Getting Rid of the Norv Turner Stink

I was at the grocery store today and the person who was bagging my groceries looked at my shirt and said “Chargers? – You know they are not a good team.”  I paused mid swipe and looked her right in the eye.  I managed to say, in the most non threatening way possible (ok, who am I kidding, I wanted to add her to the punch list) “based on what?”

The Chargers have not played a single snap and yet the stink of Norv Turner and his lackluster band of misfits are still upon us.  Seriously, there is no other way to disprove these doubters than to come out swinging – and never stop.  The Bolts need to overcome the 4th and 29, the ahead by 21 until the last 3 minutes and all of the other horrible football we, the loyal fans, had to endure.  It is time.

I believe that the Chargers are going to do that.  I have not heard a single report out of Chargers park that concerns me.  I have not heard a single statement from Tom Telesco that tells me that is not his plan.  I have not seen or heard a player say they are not all in.  I am watching Philip Rivers practicing with the gloves (FINALLY, someone heard us!) and based on Magic Mikes history I would suggest they are staying on.

I’ve got a feeling down deep in my bones, the kind that old people get when a big storm is coming.  This is going to be a season to remember for all the right reasons.

The stink will begin to be washed off and next time some non-believer notices my lightning bolt they may just take a moment to think before they say “Chargers kick ass.”


ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • J.C. Ortiz

    #Boltup I like your enthusiasm!

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Thanks :)

  • MC Boltman

    Oh Yes, something is happening here in Bolt town. I personally won´t expect too much from next season…but we´re definitely going into the right direction #BOLTUP

  • 619chargers4life

    i have the same feeling as u deep down inside. ive never been to a season opener but because i got this feeling that this year might be some kind of nice and special i was at the stadium the morning the tickets went on sale to get my opener tickets. cant wait to see the Chargers punch some people in the mouth this year. GO BOLTS!!

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      See you there!

      • 619chargers4life

        oh yeah!!

  • FitzWilly

    There is a reason she’s bagging groceries :)
    Her “baby Daddy” is prolly a Raiders fan, and she doesn’t know any better
    You on the other hand are a hot, accomplished Charger Fan
    so you can see how she would be jealous
    To get back to your question, YES YES YES we are already better off without Wrinkles and AJ
    The hardest part will be getting rid of the Old Man Stink left by those two Geezers at Chargers Park
    We Shall Prevail Sister Cindi :)

    • Cgoodness13

      Those San Diego chicks I swear, even the geeks at comic con blow the hags in Oakland away.

      • FitzWilly

        Charger Gal’s Rock

        • ChargerGirl Cindi

          Well, I can’t disagree with anything you said! Boltup!

  • NWBolt

    I found some game game footage of QB Mike Hermann, this kid would be a legit backup to learn from Rivers and possibly the future when time comes. Check out the link, he’s QB for white uni’s.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      The clip started with the kid getting sacked, but after that OMG! He can scramble and he has an arm. Keep an eye on this guy.

      • NWBolt

        The kids got a wicked accurate long ball. He’s 6’5″ 250lbs and he runs like a deer. I like this kid, diamond in the ruff.

        • ChargerGirl Cindi

          Love it!

      • NWBolt

        Another undrafted rookie we picked up is Josh Johnson, this kid a stud at CB. Also Jahleel Addae, kid reminds me of a healthy Bob Sanders; punishes guys that come over the middle.

      • NWBolt

        Jahleel Addae

        Josh Johsnon

  • Alter Ego

    Hell Yeah ! Cindi for Prez !
    I don’t hate Norv or AJ – I’m happy that we are moving on though. They didn’t work out in the end – as fans and as an orginization we permitted them the opportunity to prove they didn’t work out. Last year they did with overwhelming success.
    This year is like getting out of a hot jacuzzi tub – all the dead skin, dirt and odor are gone. We are putting on new cloths and are spanky ass clean.
    I’m sportin’ wood without viagra – man thats a good feeling.

  • Nick in PB

    Good job Cindi. I know how all Charger fans feel. There was a stench the past couple of years. I would come into work on a Monday feeling dejected… let down by Norv and his lack of leadership. But that stench is gone! If anything, I do believe that we will see a more competitive product on the field. That’s all we can ask for in this transition year. Even that will be something to build on… in the right direction!

    • Peter Thompson

      Even if we have the same record, or worse.. if things are done properly, I think it’s a success.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I would be happy if we broke even. Just so they play competitively. Play some good football. No more collapses.

  • Peter Thompson


  • Peter Thompson

    All these little chicks with the pumped up kicks… you betta run, betta run..

    outrun my gun

  • Josh Leon


  • arnie

    You know what i believe Cindi? That the Chargers were not a very good team, “last year”. We, no, this town wanted norv & aj gone, they are. They were replaced with two fresh faces, from winning teams. And now we don’t expect much from them, why? Because we didn’t get Gruden or Cohwer as the HC?
    I’m with you on this Cindi. It’s time for us to get off the couch of lowered expectations, simply because the reason for our low hopes, got fired. if we’re going to believe “ANYTHING” was an improvement from norv & aj, then we got what we asked for.
    BOLT UP!

  • thegorn

    I’m not a believer, at least, not until I see it.

  • davacho

    “bagger? you know this isn’t a good job.” then, tell the bagger to move along with their brown bags to oakland… there will be an epic shortage shortly.

  • OP Bolt

    Recent Bolt history suggests the very worst anecdotal thing that can happen to the team before the season starts is for national press to anoint them Super Bowl contenders. So, you may be onto something big here – and a breath of fresh air it will be.