May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Irvin: "Philip Rivers should ask if he can play football this year"

Kurt Warner shared his Top 10 quarterbacks list last week and had San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers listed as number 9 on the list.

Here is the entire list:

1. Tom Brady, New Engand Patriots
2. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
4. Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
6. Eli Manning, New York Giants
7. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
8. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens
9. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
10. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Warner’s criteria for his top 10 is consistency and Super Bowls.

Here is Michael Irvin‘s reaction:


“Philip Rivers should ask if he can play football this year after what he did last year! He should ask and give back all of the money from last year! ”

“His name last year should have been Santa Clause. He was giving away more games and more interceptions. He was giving them away.”

“He will be better this year. He will be better. He got my man Norv Turner fired.”

I can’t wait to see all of your reactions to Michael on this one. Philip had a bad year. A bad couple of years, but we have seen him put up huge numbers before on a consistent basis and I believe he will do it again this year.

Check out the tape.

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  • tubbs45

    somebody should ask Irving if he has any blow…

    • arnie

      his comments definately do…
      norv homer.

  • Dion Chin

    Michael Irvin should learn how to speak without his mouth open wide like he’s ready to suck dick.

  • PakMaN

    Lay off the crack Irvin. I’m sure Santa Clause wouldn’t have given as many games if Rudolph wasn’t pretending to be injured.

    Rivers better put up another 2010 season this year, but last year wasn’t his fault at all. That Oline, that running game, and that turd of a coach calling 7 step plays. If it wasn’t for Pagano and that D there was no way in hell we were going to win 7 games.

    • RussinSactown

      You mean Prancer “Thanks for my check. My hoof is a little chipped.” Gaither? Truth is, if Aikman had our line, he’d have been out of the league in 3 years.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    Thank’s Philip for getting waffle face fired” You will be #1 after this season your fan’s have faith in you ! As for you Michael Irvin go F.Yourself !!!

  • RussinSactown

    Mike, your man Norv Turner got his own ass fired. He didn’t need Phil’s help. Norv is an offensive coordinator. Not a head coach. He needs to remember to stay in his lane.

  • Sourdiesel

    3,600 yards 26 TD’s 15 int .. I know 15 isn’t a low amount but its not as horrible as the media makes it seem like.. IMO he had a good-not great year..

    • Michael Castleberry

      And he had no o-line to speak of. If you look at his numbers, and QBR, Rivers “bad” years are still better than Jay Cutler’s BEST he;s put up so far.

      • tubbs45

        Rivers was also the 2nd most sacked QB for 2012…

  • Stefanie Smith

    Irvin is the same guy that thinks Tebow is great.

  • tubbs45

    Hey Irving, but your continued love fest of Romo is not homerism. Go start a show with Shaq or Ocho and quit talking in dumb-ass circles.

    • Santee Jack

      He’s trying to be like sapp.

  • blackroseMD1

    Irvin needs to give back money for every drop that resulted because he was off his ass on coke.

    I like how he gives Rivers crap, yet slobbers all over Romo. It totally makes sense though. He’s obviously still high.

  • Stefanie Smith

    On the bright side of “What goes around, comes around”–
    Brian Banks’ accuser ordered to pay $2.6 million in damages to Long Beach School District.

    Glad Banks was signed by the Falcons and hope he gets to play. The man has been through the meat grinder.

  • Pels04

    I dont get why PR gets such a beating from the media. Just because he hasnt won a SB yet? Eli and Rivers had the same amount of pics last year. Ya Rivers had 20 the year before, but Eli had 25 the year before that. Career Int’s- Eli 144, Ben 108, Phil 93. Eli has played in 21 more games and Ben has 11 more but handing out INT’s? Nope…..thats Eli

    • Daryl Peek

      Did you really just say “Just because he hasnt won a SB yet?” and then compare Rivers Big Ben and Eli?!? I wouldn’t care if Rivers threw 50 picks in one season if he lead the team to a Superbowl win. Winning cures all…

