June 11, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers offensive tackle Max Starks (70) holds a blocking bag during Chargers minicamp at Chargers park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Ranked Higher Than Chargers In Power Rankings

Pro Football Talk is releasing their power rankings for the year and the Chargers ranked in at number 22 on their list. Pretty typical around the league to see the Chargers rated in somewhere in the 20s on people’s power rankings. I think the Bolts have a much better team than the rankings suggest, but I am as biased as all of you out there.

What is even more insulting to the pre-season ranking of number 22 is the pro football talk selection for number 21: The Kansas City Chiefs.

Why in the heck does that get me heated? I don’t remember the last time that we were this far down in the list and I for sure can’t remember the last time that the Chiefs were favored to have a better record than us. I won’t even trash talk the Chiefs on this post, they have done some good things out there. They should be excited in Kansas City to have a new head coach and to have a quarterback that won’t throw the game away, but where is the respect for what the Chargers have done?

Getting rid of Norv Turner and AJ Smith should give us a good foot forward. Sure the guys on the roster will need to adjust, but it is still football. Philip Rivers got help on the offensive line that was needed. We have a veteran left tackle and a left guard that can actually play. We have a rookie road grater at right tackle and a big oaf at right guard that just wants to hit things.

The outlook for the season should be a lot more optimistic. We shall see once these guys get in the pads. Can’t wait for things to start up.

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  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    …I can’t wait either….wish it was football time already….patience….
    Go Chargers!!!

  • tubbs45

    All the fluffy predictions from all of the resident experts can suck it… We’ll see what happens on the field. They can use the madden prediction machine all they want, but the bottom line is the game is played between the lines…


    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      2001 gif’s… NICE!

  • blu3ny3llow

    I know a lot of ppl don’t like preseason games..me personally have always liked preseason…seeing all them unknows put in work..I know its not like the regular season but football is football.. n this preseason is gonna be so exciting…talk about unknown….I’m SO DESPERATE for football I can’t wait til the 24th so I can watch all that training camp coverage in NFL network…..BOLTZ UP

    • Nick in PB

      I’m with you there! I love watching the kids in action and seeing what they can do. It is going to be a very interesting preseason for sure! I can’t wait!!!

  • OP Bolt

    Chargers have been pretty good at proving people wrong when they were picked to be great. Maybe they can continue to prove them wrong when they are picked to be bad.

  • Joel

    So a 2-14 season equals a higher power ranking then the bolts? Just because of “legendary” Reid and Alex Smith coming to town? I would look at Mike Mccoys record vs Andy Reid’s record over the last 2 years…
    I would also take PR over AS at qb any day of the week… So not sure what the ranking is based on

  • Sergio Quintero

    Beyond Chad Johnson I’m still looking for an optimistic prediction from the talking heads. If negative predictions get you mad, I would suggest to all avoid them, because its pretty standard position on the chargers.

  • Rob Base

    Just like my crazy kids would say that’s weak sauce! Haha

  • Adam

    Keep poking the sleeping dragon. See what happens.

    • arnie

      you get shocked. punt intended.

      • Adam


        • AFC WEST FAN

          Yes, the Chargers will be punting a lot this year

          • arnie

            i meant pun, but you could be right. if you mean they took the starters out of the game, and felt sorry for beating the other team, badly? yeah i could see some mercy rules in effect..

  • arnie

    To ride Joel’s coattails if i may..the Chargers had the 8th ranked defense. finished 7-9, that’s better than 2-14. The Chargers have a franchise QB that is leaps and bounds better, on his worst days, than alex smith. Hired a guy from indy, to be a the new GM here, that “helped” turnover a 4-12 team into 11-5 team. Hired a new HC that made Tebow an Orton look like franchise QB’s. and added a former HC that resurrected Warners career, and coached big ben to a Superbowl.
    these are the facts. And we’re still below the chefs? what did i miss? oh yeah they sent a lot of guys to the pro-bowl, that could not translate all that talent to wins.

    • Nick in PB

      I still have no idea how the Chiefs had so many pro bowlers last year. They have made strides. I’m sure that, just like us, many Chiefs fans felt like getting rid of their coach was the biggest improvement they could make. It probably was. Just like us with Norv. They will also bring a new attitude. I still think we have the better team. Once the season starts, it will be interesting to see who moves up and who moves down in the power rankings. It’s my guess that both teams will move up, but the Chargers will be better.

