Dec 18, 2011; Denver, CO, USA; New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco (85) before the start of the game against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Johnson: “Chargers A Lock For Playoffs With Rivers And Gates Healthy”

Chad Johnson hasn’t played an actual NFL game since 2011. In fact, in 2012, Johnson was arrested and entered a plea of no contest to misdemeanor domestic battery, receiving one year probation. In May of this year, a warrant was issued for his arrest for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. Finally, in June of this year, he was sentenced to thirty days in jail for violating his probation; he ended up serving seven days after apologizing to the court.

All of that aside, he apparently has high hopes for the Chargers this year. He was recently asked by a fan on Twitter about his thoughts on the San Diego Chargers chances. The six time Pro-Bowlers response?

Does it really matter what this washed up NFL player thinks about the Chargers chances this year? Not really. However, it does show us that the perception of this team may differ from the media and player’s perspectives. Recently, both Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates have been questioned by media members, Rivers being questioned by ESPN’s Ron Jaworski and Antonio Gates being called overrated by

Sometimes, we need to filter out the negative noise and just remember that probably 75% of the league would sign either guy in a heartbeat on the open market. If the Chargers have any chance at competing this year, they’ll need both to play up to their abilities.

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  • Blue&gold_blood

    Honesty , I rather have Ocho then Meachem lol and Owens over Meachem lol

    • 619chargers4life

      im with u on that one !!

  • Adam

    This makes it a lot harder to hate him lol. CHILD PLEASE!

    • Joel

      Kiss the baby to that!

      • Adam

        Haha I forgot about that phrase he used!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Now on the outside looking in and with the New England experience, I’ll take that opinion to the bank. You right about the Bolt players being wanted around the legue. Ex Chargers players typically do a lot better on different teams.That trend stoped the moment Spanos realized that someone else needed to do the hiring. Exited about my team as a whole. We have a staff that is all about football and winning.

  • Alter Ego

    Chad wants a job. I appreciate his endorsement however.

    If we picked up anyone from the current FA market I would go with Brandon Lloyd or Randy Moss in that order. They both would take the top off of defenses – Lloyd, I believe, still has a dynamic skill set and Moss would attract a ton of attention on the field.

    • Adam

      And possibly negative attention off the field too. Probably not given his most recent history with the 49ers, but I really dislike him, so I’m probably biased against him. Plus he was a raider so he’s forever tainted with unholy raider stank

      • Alter Ego

        Yeah he was a shitty Raider so I don’t count that

        • Adam

          Sounds reasonable

    • arnie

      Yeah wants a job. Now he’s proven he’s smart too.

  • Joel

    All this talk about fixing rivers, is rivers declining? is rivers washed up and is this his last season in san diego? blah blah blah, the talking heads waggle. the arm chair qbs berate. but Rivers hits the open market, teams will slay to get him, he gets his pick of a dozen teams and then goes and wins a superbowl with them. just like Brees.

    • Adam

      Hell yea! Rivers is a beast and it’s gonna be bittersweet to hear the “experts” debating if he’s elite or not again after this season. I say bittersweet because they almost seem undeserving to talk about his greatness after all the crap they talk about him

    • jordans1

      Rivers is not brees, brees has good feet and can get out of trouble. Phillip lays down and curls up like an infant when the pressure is on, that’s if he hasn’t had time to throw the ball to the other team first.

      • Joel

        I kinda agree, Bree’s has better footwork and is a better scrambler, but rivers is a tough pocket passer and can excel with a good offensive line. I would expect him to go to a team with a very good offensive line and they would become playoff contenders. I don’t know about the laying down like an infant part, I’m not sure that getting down is a bad idea when those big linebackers are wanting to dislocate your shoulder, rivers is very durable and I think that is partly because he knows how to take a sack and live to fight another down vs trying to do to much and getting his head knocked off

  • Tom Spalsbury

    Were going to win the AFC West. So for get about it Donkeys” Hee Haw !!!

    • Alter Ego

      Amen brother.

  • miketuck

    I agree with Chad, the Chargers are so far from the downslope it’s a joke to say their not still the best team in the AFC West. Turner/Smith threw them to the dogs last year and allowed Manning a farewell. But with a somewhat quality Oline with depth, Rivers and the running game will start to roll. Smith and Turner brought a huge shadow over the Murph. And all because alot of noise about the defense had Smith getting players that were great but not what the team needed badley.

  • 1961 Fan

    Chad OchoStupid: A real smart guy; he must want the Bolts to sign him and give him one last chance. The Chargers will not fall for that drama, especially with five to 6 good receivers looking for four spots on the roster. He must be a believer in the Clowns prediction of 13-3; both jokers!

  • jordans1

    Charger fan here, rivers has been an embarrassment for 2 seasons, gates has been slow, fat and dropped tons of passes. That’s the truth. So yes if either is rated anything except poor it is too high.

    • arnie

      No. those are partial facts and insults. The “truth” is, Rivers and Gates had help to be the pro-bowl players they are. They also had the same help, to achieve career lows they had over the last 2 seasons.

      • jordans1

        Its not a partial fact that Rivers when under pressure caves and makes a mistake every time. Its not a partial fact Gates has slowed down and drops passes he never used to.

        • arnie

          Rivers has been under pressure, his entire career, and still passes over 3500 yards a season. As for Gates, it’s hard to make plays, “he used to”, when your the only playmaker the defense has to stop.

          Gates has been mis-used by the former Offensive Genius. Gates primary role was to be redzone threat. When norv wanted to expand that role, he drew more attention, took more hits. Why? norv was trying to compensate for the lack of a running game. it’s not coincidence Gates was injured during this adjustment, then tried to play at 70% and made it worse.

          As for RIvers i don’t know where you get the “caves in” facts from? You try completing a pass, in an outdated system, to a WR 20 yards away with multiple 300lbs+ line men in your face. Then after you’ve been sacked 49 times, tell me you want to stand there, and take one more? To be clear Rivers has taken them, and tired to make a plays, to give team a chance to win, even when the defense had the play defended.

          So yes i said it. “partial facts”. i don’t make excuses for any of them, what i do is look at all the information in”context” to understand WHY, things went wrong.

  • Alohajonny

    Chargers might surprise some people

  • westcoastGG

    Don’t tell me Johnson is trying to get a workout with the chargers.