Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers at a press conference after the game against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers defeated the Raiders 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Jaworski Says he Was Disappointed Watching Film on Philip Rivers

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski has been rating all the quarterbacks of the league and here is his insight on our quarterback Philip Rivers:

After studying Philip Rivers’ 2012 tape, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski described Rivers’ play as “deteriorating” and said he was “disappointed” watching the film.

Jaws still loves the way Rivers “commands the offense” but was disappointed in his tendency to “force” things and attempt to become a “playmaker” when he’s in nature a disciplined “pocket quarterback.” Rivers’ decline has been swift and steady, and for the second straight offseason we’re skeptical he’s capable of bouncing back. Rivers has become overreactive when under duress, and there’s little question his arm strength has regressed. – Rotoworld

Well that wasn’t very nice. I can agree with some of this assessment though. Philip Rivers has forced the football in situations because he was trying to make something happen. The players around him were not able to help him do his job, so he had to try and make something happen.

His arm strength hasn’t looked the same, but that doesn’t concern me. Chad Pennington was a good quarterback with his rag arm and Philip has a much stronger arm than that. He just needs to get back to playing smarter. His teammates have to play at a better level also.

The new coaches and the new weapons on offense should definitely bring Philip back to a respectable level.

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  • Alter Ego

    Phillip and Ryan Mathews find themselves in the same spotlight this season – produce on the field or join the ranks of former Charger players.
    We all want to believe – and do – reality is after this season if expectations are not met…NEXT.
    Professional = exceptional player…not maybe exceptional.
    It’s the natural order of things.

    • Nick in PB

      The only difference is Philip has done it before. We are still waiting for Ryan to do it. One thing I do know, run first down, pick up 2 yards, run again on 2nd down, lose a yard, drop back to pass on 3rd down… we know what happens next. I doubt this offense will be lead down that path again.

  • Peter Thompson

    Jaws had to say it about PR17, to save face after his “less than nice” assessment of the Raiders QB situation… Lol. J/K.
    The difference between Philip, and other QB’s, is that Philip is more disappointed than any of us could ever be about his recent performances. Having said that, the body language between Norv, and Philip last year speaks volumes to me. Norv was rubbing off on PR, and NOT in a good way… Sometimes even yelling at him in frustration. You could tell during post game press conferences, too… he was starting to talk like Norv.. Even brainwashed kinda.. Norv was awful for the team. Philip IS our franchise QB. Let’s not count him out just when things are picking back up again. Let’s give him some credit for willing some damn good plays last year, and bringing an awful team to an above .500 record. We could have been the Raiders if it wasn’t for him.

    • Nick in PB

      Absolutely Peter… I agree wholeheartedly. Norv ruined Philip. But Philip never realized it. Philip, for whatever reason, I think, tried so hard because of his relationship with Norv. I honestly think he was trying to save Norvs job! No doubt about it. That’s something we may never know. All I know is that Norv didn’t know how to call a 1st or 2nd down play to put Philip in a good position. I do believe Philip has a bounce back year. If he doesn’t, then we may have a little bit to worry about.

      • Peter Thompson

        Agreed. On all accounts.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Did we get an above .500 record? Thought we missed that.

      • Ernie Padaon

        we were 7-9

      • Peter Thompson

        Doh… you are absolutely right. I should have said “almost .500″.. lol. I guess my point is that our team should have been worse. I think Philip hid some of what was going on early in the season, with his QB play.. he just couldn’t keep it up once teams got their legs under them, and figured out that the o-line was awful, and the play calling was atrocious. Then his play started to suffer ie: galloping for his life.

  • ninebarrows

    Phillips fire was put out by a coach who had no personality and lacked motivational skill.
    I think Phillip is a smouldering volcano ready to burst his top and inundate the opponents, I also believe he is still a better quarterback than both Manning’s.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Love the confidence

      • Nick in PB

        Philip Vesuvius!

    • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

      That’s what I’m talking about! Unleash the BEAST known as Rivers!

    • Alter Ego

      Well said…Fuck Jaws. Go Bolts.

  • Peter Phelps

    This is pretty serious coming from a Super Bowl Champion/Hall Of Fame QB! Oh wait… Jaw’s is neither. Philip is less then 500 yds away from passing Jaworski’s career passing yards, with a few good seasons left in him. Then talking about Philip making bad decisions under pressure? Last time I checked Jaw’s you only had 15 more career touchdowns than interceptions. So I sincerely hope your comments are from experience.

    • Peter Thompson

      Comment of the week!

