Should the Chargers take a chance on Jamarcus Russell?

I know ‘Return of Mr Blanks‘ brought this idea up in a post a few weeks ago, but should the San Diego Chargers consider adding former Raiders QB Jamarcus Russell to the roster? Russell looks like he has that summer sexy body now. The dude has been putting  in work. He was a fat beast at one point (no offense?).

Russell has been working with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia all offseason in hopes of landing a job in the NFL. He has the potential of a number 1 overall draft pick, but he fell flat on his face with the Raiders. There were reports of complete laziness with the Raiders and there is always the lovely  story of the BLANK DVD.

Motivation is a question. Is he only motivated to get a contract? As soon as he gets a deal, will he fall back to his old ways OR does he really want to be an NFL quarterback.

If Russell were to join the Chargers, he wouldn’t be the starter and wouldn’t even compete for that spot. He would be competing with Charlie Whitehurst for the position and if he were to break camp as the main backup, he would be able to sit back and learn from Philip Rivers.

Do any of us care if the backup is Charlie Whitehurst or Jamarcus Russell? If either of them have to get in a game, we probably are in a bad spot anyway. Might as well see if the former number 1 draft pick could live up to some of that potential.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    So… this wasn’t written with sarcasm in mind??

    • Ernie Padaon

      ha. nope. why not? charlie or jamarcus? give him a chance. what is there to lose? wont cost much and if he impresses in preseason, then you got something good. if he sucks, cut

  • Stefanie Smith

    Russell would work for no guaranteed money in his deal-like Tebow is doing for the Pats and for the league minimum. I don’t know. If Russell is sincere and seriously wants a chance, then maybe. But JaMarcus wants to start. Not sure where he is at with reference to his player-ready status, though. But he would be a good back up maybe for now.

    But we do have that rookie QB. Maybe Charlie and the rookie are all we need for right now. Just hope and pray that Rivers never gets hurt.

  • PBHayes

    Russell is just another burnout who took the millions and never made the effort to repay his employer. It wouldn’t take long for his attitude to alienate the rest of the team. So no we don’t even talk to this guy. Let him sit at home and live off his ill gotten gain until it runs out under the weight of multiple cars and a house he soon won’t be able to make the payments on.

  • Derek

    i say give em a shot to beat whitehurst, we already got all we can out of him when he went to seattle the only team dumb enough to trade for him now are the raiders. he will never be a starter or team leader. give jamarcus a contract like namdi on the 49ers and hold on to a 3rd qb i like herman of sorenson (admittedly i have seen nothing on them and their progress durring otas) ill be honest i kinda want a team that disney will make a movie out of lol plus imagine bashing the raiders with one of their many stupid decisions

  • 619chargers4life

    Somebody probably had to much coffee this morning lol

  • philiprules

    Hah. Let me think. Sign a guy who has proven as soon as the checks start showing up he’s got no real interest in football vs a guy who has always put in the time and effort to do his job as the back up choices for the Philip. Yeah, that’s gonna take about 2 seconds. Let him actually play some up in Canada, then maybe if he shows he’s the second coming of Warren Moon he should get another shot at the big leagues.

  • Nick in PB

    Simple answer… NO.

  • 619chargers4life

    Yeah we should give Leaf another shot as well, were only talking backups here right lol

  • Alter Ego

    Hell to the No – even if he has turned himself around – he is infected by Raider Zombie AIDS – certain death to our way of life.

  • Marine Tanker

    So, you want to hire one of the biggest NFL draft busts based solely on his looks???

    • tubbs45

      While his watch has diamonds bigger than my entire watch and his swag polo shirt look great, you still can polish that turd… No!

  • Adam

    Gaither 2.0. Plus he’s tainted forever because he played for the Raiders. The only funny thing would be if he was a complete beast like in preseason or something just to piss off Oakland haha

  • tubbs45
    • Ernie Padaon


      • tubbs45

        Is this a plan to get the attention back from the Patriots complex… you are such a media whore ;-)

  • Ernie Padaon

    so i see this is unpopular. what’s the risk? honestly?

  • blackroseMD1

    Sure. Then people can point and laugh that we’ve had the TWO biggest draft busts of all time on our roster.

    Honestly, I’d rather have Tebow on the team than Russell. At least Tebow has some talent and work ethic.

    • Leonardo Deleon

      I totally agree

  • Steve

    No guarantee $$$ minimum $$$ chance to replace Clop Board Jesus and stick it to the Raiders Nice!!!

    • Steve


  • Bill Nichols

    not no, but hell, to, the NO…. My god who on earth came up with that one?? You people need the season to start, and fast, I’m telling you, ya’ll are all losing your minds over there….lol and the Bolts say,”No, but thank you anyway”….

  • Cgoodness13

    1) if he comes really cheap
    2) if we block him fom the media like we did teo

  • Aaron Johnson

    Ive followed the story for a while now and I wouldnt have a problem with signing him if he actually out-plays someone. To me, there are few things better in sports than a redemption story. Russell has a lot to overcome though in terms of how players, coaches and fans see him. I doubt we’d bring him in anyway but a 1st round talent is a first round talent and his college career tells me he has an arm. He just needs to show everyone he can get the ball to where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

  • Ties

    Why would they give Russel a change if you’ve got P.Rivers? I mean.. Rivers isn’t a Superbowl QB but he is a talented guy

  • Peter Thompson

    In the famous words of Rory Breaker, from Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels………. “no”.

