DJ Fluker Struggling Out At Right Tackle

May 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle D.j. Fluker (76) runs during Chargers rookie minicamp at Chargers park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Acee went onto the airwaves this morning as a guest host on AM 1360 and had some insight on things happening at Chargers Park. One of the biggest things that stood out from his appearance were his comments on DJ Fluker.

Acee mentioned that Fluker is having his struggles and there is some people that believe that he would be a better guard. There was already some chatter like that before the draft and now it seems more and more like a possibility.

So now what?!

We keep evaluating and evaluating to see if he can be an NFL right tackle and if he cannot be that guy, then we might have to swallow our pride and make that move. Hopefully they figure it out sooner rather than later.

One of the articles in the morning dump mentioned this possibility already. Fluker would be moved to right guard, Max Starks would be the right tackle and King Dunlap would be the left tackle. Musical offensive linemen!

If Fluker moves to guard, it gives us one more reason to drop Clary onto the unemployment line. Unless we just move him back to right tackle…. but that would just be ridiculous.

Maybe that is why the Chargers have already talked to right tackles Winston Justice and Eric Winston in free agency? They could be options.

Fluker needs to erase all the talk of his struggles. We need the offensive line to step up this year and make things happen.

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  • MC Boltman

    Seriously? I want to stay positive…but if thats the case, then I´m not too sure if we call him a great first round pick…we drafted a second tier guard at 11?…hmmm – on the other hand, do we have to believe everything Kevin Acee is reporting? Not too sure bout that either…there´s only one thing I know: I´m confused…

    • RussinSactown

      Hey he has to write something to justify them paying him. I’m not trusting him.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      WaaaaaaaaAY to early to call him a “second tier guard”!!!!!!!!! Need to give him >= 1.5 yrs at RT & 1.5 at G to call a “2nd tier” G. I’m surprised at you MCB

      • MC Boltman

        Hey I meant, a second tier guard prospect in this year´s draft…I don´t think you can put him on the same level at guard as Cooper and Warmack – at this point! I´m talkin about the draft here! – thats why I said, we >drafted< a second tier guard (if he can´t play tackle). This doesn´t mean I think he can´t be a stud as time goes on.

  • kris

    Why woudnt we have Dunlap at RT and Starks at LT. Fluker at RG, Reinhardt at LG and cut Clary.

    • Ernie Padaon

      or that

    • Peter Thompson

      Wish I could give this multiple thumbs up!

  • RussinSactown

    Is this a real concern or is this Kevin Acee stirring the pot? Where are the sources? Anyone put their name to it or are we dealing with Mr Anonymous again? No one else is dropping this info out. I think Kevin needed to turn in an article to justify a paycheck and wrote this up.

    • shayaaa

      Possibly a bit of both…. I think when Ingram injured his knee, he was speeding rushing to the outside and got by Fluker with relative ease. It could be a re-occurring theme in practice?

    • tubbs45

      This is not just Acee… Larry English is able to speed rush him “regularly”. It maybe just rookie-itis, but I’ve seen twitter feeds from several that have stated the same info. But that doesn’t mean freak the fuck out and make drastic changes! We have options and time to work this out.

      • tubbs45

        Heat is on son—Step up your game!

        • Peter Thompson

          Where do you get this stuff? LMAO!!!!! You and Fitzwilly, I swear.

        • Ambitoos

          Step up or else.

      • bolted1

        Why can’t it be that English is finally acting like a #1 draft pick instead of flucker not

        • tubbs45

          The point is that they are BOTH 1st round draft picks…

    • Ambitoos

      Maybe he’s just adjusting to the speed of the NFL. Where did Acee get his information?

    • dan kane

      Watch Flukers’ college film. He was never considered a great pass protector. He’s got a rather slow setup and sometimes couldn’t get his body in front of the faster outside rushers trying instead to control them using only his long arms. NFL edge rushers are faster and don’t get pushed around as easily. All of this was known before the draft which is why there was talk that he might be better at guard. Will need to watch and see if he can work through it. Seems premature to call for a position change.

  • Guest

    Rotating Dunlap/Fluker for pass/run situations might be possible, but also a dead giveaway … There are several FA options still. Winston (who I do not trust), Justice… But MC Boltman hit it on the head: That is one expensive damn GUARD, sure hope it is just rookie struggles… shit.

  • philiprules

    A rookie tackle is struggling some in his first few practices?!!? I feel shocked Cotton.

    • Ernie Padaon

      struggle is one thing… “people” mentioning a position change already… not so good

      • Peter Thompson

        That worries me, quite honestly. I’m going to take a deep breath, and wait to see what happens.

      • tubbs45

        if the people mentioning the postion change are Acee, dont waste time worrying. If the people mentioning it are football people at the field, then proceed with worrying…

      • dan kane

        I believe this Acee talk about position switching originated on ESPN radio with Matt Williamson, which in turn was quoted in print by ESPN’s Bill Williamson, which in turn went back onto radio with Acee. Think that’s how it went…not certain.

  • Peter Thompson

    Let’s do the O-Line shuffle, everybody!!!! Get down witcho bad self!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    Would not surprise me if Acee is full of it…. However, this is a pretty stupid statement, if Fluker isn’t struggling. I think I read a couple of times that pass rushers were getting by Fluker.. isn’t that how Ingram got hurt.. on a play like that?

