October 15, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers receiver Eddie Royal (11) runs after a catch during the third quarter against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Royal Working As The Top Slot Option For Chargers

Eddie Royal is working as the top slot option for the San Diego Chargers (SDUT). With Keenan Allen still getting back up to speed from his injury, Royal is getting the opportunity to show his worth.

I love the potential of Royal, but there is always that injury factor that hovers over him.

Royal is one of the shiftiest receivers that the Chargers have on the roster. His ability to make things happen after the catch is one of the most intriguing parts of his game.

Ken Whisenhunt and the Chargers offense can make some good use of that ability.

On special teams, Eddie Royal will be needed. He is the best option as a punt returner and kick returner.

Where is Robert Meachem on the depth chart now?

Vincent Brown, Malcom Floyd and Danario Alexander are rotating in the starting spot. Eddie Royal is the starter in the slot. Meachem is lost in the shuffle.

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  • davacho

    love using royal in madden : ) hehehe

    • Cgoodness13

      That’s funny, I had serious injurys to my DBs so he had to be the nickleback, ended up picking off manning for a TD

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        That’s crazy talk… hahahaha!

  • Daryl Peek

    This should suprise no one. Royal had his best season as a pro under McCoy in Denver.

  • thegorn

    I suspect Meachem is history. Royal, on the other hand, flashed some chemistry with Rivers in the 2012 OTAs. So, perhaps the Chargers are interested in continuing their investment in Royal.

    • boltingindiego

      meachem will be here for atleast this season. Then depending how he performs this year will determine if hes with us in the 2014 season or with another team since if hes cut next year its a cap savings of 3.125 mil. I see him playing this year quite a bit because the 3 wr’s above him are injury prone.

  • boltingindiego

    As long as he stays healthy he is dangerous in the slot.

  • Alexander Leithoff

    Got my hopes up about royal last year. Not gonna do it again this year. I think we need cap space more than an injury prone slot reciever.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      would you rather get the cap space from royal or from McClain… i guess we could cut them both…

      • Alexander Leithoff

        Both. McClain seems expendable in McCoys system. Phillips can back up Gronk at FB. Seems like either Clary or Royals got to go. and/or whitehurst

  • Alter Ego

    Royal, Meachem and Gaither are all one in the same to me. They broke my heart.
    I believe this is due dillegence by McCoy and TT. IMO He has to be stellar – he hasn’t shown anything that suggest he is. I think he ends up at the top of the trash heap. I get angry everytime I think about last year – it would have been far better not to have had any of them on the team. I don’t give credit for what happend 2-3 years ago. Its all about now – can’t be bothered with what ifs. Show us something to rally around – show us you belong.

  • Mark Viguri

    Spurlock was so much better than Royal last year. Eddie will probably be cut as soon as Allen is 100%

  • Alter Ego

    I’ve got high hopes for the WR corps – Eddie Royal ain’t it.
    That ship sailed last year.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Anyone want to make predictions on who will have a better year? Royal, or Meachem?

    I say Meachem.

    • arnie

      compared to what? you saying meachum will get more than a handful of catches? Pete both of them played like expensive garbage last season. {i’m looking forward to having them play themselves off the roster.
      i hope they can prove me wrong.

      • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

        So true. If they are going to be here, and earning a paycheck, they must contribute in a way that isn’t just riding the pine. We should throw Meachem back for return duties, with Royal… He’s supposed to be fast, right? Lol..

        • arnie

          oh yeah that’s right. he did outrun all those passes…LOL

          • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

            Hahahaha! Good one ; )

  • Darrel Short

    Meachem is probably done in SD. If Goodman is still on the team, he should be cut first