    • C.Steele

      Checkmate & Score! Well Played Sir! #GoBolts!

  • arnie

    Honestly Ernie, i agree with Jaws, to a point. While i don’t agree with his assessment about PR’s arm strength, to me that is debatable opinion. And that the words seemed to suggest his “steady decline” is solely Rivers fault? No. Like everything else, Rivers had plenty of help getting career high turnovers.
    So let me be clear, this “evaluation” has PR squarely placed in the 17 spot, solely based on the numbers. Because we all know Jaws would have made himself look like an idiot, if he had placed PR in the bottom tier, when Phillip rises to be the top rated passer in 2013.

    • Sergio Quintero

      We will know the truth on Philip this year, he showed flashes of his old self last year, he had great first half’s versus the Bucs & Chiefs. To say the talent is gone seems overly negative.

      He will get an offense that seems to point to his current skill set, of being accurate in the short game with McCoy/Whiz. And an improved Oline, that should be mediocre, to slightly below mediocre.

      My projection is about 4000-4200 yards, 25-30 TD’s, 10-16 Int’s.

      • arnie

        yep that sounds like PorBowl numbers…

        • Sergio Quintero

          The talking heads seems to have so little interest on the chargers its almost funny.

          The chargers upgraded coach, offensive scheme, OLine, and have a defense that should be better. They don’t care, they just say that the chargers suck.

          • arnie

            Well you hit a great point Sergio. They are talking heads and there whole job, depends on the reputation that we, the audience, believe they know what they’re talking about. If they went out an said, the Chargers will win 10 games an return to the playoffs, someone’s rep is on the line if the Bolts don’t produce.
            So, they follow the numbers, and the number say teams with the changes the Chargers have made, don’t do much. However, they have clearly chosen not to look at the changes in “context”. But let’s face it, our QB wasn’t seen wearing a chief hat. Nobody has been arrested. Our HC isn’t running from bulls. And we are not the freakin’ cowboys.
            Imagine that, reporting on a team that is actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing so they can become a better team.

          • Mike DeWitt

            Thats Because we Fired the all time Great Norv Turner.

            That should sum up all the Mediots knowledge of the game. lol

  • Purcell jones

    Philip Rivers declined because the team declined the team declined because we had two of the biggest dummies running this team every year they were at the helm the team went backwards A.J. (backwards is JACK ASS) gave away all the talent this team had and didn’t replace them Philip tried to carry this team in his back but didn’t get any help so before you place blame know where it belongs asshole

    • Sergio Quintero

      Lets have a 7 step drop vertical passing game offense, with an atrocious OLine and a bunch possesion receivers, and a speed receiver with a little or no instincts for the position. Yep that sounds smart; that’s right that entirely Rivers fault, he sucks.

  • ml

    This coming from the same Ron Jaworkski who stated and made a case in the ESPN magazine that Ryan Leaf was better than Peyton Mannning–Please don’t pay any attention to what this guy ever has to say.

  • U A Plumberman

    In no way what so ever am I a Phillip Rivers fan, I am a Raider fan! Proud of it. With that said Jaworski should keep his ratings to himself !! Rivers is a bigger threat to a opposing team than Jaworski was on his best days.

    • Ernie Padaon

      I can’t believe my eyes! Props to you Plumberman. That was a respectable statement from a Raiders fan. they do exist

  • Adam
  • Shoedog143

    I love Philip. I think hes the best qb the Chargers have ever had. Yes, that’s right. But, what Jaws said isn’t wrong. There were some horrible decisions in winnable games. The interception on the sidelines against T.Bay was crazy. Changed the whole game and totally unphiliplike. He started to panic for good reason mostly, he had NO protection. I’m hoping this line is better, it def. should be…but we just don’t know. If it is, he will have a better running game, and can pass better as a result. One thing I will say is that I’m glad Philip jockeyed for Norv last year. If he hadn’t, and Norv was fired, we probably still would not have had a line, and we probably wouldn’t have what I think is going to be a great coaching staff this year. I know every poll has them as being the 23rd to 26th best team in the NFL…but with a better line, better corners, and Freeney….I think this team will contend again. We theoretically could have made the playoffs last year ( after the Pitt game we had a shot) and we sucked. Don’t know if it will be Denver good, but it will be good!

  • david mercer

    Of course Philip got desperate with the way the offense of line was and no running game. No VJ, Gates doubled most of the time and Floyd in and out like always. Hmmmm, lets see any QB flourish like that. What is Jaws looking at? He of all people should know QB is not played in a vacuum all by himself. Dumb.

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