August 18, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) and San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) after the preseason game at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 28-20. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Philip Rivers vs Tony Romo Debate

Tony Romo and Philip Rivers seem to be compared to each other often. The San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys are pretty comparable as teams. In the glory years of Philip and Tony, the two teams were always favorites to go to the Super Bowl. Both fan bases have felt the disappointment from those seasons.

Bucky Brooks compares the two quarterbacks in his latest article and here is his conclusion:


The debate between Rivers and Romo is a compelling one. While too much has been made of their disappointments, it is time for one of these former Pro Bowlers to rekindle talks of greatness with a deep playoff run. Although Romo is more naturally gifted — and surrounded by a more dynamic supporting cast — Rivers wins this matchup, based on his outstanding performance in the clutch throughout his career. Turnover woes over the past two seasons certainly have tarnished Rivers’ star, but he has been too good for too long to finish as the runner-up in this debate

Which quarterback would we rather have? Chargers fans will all be biased. Philip Rivers is our leader and if we had to choose from two guys that are pretty close in talent, then we will go with our guy. Romo has a stronger arm and is more mobile, but Philip is smarter and is a better leader.

Which one will win a Super Bowl? Either of them have the ability to, they just need the pieces around them. As important as the quarterback position is, there still is importance in the players that your surround him with. We have seen that over the last couple of years.

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  • Pels04

    Haha i spent some time yesterday arguing with some Cowboy fans over there. Mostly the “Rivers sucks” guys and the “I will take Romo over Rivers all day every day, Rivers is a punk” guys. I said a lot of what you said. I think they both can win championships. There career numbers are pretty close but i was curious about comeback wins and who had more. Romo has a couple more but i started thinking about why the teams were behind in the first place. I started think about Romo and his 4 or even 5 ints a game, so i did some research. Romo has 10 games with 3 ints, one game with 4 and 2 games with 5 ints. Rivers has one 3 int game (2011) and one 4 int game (2012). Thats it! Romo was handing games over and hes been inconsistent like that his whole career. Rivers has been a good and almost great qb before these last few years. I think Rivers will shake off these inconsistent couple of years and return to producing elite numbers again. Hes still my guy and i cant wait to see him hoist the Lombardi!!

    • arnie

      I love it when people let the facts do the talking.

    • Adam

      Almost great? He was elite!

      • Pels04

        Great and elite mean 2 different things to me. To be great (to me) you have to play consistently at an elite level or basically your entire career. He definitely had some elite years but i wouldn’t consider him one of the greats, at least, not right now.

  • RussinSactown

    Mobility counts for something but Romo is like a shotgun somedays. Plus Rivers is fun to watch when he’s on a roll. Sure he’s cocky but that’s just part of his charm.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Rivers, Rivers, he’s our man, If he can’t do it, no one can… especially not Romo.

  • Stephen Ajamie

    I can look at this from an outsider’s perspective as I’m a Colts fan, and thank goodness, we have Andrew Luck. But if I had to choose between Tony Romo and Philip Rivers, I’m going with Rivers. I like the way he’s got that fiery personality about him, and he’s got that gun slinger approach. Almost like Brett Favre in his hey day.

  • Adam

    Before I read this article, when I just read the title, my first thought was, “what debate?”

  • arnie

    The difference between the two is easy. One has talent taken away from him, and it shows. The other has nothing but talent around him and it doesn’t show.

    Look “the tuna” said it best, that romo was getting away with a lot of things, but it wouldn’t last long. The main problem in big D? Jerry Jones. It has been what he says goes for over decade and they have gotten no closer to another SB. When they were winning championships, it was Jimmy Johnson’s way. my point no acountability. The HC Jason Garrett, has no authority and as long as that dynamic exists, why should the players listen to him. It shows on the field, romo looks like traffic cop before the snap. Bottom line If Jerry likes you, you ain’t going nowhere. Sound familiar? romo has been getting by and that shows as well.

    As for Rivers, let’s be clear, it was M.A.R.T.Y. that wanted Phillip, aj wanted eli. What we as Charger fans appreciate, is while eli has two rings, it’s because everything else around him was better. Everything “IS” better because of Rivers. The guy has made some poor decisions when throwing the ball, however when you hate losing as much as PR does, you take chances you shouldn’t. I’m on record that i can’t defend his mistakes, i just understand why he made them. It’s hard to run a play, when the defense knows your audibles. Yet, he still managed to throw for an avg. +4,000 yards over the last three seasons.

  • Peter Thompson

    I’m going with the guy who didn’t have that walking distraction in a pink jersey, Jessica Simpson, sitting in the stands. Or, wasn’t off partying in Mexico, when he should have been back in Big “D” taking it easy. Not to mention, Philip is just better. Nuff said.

  • thegorn

    Romo’s a celebrity, not a football player. I wouldn’t want him. At best, he is Dallas’s prom king.

  • arnie

    Let’s play caption This!? i’ll go first…
    Romo: You can be my back up anytime.
    River: B*!))$#!T you can be mine.