"Thank You San Diego Day" Is Awesome

The San Diego Chargers were all over the town today. It was one of the coolest things to see on the twitter feed. The players were meeting up with the fans and taking pictures and having a ball of the time with the community. That is awesome. One of the greatest PR moves ever.

That just makes me love this team so much more. What an awesome thing to do. I just wish I was out and about around the town so that I could come across one of these fools.

Fans are star struck when we see these guys. It brings a smile to people’s faces when they are willing to stop and say hello and take pictures. And they all were out on the town doing it today.

It was not difficult to find these guys either. They are all rocking their full uniforms will big smiles on their faces.

SUCH A GREAT THING! Thank you San Diego Chargers for being awesome!

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