      • Pels04

        Uh ya? I compared INTs since that’s what we are talking about right? My point is statistically hes a better qb than Eli and Ben. It takes more than just a good QB to win a SB, right?. Rivers could have done what both those guys have done on their teams. I don’t believe the Chargers would’ve had the same success as they have had if they had Eli or Ben. And i think the slump of these last few seasons wouldve been a lot worse that 8-8′s or even 7-9

        • Daryl Peek

          QB’s are judged on wins and losses. They get the glory in wins so they get the blame in losses. Rivers has stunk in the playoffs, and now he’s been down trending. Yes the O-line was an issue but so was it for Rodgers and other QB’s that absolutely out performed Rivers…

          No excuses. Irvin is right, Rivers has got some improving to do…

          • Pels04

            Thats true to a point but If that were totally the case then Eli and Ben should be 2nd & 3rd because the both have 2 SB’s and everyone below them only have one…….right?…No….Rodgers and Romo have one huge advantage over Rivers and thats mobility. Thats why i put the blame on AJ and Norv for his slumping numbers. If us fans know PR cant run, then Norv and AJ shouldve known he cant run. You do everything in your power to get him the best OL possible. Btw, I think Romo gets a bad wrap too. And ya hes been out performing Rivers but hes been getting weapons (Dez) while Rivers has been losing them (VJ)

          • Daryl Peek

            As a BOLT fan I haven’t given up on Rivers but my leash is very short. I hope McCoy can help him but the lack of mobility is a huge problem. It’s no coincidence more teams are looking to younger QB’s that can move.

          • Pels04

            Then as a bolt fan I would think that you would cut him a little slack knowing the way he played and seeing the numbers he put up when he had a solid OL. If our OL was stacked like years past and he was playing like this, then ya, my opinion would be different.

          • Daryl Peek

            I cut him slack. I’m just saying he needs to sure up this year. No probowl QB that was on the verge of becoming elite has ever fallen off this bad. And again he’s becoming a dinosaur as a strictly pocket passer. IJS

          • Mike DeWitt

            Learn the game before opening mouth please.

          • Daryl Peek

            Teach me then old wise one. SMH

  • Alter Ego

    This is the first ranking that I’ve seen Rivers in the top 10. Crap. This is going to mess up my fantasy draft strategy. We know Rivers is going to go ape shit wild this year – would rather the rest of the world not be tipped off. Irving makes my fantasy teams gold.

    • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

      I agree. Would rather go in as the unsuspected threat. But be rest assured. PR will have a phenomenal season and will be one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the league.

  • Daryl Peek

    I’ve got to agree with Irvin simply because he and his QB (Akiman) came up big in big games. There’s no reason to get all butt hurt as a BOLTS fan if truth is being spoken. While I disagree with Irvin’s homer-ish slurping on Romo, Romo has out performed Rivers the last two seasons.

    QB’s get the glory when their team wins so they deserve to be bashed when they lose, especially when their throwing picks that cost the team games.

    Both Rivers and Romo need to give money back given their playoff QB ratings.

  • FitzWilly

    Who is this idiot to speak about anyone
    Rape, Coke, stabbings etc
    he should have handcuffs, not a headset

  • Rob Base

    Irvin is a big mouth idiot with way too big of an EGO! Shut your mouth Irvin no cares about your lame opinions. Oh and stay out of jail and stop doing blow… Drugs are bad em cay douchebagg!

  • Will

    Philip didnt have a bad year. Or bad 2 years. The line did. He led the league in passing yds 3 years ago (before the line turned to shit). Coincidence he stopped performing at that level? I think not. What did Phil just drink some magic potion that miraculously weakened his ga,me out of nowhere in just one year? Bullshit. Rivers is the 5th best qb in the league. Roethlisberger, Eli, Flacco, and Ryan would all have done way worse that Philip did if they had the same line that he did.

    • delamerica93

      not Roethlisberger. He’s arguably the only QB on here to deal with a worse line than Rivers.

