Colin Kaepernick Pulls a Keenan Allen… But More Jerkish

If you didn’t hear the news, San Francisco 49ers quarterback pulled a Keenan Allen and rocked a ballcap from a different team. He was sporting a Miami Dolphins hat on the 4th of July. Once the San Fran fans found out about the fiasco, they naturally responded like us Chargers fans. Why would you rock another team’s hat?! He didn’t sport a Seattle Seahawks hat or anything, but it still was a different team.

The best (OR WORST) part of Kaep’s decision is his response to all the fans. Here is what he posted on his Instagram:

This the hat y’all mad at? I’m goin wear what I want regardless of what you think, all you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates and the 49ers! I plan on doin this until they won’t let me in the building! #ridiculous #y’allmustbebored

OH!?!?! Is that a “I don’t give a BLEEP of what you all think! I am going to rock whatever the BLEEP I want”? Because that is exactly what I hear!

Thank you Keenan Allen for apologizing and saying that you won’t make that mistake again. Thank you! If you responded like Kaep, you may have never heard the end of it!

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  • Hawk_Eye

    He has more shoes than a woman! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Don’t think to many of his teammates would agree with his choice of words or reaction. That is your signal caller 49ers. Only the great Joe Montana could be so bold…..but wait……Joe Montana always was a class act with respect and loyalty to his team. Even when he signed with The Chiefs. Kaepernick is an idiot!

  • blu3ny3llow

    He better be careful before his team mate hits him with a beer bottle n punches him in the face.

    • Ernie Padaon


  • Aaron Johnson

    Life long Charger fan here and I had no problem with the Raider hat or the Miami hat. Fans need to get their heads out of their ass and realize that players are fans too. Keenan Allen grew up a Raiders fan. He saw them win a superbowl. We, as Charger fans, dont know that feeling but I bet we would never let that go either. Let him enjoy the sport he grew up watching and now plays. Unless he does something to throw a game for the team he wears a hat of, I couldnt give 2 shits.

    • Ernie Padaon

      You are joking right? The Raiders last won a Super Bowl in 1984. Keenan Allen was born in 1992.

      • Aaron Johnson

        Joking, no. Made a mistake, yes. Thank you for catching that and pointing it out. My brain doesnt work until coffee is consumed. I meant to say “go to the superbowl.” That being said the historical superbowl wins are something fans cling to as well (Note the Chargers AFL success). Forgive the mistake but my point stands, its just his childhood team. No need for fans to get upset until he starts playing for them or throwing games so they win (which I am pretty sure wont happen). In Kaeps case, maybe its his childhood team, I dont know much about him other than watching him on the field in college and NFL. I actually like what he said to the ridiculous fans with unrealistic expectations. Im sure the Long brothers root for each other unless they play each other. This is the same thing to me.

        • Ernie Padaon

          But what if he is not a Raiders fan? Either way. We can just agree to disagree. I would have got in trouble for wearing Taylor Made gear working at Callaway. Allen heard it from his teammates when he got back.

          • Aaron Johnson

            If he isnt a Raider fan its more confusing than upsetting given where he grew up and played college ball. I still dont have a problem with it so long as he isnt jeopardizing our chances of winning against the team. Fans seem to like to play the “im the biggest fan” game and they criticize every little thing. I wear Broncos gear as a Charger fan. To most, it seems like im “not a true fan.” In reality, my mom is from San Diego and my dad is from the Denver area so I grew up watching both teams every week. Therefore, I root for the Broncos every week unless they play San Diego or a Denver loss is needed for us to make the playoffs. Am I less of a fan? No, I still want my team to win every week. Are Allen or Kaepernick lacking in team support or competitiveness? I doubt it. I rather focus on the on-the-field performance rather than the fashion statements players make during their free time. If Allen wears a Raiders jersey on game day I will question his intelligence but again, unless he helps them win im not upset.

          • Alter Ego

            Aaron you write very gracefully, it was a good read.
            Here’s the thing. They are PROS now. The multitude of the NFL fan base live vicariously through THEIR team and THEIR players. The NFL and that soccer shit played around the world are the most successful financial sporting franchises ever…everrrrr! The fans will not support you rocking somebody else’s gear , uh-uh. In soccer they kill their players – could you imagine what would happen?
            It’s just business in the end though, You won’t be a pro- anything if you alienate your supporters. It’s financial suicide.
            Obama will never wear a “I love me some Putin” hat.
            Its a poor choice no matter how you look at it.

