Jan 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos tackle Justin Bannan (97) against the Baltimore Ravens during the AFC divisional round playoff game at Sports Authority Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Looking To Add Veteran Defensive Line Depth

The San Diego Chargers are looking to add depth on the defensive side of the ball. Tonight, Michael Gehlken put together a post to share that the Chargers are interested in bringing veteran Justin Bannan onto the roster.

Bannan is an 11 year veteran that specializes in stopping the run. The Chargers depth on the defensive line is paper-thin. They have a few undrafted free agents on the roster that are competing to get major playing time.

I like the undrafted guys, but having a guy with experience to compete for those positions will only strengthen the roster. If the undrafted guy wins the job over the vet, then all things are good.

Other than Jarius Wynn, the Chargers second team on the defensive line is full of undrafted rookies and practice squad players.

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  • Cgoodness13

    Mainly DT we signed a couple DE

  • tubbs45

    I like our UFA, but of the options out there I would look at Kemoeatu from the Ravens. Still think we need CB help ASAP.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Depth of any kind on defense will be welcomed… especially in the secondary.

  • Alter Ego

    I like the idea of adding compition. I love the idea of adding compition to the big ugly positions. I want to see our monster uglies beat the snot out of teams – hope we get a real nasty hungry bunch of bastards in there. So…heck yeah – bring in more guys that want to prove they belong on our 53.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      What’s compition?

      • Alter Ego


        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          Tired? Coming from a dude who just got done telling me to “eat my shorts”…and said “I’m dangling the carrot in front of you, Pete..be careful”. I thought it was pretty good. Careful about what? I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder next time.

          • Alter Ego

            Yeah your the voice of reason I think you sniff glue. If you don’t you sure act like it. You have this whole 3rd grade huff and puff thing going. The careful warning was for you to stop and consider that you may not want to be seen as a dick since you write for BB. –too late there. Show some restraint.

          • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

            I show tons of restraint on here, trust me.. just not for people who antagonize for no reason. If anyone wants to open a can of worms, like you just did…I’m your huckleberry. This has been my policy before, and after I became a writer on here. Nothing has changed, and won’t anytime soon. It’s there for people like you. Nice try, though… I guess I should just take your direct insults, because I’m a writer.

          • arnie

            LOL ain’t that the truth….

          • Alter Ego

            Mr Potato Head – you give yourself too much credit. A writer comes up with their own material – you masquerade stuff as your own. The Brown article is a good example.

          • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

            Ahhh more clever names, from such a clever dude. Hang on a second..

            Hey everyone.. I lifted, and re-arranged the first three lines of my latest V-Brown article from a Chargers pod-cast, that probably everyone saw.. so I doubt anyone will notice, and you will uncover my elaborate plan to pull the wool over your eyes.

            There, now the truth is out for all to see. What’s funny, is that is probably the first, and only time I have done that, without actually mentioning where I got the content from. Didn’t seem important enough to put a link to Chargers.com up there, but I guess I’m not fooling you. FYI, the other 95% of the article was all me. I know that NOBODY on here ever uses information from the Chargers site in their articles (only… like.. every day).

            Good grief… are you for real, bro? By the way, when’s your “bad-ass” original article coming out? Would love to read something riveting, from someone who clearly has so much to say… pffffttt

          • Alter Ego

            Your avatar looks like Mr. Potato Head – or you look like Mr. Potato Head – one in the same I think.

            Most of the stuff you produce seems to be the inspiration of another contributor – you change stuff around then call it your own. I think that’s lame. You are hardly the big time writer you boast to be.
            You are bent on having the last word as well…I have told you that I don’t care to discuss crap with you (your retarded) but you wont leave it alone. Case in point…I will sign off with simply – leave me alone you no talent retarded plagiarizing fat Potato Head – but that 3rd grader in you will push yourself to the front of the line – begging for more attention.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    .Hmmmm…. isn’t Double J already on the roster as the “set the edge” run stuffer, who can’t rush the passer? Didn’t realize we needed to add another guy who can’t sack the QB, instead of signing an upgrade to our super-thin secondary. I guess they are expecting the AFC to run the ball non-stop this year, and not pass the ball. Maybe I’m missing something… but, any defensive depth is good…, I think?

    • killerpj1

      JJ is a LB….Bannan’s a DT….good veteran depth

  • arnie

    You can never miss an opportunity to sign players that can help you win. besides, i like how they are sticking to staying young, and not committing to long term deals with players in the twilight of their careers. Adding a vet, gives young players more time to mature and leadership in the locker room.

  • Rob Base

    Boo that’s weak! Next

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Hahahaha… Now that was funny!!!!