      • arnie

        That’s because pro-bowls aren’t based on actual output. it’s popularity contest that the fans participate in. and the chefs have good fan base that will vote on there players, whether the team performs well or not. However, as a Charger fan, i vote on players that i think are outstanding enough to be recognized for their play and 7-9 didn’t get many votes from me.

    • shay

      yes, rivers going 21/38 for 173 yards, 0 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions against the falcons last year, or throwing 4 picks in that historic collapse against denver, which was one of 7 losses over an 8 game stretch – leaps and bounds better than alex smith. spoken like a true chargers’ fan.

      • IrishCarBomb

        And your quarterback put up no stats during that same stretch because he was riding a bench. So yes, leaps and bounds better than Alex Smith.

      • arnie

        Yes, i am i true Chargers fan, because i look at more than “one” season, or “one” game to make my point….
        Since you like numbers, here you go…


        And there we have it. PR’s numbers have been “consistently” superior to alex smith, over there careers. When alex smith had bad coaching, it showed. When PR had it, he still passed for over 3,000 yards.
        Now this is called the “TRUTH”. deal with it.

        • shay

          hey, i never said alex smith has better career numbers than rivers. it was the “rivers on his worst days is leaps and bounds better” nonsense that i was responding to.

          also, alex has been trending up since 2010, while rivers managed to turn the ball over 47 times in the last two seasons and his arm strength can’t bail him out like it used to. when people are speculating that he’s hiding an injury despite his insistence to the contrary, that’s cause for concern.

          • arnie

            I get that. And I responded with the truth, to back up my statement. Ask any football analyst who they would rather have? Most would say, ” They’d take Rivers on his worst day over smith.”
            Besides, number are misleading, if you don’t look at them in “context”.
            Example: in 2005 smith had 1TD, 875 passing and QB Rating of 40.8. Rivers in that same year had 0TD, 115 passing with a rating of “50.4”
            While smith has been “trending” with a rating of 104.1 he also finished with 1737 passing an 13 TD’s. Rivers was 88.6 and still managed, despite all the turnovers, to throw for 3606 yards and 26 TD’s. PR had more picks than smith had TD. Bottom line, even while getting sacked a career high of 49 times, second highest in the NFL, he still outscored smith. smith has never broken the 20TD barrier, “ever” in his career as a starter.
            Again you may not like what i said. But it’s true.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    They do this every year with the Chiefs. They are becoming what the media used to say about the Chargers these last three seasons… they build them up to compete for the division title (like last year).. saying 2nd place is the worst case scenario.. and they just plain disappoint… Last year they disappointed in EPIC proportions. Didn’t they have Charles, Bowe, Hali, Flowers, Johnson, and Berry last season? They still couldn’t get the job done. These are the same guys that are, once again, going to change things around this year? Even if Cassel sucked, he could still hand the ball off to their pro-bowl back. I think they will be better than 2-14, and made some decent moves. But, they are still a third place team. They remind me of the Rams. Getting better, decent talent.. still not there yet. QB play was their biggest problem, and all they did to address that was sign Alex “game manager” Smith. Not exactly addressed if you ask me.. just a little better than Cassel.

  • Bill Nichols

    I don’t care what any of these idiots say, or think. Bottom line is, we all know, here in Charger Nation, that we are on the cusp of something special. Let them keep underestimating our potential, then when they start seeing the new Bolts in action they can all eat shit. Alex Smith? Please, he isn’t even in the same hemisphere as PR, and if you want to hand the keys over to an old dried up walrus, well, send him to sea world for gods sake just don’t let him coach your football team. What, you think AS is better than ole dog killer? I seriously doubt that. This “D” of ours is going to make people stand up and take notice. And we get a shot at both Mannings this year, look out boys, we are coming to take your abnormally large heads off those scrawny shoulders….. Bolt Up!!


      I agree both teams will be alot better with new coaches & GM’s , but before you bash on ” the old dried up walrus”as you like to put it remember he was headed to SD for an interview after he left KC , so you probably would be talking a little differently about him if SD would have hired him . Let me guess though – you wouldn’t have been in favor of him being hired as the Charger coach if he still would have been available . YEH RIGHT ….

      • Bill Nichols

        consensus in San Diego was that the interview with the “old dried up walrus” was merely a show of respect. No way were the Spanos going to hire him. And yes, I too join in that sentiment. We were looking for young up and comers. And yes, McCoy, is a much better pick for head coach for the future of our beloved bolts. Wrong again Chief fan. Bolt up!!

  • http://www.signonsandiego.com/ Ambitoos

    Can’t wait to prove them wrong.