May 22, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride during the New York Giants organized team activities at the Giants Timex Performance Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Deadspin 16 Worst Coaches in History: Not The Former Chargers Coach You Think

Deadspin released a piece that has the 16 worst coaches in modern NFL history. Guess who wasn’t on the list?!?! BUT another former San Diego Chargers head coach did make the list:

Kevin Gilbride has bounced around the league for so long as an offensive coordinator it’s hard to remember he actually spent more than one season as the Chargers’ head coach, and that his brief tenure in San Diego was an unmitigated disaster. Just how bad did things get in those 22 games? Gilbride immediately went into petty-autocrat mode with the press, forbidding reporters from watching practice and limiting the media’s access to players. He proceeded to go 4-12, which earned him the opportunity to draft Ryan Leaf. Just six games into Gilbride’s second season, with Leaf already shitting the bed as his QB, the Chargers couldn’t take it anymore and fired Gilbride. He’s openly lobbied for multiple head coaching gigs since, but no one seems to want him.

Now brings the discussion: Which of the horrible of horribles was worst? Was Kevin Gilbride worse than Norv Turner?

Our teams were terrible under Kevin Gilbride and he was an awful head coach, but the expectations from that team were nothing near what Norv had. Gilbride never had a good roster and he had to deal with Ryan Leaf.

My vote goes to Norv Turner being the worst of the two, but Gilbride still is bad.

Which Chargers Head Coach Is Worse: Norv or Kevin?

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  • boltingindiego

    saving grace for turner was that he won 3 playoff games under us.

  • Cgoodness13

    Norv turners neck should be a option :/ that thing was like a zombie fungus

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Norf took over a loaded roster and with AJ & created a stink fest….all those other teams were not as loaded w talent

  • Alter Ego

    Gilbride made suicide an option. It was nothing but despair and lost hope in his tenure. Turner may have been a swing and miss – but he wasn’t a blood splat death at the beginning of the Hunger Games like Gilbride was.

  • Peter Thompson

    That’s like asking what you would prefer… death, or “bunga bunga”.

  • Nick in PB

    Norv ruined the Chargers, but it took time. He had a lot of talent. He didn’t get us where we should have gone with that talent. Gilbride was just terrible, but the team was far less talented. Norv took all our expectations and killed them. I didn’t have any expectations with Gilbride and those Chargers. But Norv made me not even want to go to games. I’ll take Norv.

  • dashen87

    Quite a few Charger HC’s between N. Turner and the bottom K. Gilbride. Unfortunate post; however, considering the long hiatus now until training camp and the fact Turner is the most recent Charger HC to fail winning a title – I certainly understand the whatnot. But, if you consider how closely Turner’s turn as HC parallels that of one D. Coryell (HOF?), maybe you would realize the shear silliness of this post. Haters gotta hate. Keep on hatin’!

    • arnie

      Not really, Air Coryell took a crappy team, showed some innovation in offense, and made this team play like a winner. norv, was handed a winner, and did his best to drive it into the ground.
      If you look at the numbers, that I can the comparison. However looking at them in “context”, they are worlds apart. No hate necessary, just the truth.

  • arnie

    Ernie, I don’t even want to go there. It’s a long list and really not sorting through it. It’s best to let the garbage stay in the compost heap.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Haha. True

  • Louie Reyes

    Don’t forget how horrible Mike Riley was. He did lead the Chargers to that 1-15 record.

    • Ernie Padaon

      There was that

  • dusty

    Norv took the team as far as any other coach had. It wasn’t his fault that: a) nate kaeding couldn’t kick field goals. B) LT and Gates were oft injured. And C) a.j. Smith let our most talented players walk while busting on every single draft during norvs time here. Norv won 3 more playoff games then Marty’s teams and never had the defenses that Marty did. Merriman and LT were basically done after 07. The 09 team didn’t have the defense needed to make a title run. 2010 was plagued by holdouts and injuries. Last couple years we flat out didn’t have the personnel needed to win a title. Norvs system requires certain types of personnel and a.j. failed to provide them. And no I’m not a huge norv fan but I don’t think he’s as bad as alot of people believe.

    • shane

      norv inherited a 14-2 team, best in the league arguably, and they got worse and worse every year….he blows

      • Jim

        yeah a 14-2 team that got knocked out in the first round….norv wasn’t that bad. and people need to stop talking about how he destroyed a 14-2 team. norv got closer to the super bowl than marty ever did…

  • IronMountain

    Gilbride was great compared to Harlan Svare, do your freaking homework!

  • RetiredCatholic

    Give Iron Mountain a Seegar!!!! I wrote a master’s thesis on the various aspects of the worst NFL disaster ever that Harlan and Gene Klein created. Maybe a worse disaster than any in American sports history. Worse than “Say it ain’t so Joe”! These guys even smoked doobies in the breaks between the two a day workouts.

  • Mike

    Why are you all hating on Norv so much? You guys all think he took a talented team and ran it into the ground. First off that “talented” team that Marty coached….they never got anywhere. One and done in the playoffs seem like the common theme every postseason the Chargers played in. Did the teams regress year after year under Norv….absolutely I agree with you all there, but you guys are placing WAY too much blame on Norv. If anything, I blame good ol Aj for most of the Chargers recent problems. He let pro bowlers like sproles, vj, michael turner, all go in free agency and signed/drafted busts like mathews, gaither, meachem, and english. Norv is no Vince Lombardi, but he is no second coming of Satan either…

  • thegorn

    Dan Henning was pretty bad too.

  • X-navydawg

    All you people who think norv “wasn’t that bad” cause he SUPPOSEDLY had more playoff wins than Marty, y’all better realize that norv only got to the playoffs cause the Donkeys choked 2 seasons in a row. So that makes norv a lucky son of a bitch! It does not make him better than Marty! And those that think norv “isn’t that bad” can go suck his testicle neck!!!

    • Alter Ego

      Turner may have been a swing and miss – but he wasn’t a blood splat death at the beginning of the Hunger Games like Gilbride was.

  • John Bauer

    Whatever Lets get ready for this season Hope it ends up in New York & a win ! That is where this years SB is at ?