    • Ernie Padaon

      sigh. I guess you liked how he played

  • 619chargers4life

    Michael done turned TV personality on us , so sad . Maybe he should move in with Norv, best buds for life. Michael was probably our play caller and we didn’t even know it lol

  • arnie

    Context, oh i’m back on this again. Irvin had Jimmy Johnson as his HC, norv was an Offensive assistant, and later an OC for the cowboys. I wish i could sit here an believe it was PR that “got norv fired”. If you look at the numbers there is an argument there. However, looking at the things in “context”, who calls the plays? Just so where’re clear Michael, i’ll quote PR, “…we run the plays that are called…”. Yes Rivers made some un-wise throws, but if i’m going to throw him under the bus, it’s because he was trying to make plays, to help his team win. Only because, If i stand corrected, the rest of the offense seemed to be out-to-lunch.
    lastly, if anybody knows about “asking to play football”, Mr. Irvin, you are the expert on that subject. Any normal human being with as many run-ins with the law, would be a 3 time convicted felon. i have yet see PR get so much as a parking ticket. as for his play, put Rivers on the bench and see how many games the Chargers win with norvs offensive “genius”. norv new it, we know it, and Mr. Irvin should to. Without PR, this team doesn’t even get to .500.


    • Daryl Peek

      What has his personal life drama got to do with what he did on the field? As a fan winning/on the field performance is all that matters because that’s what we root for as fans. I really have a hard time understanding why fans take it personal when truth is spoken against their sports team?

      • arnie

        How many athletes have been a distraction, and/or suspended, that are no longer in the league?
        personal has “everything” to do with with performance on the field. it’s the main reason TO an Ocho Cinco are gone. TO was second only in just about every record to Jerry Rice, the difference? Jerry won Super Bowls, TO ran his mouth. So again, Mr. Irvin is the last person to be talking about who should be asking to play football. Goes to Context.
        As far as truth goes, i can clearly see by your lack of understanding, that you didn’t read my comments. I’ll say it again, “CONEXT”. This is the ability to gather “ALL” the information available to us, to reach a reasonable conclusion, based on the facts, and surmise as to WHY the circumstances that currently exist, called the TRUTH.
        Fact PR has a record number of turnovers for the Chargers the last two seasons. Fact, norv turner was responsible for preparing the team to play. Fact, Rivers ran the plays that he was given to him by norv turner. Fact, the team performed poorly. fact norv got fired.
        I will not, nor will ever advocate Rivers performance over the last two seasons. it was completely unacceptable. However, to completely lay blame at the feet of Rivers is inaccurate. As suggested by Mr.Irvin. So once again i’m on record, “…The 2011 an 2012 seasons were a collective effort, by the entire Charger organization…” what i mean is, there is enough blame, to go around.

        • Daryl Peek

          Did Irvin attack Rivers personal character? He made a football assessment of his on the field performance. Irvin said nothing about Rivers personal life. This is where the line goes left just like you did with me. I completely understood the context, and I get what you’re saying about the distraction thing. The point I was making is how fans get butt hurt and start revisiting a players personal life drama over football analysis opinions of a pundit.

          If you want to attack him for dogging PR over the interceptions, fumbles and ultimate firing of Norv, talk about his on the field failures in all fairness because that’s exactly what he did with PR.

          Norv and any other HC gets fired for his players under performing. McNabb & Vick failed in Philly. Reid was fired because they failed. Romo has failed in Dallas. Garrett has lost play calling because of it, and will likely be fired for Romo’s failures also. While Irvin is somewhat delusional when it comes to Romo, Irvin was not wrong about what he said. Is it solely Rivers fault. NO, as you said but we are all smart enough to comprehend the context of Irvin’s comments as being sensationalism for shock value. That’s what pundits do.

          • Chuck Waterman

            Daryl, let’s look at things a little more objectively, as you suggested. Irvin said:

            was giving away more games and more interceptions… he got my man Norv Turner fired.”

            He’s right in that Rivers threw more picks last year. That’s the ONLY part he got right. Where he’s unquestionably wrong is in his statement that he got “his man” (hmm, no bias there, right?) fired. Norv not only got himself fired, he darn near got Philip KILLED. With no run game whatsoever and an offensive line that couldn’t protect against a pass rush for more than about 1.5 seconds, Norv continued to call for plays requiring a 7-step drop and pass routes that take 3-4 seconds to develop. Anybody with a math acumen greater than a first grader can pretty easily calculate that if you take 1.5, then subtract 3 from that, you’re going to get a negative result – and that’s exactly what we got with Norv’s playcalling.

