August 30, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Michael Spurlock (87) on the bench against the San Francisco 49ers during the second quarter at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions Sign WR Micheal Spurlock

So much for the idea of bringing in Micheal Spurlock as the return specialist/utility wide receiver. The Detroit Lions have signed the fan favorite today to a contract.

Spurlock looked good in the slot for the Chargers and Philip Rivers looked like he had confidence throwing him the football. Surprisingly, he only caught 9 passes last season.

Spurlock also shined on special teams for the Chargers. He returned a punt and a kickoff for a score wearing the blue and gold.

He could have been a good player to add onto the roster to compete for return duties. Looks like there is a vote of confidence in keeping Eddie Royal on the roster.

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  • MC Boltman

    This is one smart move by the Lions – damn it! Spurlock was a huge factor in the return game last year, leading the Bolts in yards per punt
    return while second in yards per kick return, along with having a punt
    and kick return touchdown.
    He was a $540,000 cap hit last year…
    …Royal seems a bit less expendable right now (a bit)…..

    • Stefanie Smith

      Yeah, Spurlock was great. Why would TT not sign him…hmmm?

      • tubbs45

        TT like Royal… would been a good move for when royal limps off the field, not routing for it, but I am realistic…

      • Peter Thompson

        I am starting to lose some confidence in their decision making, I must admit. .

        • Stefanie Smith

          Pete: Same here. I hate being a pain in the rear, but some of these decisions are questionable. I hope I am wrong.

          • Nick in PB

            Guys (and gals) this is not so stupid as it seems. Royal is a very good player but he has to stay healthy. Like Ernie pointed out, he is a reliable receiver and very good after the catch. When we picked him up, we were hoping for the Royal everyone saw as a rookie. He got a lot of playing time for a rook. There was a reason for that! If he stays healthy, we will see a guy that can tear it up after the catch. When was the last time a Charger receiver did that? I’m not losing faith in the brass at Charger park. I do like Spurlock, a lot, but Royal can be just as effective and he’s still young!

          • IrishCarBomb

            I just think management felt they already had the depth on contract. Royal>Allen>=Goodman is how I think they look at their return depth (maybe even our new little slot corner). 3 receivers on contract already that can return (we hear the release him or blah blah but there is probably something in the contracts which spins it from being a positive move). I would take Spurlock over Goodman any day but we can only carry so many receivers on the roster, and I find it hard to believe that my(our) talent evaluation is better than the people who get paid to do it. Probably just wasnt worth the resigning when we are so deep at WR and have 3 already who can handle the job. Good luck in Detroit Spurlock!

          • Peter Thompson

            I hope Royal’s hamstring is healthy, that’s all. Because that has been his problem. If it gets hurt again, this means McCoy isn’t paying attention.. which was Norv’s problem. In fact, he better have a really damn good year, if we aren’t cutting him.

    • JoseSD

      It’s not that impressive considering when Royal wasn’t returning punts it was weddle muffing punt returns, and I think at times Curtis Brinkley was returning kickoffs. Spurlock gave them a spark at returner and slot WR but with the cap money all tied up elsewhere and the WR corps consisting of Floyd, Alexander, Brown, Allen, Royal, Meachem, Goodman, Willie and many othersdon’t think there was much room for him financially or on the field, and face it with the cap situation we’re basically stuck with Meachem and Royal for another year

  • Stefanie Smith

    I would really like one of the writers here who is a fan of TT to lay it all out. Why do people think TT is doing a great job? How could these people think Eddie Royal is great when he did just about nothing last year? He, all of a sudden, shined in some OTAs?

    • Cgoodness13

      Hes a hell of a returner

    • Ernie Padaon

      in my opinion….. the potential from Eddie Royal is so much higher…. but it is potential…. “IF EDDIE ROYAL IS HEALTHY”… you know, that same story with all our players…

      • Stefanie Smith

        Ernie, and Cgoodness, you bring up a valid point. If he is a good returner with more potential than Spurlock, was this Norv’s problem–meaning, he didn’t have a proper scheme? Who is responsible for Eddie Royal not performing much for SD?

        • Cgoodness13

          Injurys and norv

        • tubbs45

          His hamstring…

          • Nick in PB

            True Dat! Hammy was a problem all last year. I had the same deal… had to quit playing softball. Every time I sprinted, I could feel it tightening, no matter what I did. Now I didn’t have professionals rehabilitating me so I hope he has something in his routine during the off season that will keep his hammy’s loose! Maybe some yoga?

        • Russell Grant

          Injuries, Norv and no real offensive line

      • Peter Thompson

        Ain’t that the truth. This nagging hammy injury of Royal’s seems to keep resurfacing. We were discussing the same thing this time last year.

    • joerockt

      The difference here is simply that Eddie Royal is under contract, Spurlock was not.

      • Peter Thompson


  • Louie Reyes

    This move might come back to bite us in the behind! Spurlock is definitely an upgrade over Goodman. I don’t know why we even resigned Goodman! I thought for sure Spurlock would be back and Goodman would be let to walk. Spurlock was a threat in the return game and as slot receiver. Goodman is just one dimensional and runs straight at the wedge on kickoffs.

    • Nick in PB

      I do agree with that statement. Goodman has speed at the return position but not very shifty. Always seems to run it right up the middle with little wiggle. Yes, I would have dropped Goodman for Spurlock in a heartbeat!

      • Peter Thompson

        Ahhhhhhh-greeed! It’s lame that he was the only one to do anything explosive in the return game these last two years… got a punt AND kickoff TD return… stayed healthy all season on two different teams… was a major factor in that butt whoopin’ that we put on Pittsburgh (at home), which hasn’t happened in forever… was an inexpensive option… and still didn’t get signed. Major oversight, in my opinion. It’s the kind of oversight that makes me think they weren’t paying attention to what we all saw last year. Royal’s an ex-Bronco.. so that means the last two years didn’t exist, I suppose. His hamstring must have been under-coached!!!

  • NativeSanDiegan

    Should have had the $ to sign Spurlock after June 1 (also have to sign Fluker). Punt returner needs quality depth; too many really hard hits. Then keep him (along with Allen and Royal) at least through preseason in case a receiver gets hurt. TT must want to have at least a little cap space in case another position gets injury or if very good player is released by another team. I still have faith in TT, but wish he’d made keeping him a priority and released an UFA that looked bad in OTA’s or another player and had already signed Spurlock. Could have been pressing his luck like he did with Alexander, but didn’t get lucky this time.

  • Alter Ego

    What comes to mind is Spurlock catching a KO 6 yrds deep in the endzone and running it out to the 15. He gets credit for a 21 yrd return but the Chargers start on the 15. Bettter to have taken a knee.
    See ya Spurlock. Good Luck. Be Blessed.