contest. I already know who has the best uniforms and the best team. The San Diego Chargers due.

  • Jason Richards

    To those wondering how the Panthers jumped out to such a huge early lead, you have to realize we’ve been very organized about the vote since Dameshek starting dissing our team in his vids, so we were waiting for the round to open and pounced as soon as it launched. It’s easy to get a sizable early lead if you’re voting long before the other fanbases even realize what’s going on.

    • Alter Ego

      All those fans…I guess with that type of support…every game must be a huge sellout.

      • Jason Richards

        We’ve had a 100+ game sellout streak that even went through the 2-14 season, so yeah.

  • John Bauer

    NO way Carolina I am a Charger fan in Pittsburgh & even some Steeler fans say the Charger uninforms are the best in particular the powder blues ! ! !

  • Santee Jack

    Scripting – a series of instructions that is executed by a computer program. In this case, used to stuff the ballot box.

  • CALiiGeDDon

    It is way too obvious that somebody is using a program of some sort to vote every millisecond. Sure the Panthers may have fans but it is not humanly possible or even likely to get that many votes so fast.

  • A S

    too bad, the two best jerseys really are the niner red n gold and powder blue chargers. black and silver raiders should have been up there also, but panthers started cheating to oust the raiders too lol

  • Dee Robinson

    Not only do the Panthers have the best NFL Uniforms, the North Carolina Tarheels have the best college uniforms and the Charlotte Hornets have the sweetest colors. Get over it. We know how to dress well

  • Mexoplex

    Red and gold = 80s transvestite colors. get over it. Take the L

  • Mexoplex

    and really? EVEN IF THE Autoclick/bots/script thing were true, You think Carolina fans are the only ones that thought of this? Come on Son