Dec 16, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Shaun Phillips (95) runs out of the smoke during pregame introduction before a game against the Carolina Panthers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Shaun Phillips - "They Are Trying To Rebuild Out There"

Shaun Phillips was always good for a quote. He still has that ability to get a rise out of us. Check out the latest line that he dropped on SiriusXM NFL Radio:

“I would have came back to SD but on the business end it wasn’t right plus they are trying to rebuild out there”

Oh. I guess we are rebuilding out here and he wanted to join the good side. Let’s go D.J., we are going to need you to smash some sense into Shaun and the Denver Broncos.

The two divisional games against the Broncos have to be the games I am looking forward to most this season.  They are the team that we are trying to measure up to now. We have to knock them off the top of the mountain. I hope we give them a good Sparta kick off the top and beat that team down.

Let this season start already. Let’s get this thing rolling!

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  • 619chargers4life

    The biz. side of it wasn’t good enough for him lol what a joke !!!!!!!!!

    • Ernie Padaon

      because he got a helluva deal with the Broncos. ha

      • 619chargers4life

        Super deal hahaha

  • tubbs45

    Oh no you didn’t use the ‘R’ word!!!! SP, shut your cake-hole… woodhead sick knees…. Fluker need to give him an ear-hole slap!!!!

  • RussinSactown

    Yeah yeah Shaun. Coulda shoulda woulda. Blahdy blahdy blah. Attention offensive line, not that there’s a bounty or anything (Because that’s illegal) but if you kick that man’s ass, think of how much good will you’d generate. A whole region would stand up and applaud you

  • Rob Base

    That chump needs to shut his mouth.

  • U A Plumberman

    What no Commitment To Failure !!!

  • Matt Dorlaque

    Phillips personality has always been his achilles heal. He is a poor leader and model.

    • Alter Ego


    • Alter Ego
    • Alter Ego

      Matt – tape this to your fridge. Refer to this before speaking

  • Peter Thompson

    Oooooooooo… let me check my heart rate after reading his comment.

    Nope.. nothing… still normal.

  • RZ

    Overated indeed!

  • Stefanie Smith

    Why are you guys getting your boxers in a wad? We liked him a lot when he was here. And you guys yourself think TT about blew up the Chargers. Some have also said we are rebuilding. So what exactly gets you in a tizzy with what he said? It’s like hating on VJax, or LT or anyone else that got tossed out like an old shoe, or was dismissed like he didn’t even matter to the Chargers. I hope you aren’t in an uproar with anything Jammer says–I mean, what should these guys say?

    People all over the NFL think we are in a rebuild mode.

    And I used the word “dismissed” in the broad sense…VJax did not get dismissed literally, but AJ screwed with him. (He might as well have been thrown out.. No way would AJ have ever paid him.)

    • Stefanie Smith

      Are you going to boo him when he ends up retiring as a Charger? Come on now.

      • Pels04

        I doubt that will happen but if it does i wont boo him, i wont cheer him either. This is why i love LT so much. He contemplated going to Denver to take a shot at winning a SB, he decided not to because he couldnt see himself in Bronco Orange. THATS a true Charger!

        • Peter Thompson

          Thank you. LT shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Vwhacks and Jammer… and I would be very surprised if he retired a Charger. Especially now.

        • Adam

          Yes! LT is a charger through and through. It broke my heart when he cried in that presser when he first got cut.

      • Alter Ego

        Jammer was with us for 5 AFC West champion seasons…he has earned our respect and our grace.

    • Peter Thompson

      V-Jax is one of those players that leads by bad example. Good receiver.. But he was a diva, and got arrested. Ask Gates, a real class act, about Jackson’s diva status. Not upset about SP’s comment, because I didn’t care what he thought when he was a Charger. And quite honestly, I wouldn’t say I liked or disliked Phillips. He was auight. I kinda wanted to keep him this year, but I was’nt heartbroken when he left. No ill will toward him, but he clearly likes to speak out publicly about his ex-team, doesn’t he? Why should we feel bad about commenting? LT said some kinda bad things.. V-Jax might have.. not sure… But, that was about AJ. TT simply thought it was timer to move on from SP. So did Phillips, apparently, because he took a one million contract to go to Denver to chase a Superbowl. If he wants to put that on TT “rebuilding”, Whatevs.
      I simply thought saying “rebuild” was a slap inn the face of his ex-teammates.. Rivers, Gates, Hardwick, Weddle, Floyd, Clary… shoot… even the young guys like Butler, Thomas, Mathews, Liuget, Ingram, Gilchrist, Reyes… These guys were his friends, and were on the squad last year. What do you think they would say about “rebuilding”? If you are talking about a weak pass rush, and a horrible secondary… Then yeah… Jammer and Phillips departments are being rebuilt. If they would have produced consistently enough to keep their jobs, then rebuilding wouldn’t be necessary in the first place. But, they d dn’t. Sad, because I miss Spikes more than Phillips, and he was only here for a minute, but made a much bigger team-wide impact. Also, much happier about having Freeney, than Phillips… Even if it was a result of a horrible circumstance. If SP stayed, him and English would be your “same old pass rush” right now.

    • arnie

      Well i guess it comes down to what you define as “rebuilding”. If they had traded Gates, fired the entire coaching staff, shopped Rivers around, drafted a QB, yeah i’d call that rebuilding.
      TT moved on from some players that were over priced, low production, and over thirty. An cleared the way for the young players to step up.

  • Alter Ego

    I enjoyed your article very much Ernie…the Sparta kick gave me goose pimples all over my body.

  • Alter Ego

    Shaun…we loved you as a Charger. Not so much as a Bronco. We look forward to seeing you again

    • Stefanie Smith

      You are so bad, Paul. lol

      • Alter Ego

        Its my Alter Ego.

  • Pels04

    Hes spinning it to make it sound like SD wanted him back. Maybe i missed it but i dont recall the Chargers offering him a deal. Thats fine, he can go try to win a SB being a backup

    • Peter Thompson

      I wonder if they offered him the vet min? What do you think?

      • Pels04

        I would think that they would’ve but we usually hear about it.

  • JoseSD

    I agree with Shaun Philips on this one, accepting an offer of Zero dollars to not return doesn’t make any business sense. If the people running things in Denver knew how to work a fax machine Philips would more than likely still be a free agent

    • Peter Thompson


  • FitzWilly

    Well being a contractor,
    The first thing I do when starting a project, is get rid of the old dead lumber, and start with NEW lumber
    so long Fuck-tard/Swamp Donkey
    He never talked this much smack in the media when he was a Charger

    • Peter Thompson

      I know we just met… But, I think I LEEERRRVVV you ; )

      • FitzWilly

        In a Manly way of coarse :)

  • Cgoodness13

    Phillips is terrible VS the run, im sure Clary could even block his ass.

  • arnie

    Yes Shaun, we rebuilding a “PASS RUSH”. The one that didn’t exist with you here.

  • alamo889

    Where was Shaun on that 4th and 28 against the Ravens last year? Ya Shaun, the Chargers are trying to rebuild a defense that gave up a 4th and 29. Wouldn`t you?