            Now, to be equally fair – let’s apply a similar critique of Irvin’s capabilities as a member of the media. In my opinion, Mike is the Honey Boo-Boo of NFL color commentary – nobody can really tell what the heck he’s saying most of the time. He spends his on-air time mugging to the camera, guffawing loudly over the top of people who DO understand what they’re talking about, and trying desperately to cling to those days of long ago when he was actually relevant. He offers nothing of value to the broadcast, other than (bad) comic relief. Mike has God-given talent – unfortunately it’s all (apparently) physical, and woefully deficient on the mental side. IMHO, it’s Michael who should be praying to keep his job – instead of braying like a jackass about Rivers’ performance. The next good comment Michael makes will be his first.

          • Daryl Peek

            Chuck, I don’t disagree with what your saying as far as the total fault premise goes but we all know it’s a players league. Rivers is a borderline elite NFL talent who’s fell off the last two seasons. Again head coaches often get fired when players under perform, fair or not. There are always many different factors involved in that.

            Norv was never a fan favorite in SD after replacing Marty. Most fans have been begging for a Turner exit from day one. Every play call he made was scrutinized if it resulted in failure. The first three years of his tenure he was pretty much the offensive genius he was with Irvin and the Cowboys. Injuries and personnel change are part of the Turner Rivers era demise.

            We could go back and forth on the particulars of the BOLTS failures and success of the Rivers Turner era. As a media analyst Irvin is paid to give his opinion of players and teams and we all know most pundits are often biased.

            Irvin has been on record blasting Romo at times and he’s praised him as well. Irvin has done the same with Rivers at different times over the years. Of course he’s gonna give Romo a longer leash as a former Cowboy, the same way a former BOLT, now analyst would for Rivers.

            I happen to feel Irvin was right in his current assessment of PR. QB’s get the glory and blame in this league. Coaches pay the price before a good QB.

            The main point I was making is how fans take it too seriously on these blogs and get personal. You can disagree with any pundit but if he keeps it sports in his analysis, follow his lead in rebuttal.

    • Nick in PB

      Arnie, as always, great post!!!

  • Cgoodness13

    “My man norv”? Usually that doesn’t come off gay to me, but norvs scrotum neck makes it look like the plot of broke back mountain 2

    • FitzWilly

      You’re Welcome CG13
      why do you think Norv likes to “run it up the middle” so much

      • Cgoodness13


        • FitzWilly

          Sorry BoltBro :)

  • Peter Thompson

    Watching Warren Sapp & Michael Irvin get all stupid emotional on NFL Network, when Deacon Jones died, made me sick to my stomach. It was total drama! Sapp was crying because he won’t get a chance to be buddy-buddy with Jones (who friggin’ cares about YOU Warren? A great player just died!). Sapp started crying, like he did in court when he was trying to get his child support reduced.. which was already reduced, btw. Seems he’ll cry about anything.. such a tool! It was a very self-serving display.
    Irvin is especially full of himself, on a regular basis. He LOVES to think of himself as this awesome leader of men, and gives overly dramatic speeches to rookies, like he is some “god-chosen” representative of all NFL players… when really, he was an awful example, and not even close to anyone a rookie should be listening to.. just like rookies shouldn’t listen to Pac-Man Jones. Personally, he has always been a complete ego-maniac if you ask me. Him and Sapp can go pat each other on the shoulder of their HOF jackets, for all I care. Neither one of them deserve the recognition, or inspire the kind of leadership, that players like Jerry Rice, or Joe Montana represent.. nor do they even have half of the class of Ladanian Tomlinson. Just ignore his comments… he is just in love with himself, and the sound of his own voice.

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Norv Turner wasn’t nothing without Jimmy Johnson’s work ethic. Norval’s track record gives light to that. Irvin defends him because Norv let him do all the Cocaine he wanted. Philip R. is just as good as Troy A. ever was. McCoy and Wisenhunt will help all see that.

