[Poll] What Is Your Stance On Hat-Gate?

What is your stance on hat gate? Is it OK for NFL players to wear hats for whatever team that they want? Is this just a fashion statement?

Just in case you didn’t know how I felt, here it is one more time:

IT IS STUPID! Keenan Allen wearing a Raiders hat and Colin Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins hat is just plain dumb. You have an employer that is paying you millions of dollars and they are going to wear a hat of a competitor? Buy a different hat. I don’t care what colors you are wearing. If you can’t match your dumb outfit with a different hat, then don’t wear a dumb hat. Comb your raggedy hair… OR in the case of Keenan, shave that piece… and leave that hat at home.

Here are the unwritten rules to hat wearing:

1. Don’t wear a hat for any other NFL team that is not signing your paycheck.

2. See rule 1!!!!

I may be old school in my thinking, but that is the way it should be…. at least in my mind.

You tell me your opinions on the whole thing. Here is a poll, just so I know how the creepers stand on this one as well.

What is your stance on Hat Gate?

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  • Kenny Redman

    He obviously didn’t understand the gayder hater nation that thrives down here, but that is no excuse. He needs to find a way to earn redemption.

  • JoseSD

    I don’t know what’s more embarrassing for Allen, wearing that hat or the fact that he looks like Mr. Burns when he’s not wearing a hat

  • Alter Ego

    Only acceptable hat logos with Raiders on it.

    • BruisingChargers

      Love it Paul. Also, As a former Marine ( who wore his cover straight) I hate it when I see a sports figure or celebrity wearing a baseball/football hat sideways. I mean.. what is up with that? To me it is a sign of “Dis-Respect.” I am done………………….

  • Rob Base

    Dude it’s obvious you rep the team you play for to the heart! No excuses that’s just the way it is.

  • tubbs45

    Rookie camp rule #1- don’t be a dumb ass… Wearing a raiders hat is just fuckin stupid! p.s quit sucking on the straw like your blowing somebody too!!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Kaepernick is beyond confident in his reaction to all the 49er fans who support their team through all odds. He is an idiot who has a rude awakening due him for his rudeness. I am very pleased and relieved that Keenan Allen apologized to the Bolt fans. Mr.Allen listened to his brother in arms Eric Weddle who advised Allen to wise up and realize the whackness of even attempting to sport another NFL team logo other than your own. For whatever reason it is from matching your outfit to honoring your childhood team, it is inappropriate to represent another team whom does not pay your bills. I guess in your house you could do and wear whatever you want but as NFL athletes who have unsuspecting eyes constantly on them……not good in public or even social internet. Its a character choice. This creeper has spoken…..PEACE!

    • Raymundo

      Easy there . I’m old school too but I’m part of the “it’s only a freakin hat” crowd. It wasnt like Kaep was wearing a Seahawks cap and Keenan is only a rook who spent the lady four years on the east side of The Bay. Smack him up side the head. Kaep has played in some big games. If he wants to wear a hat from the American Conference, let him. It’s no biggie!

      • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

        Doesn’t matter what conference. Its another team from the NFL. Don’t think Coach Harbaugh shares the “its just a hat” opinion. All have freedom to have opinions of their own. Mine remains the same. Kaep is a disrespectful young man.

        • BruisingChargers

          I agree ECA, He should only wear 49er’s hat as.. should Keenan Allen wear a Chargers hat. It sends out mixed emotions vibe if you wear another teams hat than the team you actually play for.
          Having said that, I was “Young and Dumb” many times and hopes he has learned his lesson and contributes nicely for my Chargers!

  • Tom Spalsbury

    The only NFL. Hat I’de weir has a Charger logo on it”

  • Aaron Johnson

    Wear whatever hat you want so long as you perform on game day against that team. In this case, Keenan Allen just need to shred the raider secondary. If he does that, he can wear their jersey for all I care. If he gets stuffed all day on an island he should take the hat off because he will look like a fool.

  • Adam

    I used to work at a grocery store in college. For Halloween, I wore the outfit of their biggest competitors store. I got in ALOT of trouble for that. It’s not just that your trying to match, or be fashionable. When you wear another teams NFL team, especially bitter rivals, you are promoting them. That’s the key word. When I wore that outfit, although it was hilarious cause I hated that job, I was promoting the competition. Unacceptable. Unprofessional. I’m sure it’ll never happen again with Keenan though, so I’ve forgiven him.

    • FitzWilly

      I don’t care who you are, that right there is LMAO funny :)

      • Adam

        That’s what I thought! My employers didn’t find the humor in it unfortunately. This was in Boston btw, the grocery store was called Shaw’s, and right below the the sign it said, “the official store of the NE Patriots.” On Sundays during FB season, we were allowed to wear our football jerseys, but only if they were patriots. Well, every Sunday, like 4 weeks straight, I showed up with my tomlinson jersey, and they always told me that I couldn’t bring it the next week, until finally on like the fourth Sunday they just sent me home lol!

        • FitzWilly

          Atta Boy

          I like your Moxie Kid :)

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    I have mixed feelings. The Miami Dolphins really pose no threat to the niners, so that may be the least offensive hat to wear. Divisional rivals, or hats of other rivalries, no bueno.

  • Nick in PB

    I don’t like seeing anyone wear a Raider hat, especially here in SD. When I’m on the HWY and I pass a truck with the huge Raider emblem in the back window, I always sneer at the driver. In my head I think, MOVE TO OAKLAND MFer!!! The fact that he is a Charger player wearing it was as bad as it gets. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vets make him burn that cap in training camp.

  • TearsOTheDragon

    It’s LONELY ENOUGH, Being the only Bolts fan in NW Indiana (transplanted from San Diego far too many years ago). I wear my Charger gear as much as possible, in season, preseason, post season, no matter WHAT season. I get enough ball-breaking as it is, without someone getting to say, “See? Even CHARGERS don’t wanna be seen in Charger swag!”. Rep the team you PLAY for, fool! No one else!!!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon