Norv Turner and His 2 Sons Make A Music Video

Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner smiles as he runs off the field after the Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders 24-21 at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Norv Turner’s 2 sons sure seem like a fun couple of dudes. Check out the music video that they made for their sister Stephanie Turner for her wedding day. Norv even made an appearance in the music video.

Why didn’t this fun stuff come out when Norv was the head coach for the Chargers?

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  • Peter Thompson

    He didn’t do anything like this when he was with the Chargers, because he was too busy driving the team into the ground. Takes a lot of time and effort to do that, you know? And Norv spent every minute of his free time doing it.

  • Peter Thompson

    On a side note, I can’t wait for some beefing time with Cleveland fans, once the “Norv is killing the Browns” articles start to flow… Which shouldn’t take very long.

    • arnie

      Actually Peter, the only success norv has had, is when he’s “NOT” in charge.

      • Peter Thompson

        Yeah. And I don’t think they will go for that “run it up the middle on every play” thing, since they have Trent Richardson. He is going to bail Norv out a bunch, and make it look like the play calling is good, just with sheer talent.

        • arnie

          Well consider this Rob Chudiski is in charge. that name should ring a bell. he was Gates old TE coach, and later the HC asst. He’s also the guy that called the last playoff season in Cleveland, as the OC.

  • Seau55 4 life!

    Peter you look like a real winner. 45 year old Virgin who never got a snap on the JV football team. It seems like you know everything except how to get girls. Anymore advice on Norv or any other coaches? Please go tell your 15 year old friends in the AOL chat room loser.

    • Adam

      WTF? And your a Seau fan??? You must be one of Norvs lover boys that is sad and upset that he’s no longer in SD ruining our team. It must be killing you that mike McCoy is turning the chargers around, and norv is with the Brown-eyes. Don’t be sad…just move to Cleveland and be with your man

      • Peter Thompson

        The name isn’t fooling me… Raider troll! Lmao!

        • Adam

          Haha geez they’ve gone covert status…this is a new low

          • Peter Thompson

            Not sure if that’s a “new” low, but definitely low. All I have to say is “Strike me down, Darth. You’ll only make me stronger”.

        • FitzWilly


          • Peter Thompson

            Maybe. I’ve made a lot of “new” friends lately. Made another one earlier today, as a mater of fact.

          • Ernie Padaon

            Hahahahah “friends”

          • Peter Thompson

            I know, right?

    • Peter Thompson

      Lol… Nice try. You’ll have to do much better than that.

  • Alter Ego

    Norv must likes him some beer. He has a rotund beer gut, Made me laugh.

  • FitzWilly

    you can’t un-see that shit
    I have to go take a shower, I feel dirty all of a sudden
    no wonder our team dropped like a stone when Wrinkles got here

    • Peter Thompson

      Lmfao! You can’t unsee that.. Classic! That cat pic is killing me!!!! Hahaha!

      • FitzWilly

        is it just me, or do both his sons look like

        Closet Colon Cowboys or C^3

        • Peter Thompson

          The weiner dogs don’t help their case.

          • FitzWilly

            that is sooooo true lol

  • Cgoodness13

    So….much….scrotum neck!!!! Oh god my eyes!!!!

  • John Alton

    I now have to go throw up. That was horrible. There should laws against that crap being on the internet.

  • Adrian Berrelleza


  • C.j. Manriquez

    awww don’t hate…let the Turners pop bubbly for their daughter’s/sister’s wedding..Lord knows they ain’t poppin champagne on account of Norval’s coaching ever again. P.S. I coulda guessed Norval had weiner dogs.

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