  • Bill Nichols

    Go smoke some more crack you illiterate SOB, been to any crack whores lately Mr. Irvin?? But honestly, have you ever been forced to listen to someone who has such a small grasp of the English language? He sounds like a street hood trying to give a play by play in gibberish. Go away, we don’t need, nor want, to hear your opinion concerning Rivers. He will make you eat your unintelligible words, mark it baby. Bolt Up!!

  • Core

    Reguardless of who says what there is one thing about Rivers that I
    think hurts his performance more than anything. Himself. I call it
    “acting” due to the fact that I don’t know what else to call it. What I
    mean by “acting” is this: look at Rivers after something goes wrong. His
    face turns red, he cusses, shakes his head in disgust, and hangs his
    head on his way to the sideline. There he sulks quietly on the bench
    while he waits for his next opportunity. This doesn’t sound all that
    distressing but it is. He acts like he needs to place blame on someone
    but is embarrassed because he’s not sure who to blame. THIS IS NOT

    When I see Rivers
    “acting” I try my best to distract whoever I’m watching the game with so
    that they won’t see him behaving like a child. It’s embarrassing.
    Rivers “acting” hurts his game which leads to more mistakes, which leads
    to more acting, which leads to more… Rivers face gets so red at times
    that I often wonder if he is holding his breath. This is not
    professional behavior, it’s more like behavior for a professional, If
    you know what I mean.

    Maybe it’s me? Lashing out from disappointment and anger brought on by the apalling mistake of letting Brees go.
    Let me on the couch so I can tell the doc how depressing THAT is.

    all seen plenty of other QBs screw up. Those QBs don’t act. Well most
    of them don’t anyway. The better ones move on without giving it another
    thought. They are 100% focused on the next play, the only play they have
    any control over, the most important play. The greatest players of the
    game know this and it is what makes them great. If Phillip can learn
    this he could be great. If not he defeats himself and will be remembered
    as an “off and on” or a “hot and cold” player.

    I do love my
    Chargers and have since the days of Air Coryell. The excitement
    generated by the Air Core was so “over the top” that I began to watch
    plays instead of games. Loving the game play by play makes any game far
    more exciting for us fans and far better played by the team. Winning a
    game isn’t that important when you can get more pumped by how it is
    played than who has the most points at the end. Especially when it’s
    being played by the Chargers. (or that other bunch you are so proud of)

  • C.Steele

    WTH?! Are you Joking? His Cracked out Hoe banging ass is clearly delusional! And, they pay this fool to give his “Professional” opinion. Clearly any clown can be a “pundit”. #GoBolts

    • Ernie Padaon

      dude is off the rocker! he has lost his mind

  • 1961 Fan

    Rivers should not have made the list because Wilson of the Seahawks and Kapernack of the Niners was left off. those two very mobile, young and up and coming newer QB’s are also on more balanced and overall better teams than Rivers.

  • surge619

    Rivers had a few bad season due to a.j smith fucking up the team by letting all rivers weapons go and u can’t forget the rotten o-line who couldn’t protect our QB the point is rivers is a good qb he’s old school and classic pocket qb who needs good protection to give him enough time to throw like I said he’s old school ..he’s not a new school qb who can run for 10+ yards like rg3 like wilson like newton like tebow ..he’s a brady, brees, manning , warner like QB who needs a good o-line to throw comfortable you don’t see brees manning brady running around like chickens without a head do u cuz there classic pocket qbs who have good protection when rivers had good protection he was keeping up to elite status ..rivers can’t run and do all this crazy tricks to get a gain of yardages just give him good protection with ok recievers and he will be back on top so with our new g.m I think its gona be a better ball game …were coming back so fuck u Irvin

  • Mike DeWitt

    “He got my man Norv Turner fired”
    Yes he did Mike, and did this Franchise the greatest favor a player has ever done. The Shirttail rider has been exposed for the fraud he has always been.

    When Rivers tears it up this year, Mike will then dismiss it all and focus on his lack of rings just like the PR Haters do in Chargerland.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • tubbs45