  • Carl Chitwood Jr.

    Why don’t we sign Ryan Leaf to compete for the job while we are at it?

  • Robert

    First, buy a 10 foot pole. Second, Don’t touch this guy with it!

  • 1961 Fan

    Perhaps Russell can take over for your spot on BoltBeat; you have finally gone wacko! Sure – go ahead and sign another “has been”.

  • Leonardo Deleon

    if the Chargers were considering a backup QB , they should have taken Tebow, a proven player, and not Russell, a proven disappointment. It doesn’t matter how motivated a player is, it’s all about work ethics and the attitude they bring – I say no to this proposal…

  • aircoryell81

    So I really don’t understand the knee jerk negative reactions to this idea. The risk/reward factor is heavily skewed to the reward. He would sign for little to no money. He comes in being absolutely and completely humbled by past circumstances. If he has any shred of the ability to learn from his past, then he comes in saying I know I have to do completely the opposite of what I did in Oakland. I would say that some evidence to this is the work he’s put in with Garcia.
    There’s so little downside here. If he’s a D-bag again, he won’t make the team and he’s cut, but say he actually comes in here and turns some heads, says and does the right things and makes the team. Say Phillip gets hurt week 6. J Russell comes in and and lights it up. How much fun would that be to rub in the face of your raider friends? We got their sloppy seconds for nothing. Sounds pretty good to me.
    If in the same scenario above he comes in and and stinks up the joint, who cares? The season is essentially lost anyway with Rivers out, but the team did not lose much in the attempt at a possible cheap windfall. Clipboard Jesus can come in at that point for all I care.

    • Ernie Padaon

      thank you!

    • tubbs45

      The knee jerk reaction:
      1. He was a Raider (petty, yes)
      2. He absolutely sucked.
      3. Why not bring in Tebow (pre-signing) if we are playing the no-risk card… No-Risk, but he SUCKED.
      4. There are other FAs who have been playing and I would rather give a shot to.

      Just my opinion. I dont trust CBJ (Clip Board Jesus) either. he was awful in the preseason last year, though our line was DEPLORABLE too….

      • RussinSactown

        1. He has a cannon for an arm
        2. Yes he was a lardass but he’s coming in in actual football shape.
        3. There’s not enough crack in the world to make Tebow look good.
        4. Funny how getting chucked out of the league can motivate someone to actually pay attention to their craft.

        He’s a better insurance policy than CBJ who has sucked behind many lines.

        • tubbs45

          1. Cannon yes. Accurate not so much.
          2. He may be losing weight, but for a QB it is more about studying plays and defense, the film room etc.
          3. Agreed! Tebow looks like he is in a turd throwing contest on the field. But I would rather have a turd throwing leader than a dumbass without the burning competative fire inside!
          4. I’ll defer to TT to make the call if he’s for real or not!

          CBJ is not good…

  • Stefanie Smith

    Thank the stars above, that Tebow signed with the Pats. Trouble is–Tebow is not humble. Granted, there is no reason for him to be humble as the maniacs say he is not a bust like Russell. Tebow would bring the circus as he encouraged it. Let that nut stick with Bill B and the Pats.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Actually, Tebow stinks and glad I do not have to see that stupid pose he does.

  • arnie

    At first glance i’d have to say no Ernie. On the other hand, he’s going to come cheap. At best he beats out Sorensen and CBJ, If he does, we have a good backup, if PR goes down, or we have trade bait. Either way, his coaches will be a coordinator that resurrected Kurt Warners career, to the Superbowl and a HC that made kyle orton, an tim tebow, look like franchise QB’s.
    On the down side, the Chargers don’t have a lot of cap room, on account of the last big lazy FA, to afford another QB, they don’t need.

  • Mike DeWitt

    Ernie, The question you should be asking is whether you should be asking this question. ;)

    • Ernie Padaon

      haha… sure seems that way with the responses

  • FitzWilly

    You can polish a turd and spray paint it Gold, But underneath it’s still a turd :)

  • Scott

    Heeeeeeeeeeeellll no! However, going after Vonte Leach to block for Mathews broken ass is not a bad idea.

    • Ernie Padaon

      at least you liked that idea

  • blu3ny3llow

    I say hell no!!!!…..if anything they should take a chance n try to develope Mike Hermann

  • Rob Base

    Syke right your kidding? My answer is NO

  • RussinSactown

    Kick the tires on JeMarcus. If he’s no good, then you cut bait and move on. I’d feel better betting on JeMarcus than Charlie Just hold the clipboard Whitehurst

    • FitzWilly

      All Hail CBJ :)

      • RussinSactown

        Seattle loved him so much they sang songs

        • FitzWilly

          Now that is funny

  • Ambitoos

    He has trouble holding a thought, let alone a playbook. We don’t need another Ryan Leaf.