    • BruisingChargers

      Yo, Dorkmeyer, you obviously gave a shit cause you stupidly commented on here. Point is, Keenan Allen plays for the Chargers (not the Faider’s.) Kap plays for the Niners (not the Dolphins.) It is called ” Supporting the team you signed with and now support” Dumbass. Simple as that!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    I personally think Kaepernick is a one or two year wonder. He plays behind an awesome o-line, and has awesome RB’s.. Look at what Smith was capable of behind the same line. Teams will figure it out, our he’ll get hurt doing that stuff. I don’t have a problem with a Miami hat. Different coast.. different division… different conference. A Raider hat is very stupid, however. Colin should have responded with more apologetic hash tags, tho. Yikes.

  • Stefanie Smith

    This is the oh so great youth movement. You can tell them nothing and they will not listen. They think they know it all. The Miami cap is not that big of a’s Kap’s disregard for his fan base that is a bigger deal. He is believing all the hype about himself and no longer remembers where he came from.

  • Alter Ego


    • Alter Ego

      I think Colin wants to get paid. He was drafted in the 2nd round in 2011 and is on contract through 2014. Last year he started his first 7 regular season games in relief of Alex Smith due to injury. He only attempted 218 passes. I think he is sporting a big woody looking at the recent contracts of QBs :

      Shaub- 62 mil
      Manning- 96 mil
      Romo- 108 mil
      Flacco- 121 mil … (that’s big woody material right there)

      His current contract pays him 740 grand this year. I think this hat crap is all about stirring the pot for contract negotiations to start immediately. The 49ers should’ve given him an extension last year – when it would have been on the cheap. Now, Kaepernick has to prove he is worthy of Mac Daddy money before the Niner’s go all in with that kind of investment. The caveat is that the rest of NFL will be ready for him and his mobility (see M.Vick) and it may prove more difficult for him to be that elite new star this year. So he is stirring up shit to get paid now.

      • Alter Ego

        Phillip says…ya aught not do that son

        • Alter Ego

          Kap’s wife is smoking red hot though – you should google her. Mmm…mmm…mmm.

  • 619chargers4life

    i would have blew my top if Keenan would have responded back to Chargers fans like. sounds like he lacks respect for die hard niners fans. things that make u say hmmmm !!!!

  • arnie

    From the top…
    Seems like NFL players never learn. They are in the spotlight 24/7, and part of believing they can wear anything want, shows they don’t “think of the repercussions”. I would not wear the shirt of my employers competitor, anywhere. i don’t get paid millions of dollars, and yet i retain a sense loyalty.

    it a free country and he can do what he wants. But does anyone care to ask what type of reception Allen got, when he returned to the Chargers locker room? Yeah let’s see how much his “grindin’ will mean when, the Leader of the offense comes back from vacation.


  • tubbs45

    Why even say anything if you dont care what people think. His response is weak and immature IMO… Just remember Kap, when shit ain’t going well all those fans you dis will be all over your ass!!!

    • Ernie Padaon

      that gif is disgusting

      • tubbs45

        so is kappies attitude… I thought it a fitting representation!!!

  • Pels04

    How dumb can you be?!? Seriously….1) to wear the hat and 2) to respond to the fans that way. What an idiot! I would be pretty upset if i was the owner or GM. A player that’s 100% committed to their team wouldn’t even think if doing that. Dumbass

  • BruisingChargers

    Here is my view on this topic, ( served 4 years in the Marine Corps “Honorable Discharge.”) I was born in San Diego and, was discharged there. I wore my cover straight and was dedicated to everything the Marine Corps stood for. Keyword is Dedication!!! Imagine if I was out on liberty wearing an Army cover and a fellow Marine saw me wearing that? You think I would catch some flak or get into a nasty fight? You bet I would.
    Bottom-Line is these young players represent they’re said franchises, and to wear another teams hat or gear is just plain asinine in my mind. Yes they are young and dumb but, “No Excuses is my motto.”