    • tubbs45

      Yep Ingram blew out his knee on a deep cut past fluker. The same has been true for English.

      • Peter Thompson

        Even if Fluker is that bad.. maybe we should keep him in, and see if Von Miller does the same thing Ingram did? Just a thought ; )

        • tubbs45

          hahahahaha! Interesting plan!

  • Alter Ego

    Thank god those of you calling to cut Clary are only in charge of their own Fantasy Football team – with an issue like this you would put yourself in AJ company only after a short couple of weeks on the job. While I am unchanged in believing that Fluker will be nothing short of fabulous… the sky isn’t falling based on one article…I’m comforted by the fact that Clary is a Charger and is a middle of the pack NFL graded ROT – who will be a better guard.
    Not sweating the Acee article whith our guys run around in shorts on a slow news week.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      I don’t know who graded Clary a “middle of the road rt”, but all I’ve seen him do in the middle of the road is being a traffic cop directing rushers to PR. I say
      leave Flukes in there and help with TE and rb. That’s a big reason we signed Phillips and Woodhead. If Clary’s not helping, cut or trade to AJ or Norv, sign RT (Winston or Winston) for depth or temporary starter, & sign G to start or depth. No worries, it will all work out, probably for the best. Just look at Freeney!!!

      • Alter Ego

        Pro Football Focus – long regarded as statistical giants in player performance – graded Clary as the # 14 best offensive RT last year. He performed better than 16 other starting NFL RT. So I would say thats middle of the road…much better than people know.

        • Peter Thompson

          It’s not even about his overall stats for me. Time & time again, we have seen him fail to block consistently, when it’s most important.. and we lose games because of it.

          • NativeSanDiegan


        • NativeSanDiegan

          Hi PAUL (we share the same first name so I’ll be patient with you). Don’t have much time, have to fly to Oahu for a medical procedure. This is the perfect example that you can manipulate statistics to support whatever you want. Now stay with me my young Boltling.
          I looked at ProFootball Focus for Clary in 2011 and he was ranked VERY LOW. I forget exact rank; 67 or 150 or something REALLY LOW. The reason his statistics improved so dramatically is because the left side of the o-line was so porous, (and having Vasquez next to him helped his side of the line compared to the left side) that pass rushers flew through the left side so fast they got the credit for the sacks, and the hurries and pressures because they got there first. As you know, PFF had our o-line ranked last. The ONLY reason Clary improved statistically is that the other side of the line was a sack of potatoes and an UFA rookie who was WAY out of his league. Think on this, meditate, ruminate, and sleep on it. Hopefully you’ll awaken the next day enlightened and, like the rest of us, see TRUTH. I really hope Clary will be good at RG but he doesn’t have a strong lower body base nor footwork. But TT and MM may see value in him and keep him around this year, but I don’t see him here much longer now that it’s already June. I better check on the Chargers. With my health distraction and this as a distraction from my health issues I’ve been distracted from the actual goings on.

          • Alter Ego

            Hey Paul – I forgive you because we have the same name. I have grandchildren and my pubes are grey – started attending SD games in 1972. I’ve graduated from young Boltling status seven presidents ago.

            I like your post however – but I’m sure that it won’t bother you that I disagree.

            I’m not the fan of Clary that my comments defending him lead people to believe. I have seen my share of stupid – the Chargers have lived their share of stupid – cutting Clary would be stupid. He is being payed the market price – this last off season has seen FA money take a dip. If we could restructure his contract or get him at a reduced rate -I’m all for that – most folks would probably feel better about him. Truth is, he is better than our other guys at RG – and his upside may be career changing. My opinion is based on what TT and Co are doing. ProFootball Focus does has him as the #14th best RT last year. All the hyperbole examples that you shared of his covered up play is subjective. I think this O line will be a maulin’ brawlin’ unit similar to the Steelers puch you in the face type unit from a couple years back and will also have fleet a foot finess offense that will compliment as a change of pace but deadly combination. Clary fits – I believe he will thrive – I believe it because I believe TT/MM/Whiz all believe it too.

          • NativeSanDiegan

            Well, from being an avid fan at Balboa Stadium where as a12 yr old I remember running about 4 ft to the side of Art Powell separated by only a short chainlink fence, nearly everyone on this site is a Boltling to me. BTW, that’s only my dry humor coming through in an endearing way. Besides, I should get some respect for my 5 decades of loyalty. Now I’ll ramble on (to prove my age-don’t need gray pubes to do that, and thankfully don’t’ have them). Back to cozy Balboa Stadium: I was able to keep up with Powell as it was near the end of the game, hot, he of course was weighed down by his heavy (it was heavy back then) gear, and he was near the end of a long bomb, and he was a big, solid receiver. It was great. I could hear his hard breathing, feel his cleats pounding the grass/ground(he was no Bambi). He sstretched out his hands and then then I screamed right as the ball was arriving and it went off his fingers. He looked over me and I just shrugged my shoulders and said “sorry”. I probably had nothing to do with that Raider missing that catch, but I liked to think I did. A once in a lifetime experience. So, Bolt-On. BTW, even if this draft didn’t start out the way TT would have envisioned his very first draft would go, he made the most of it, has dealt with making the roster younger and better, and energized and improved the entire organization, I’m totally behind him. This offseason has been very good, and I believe nextsseason will be excellent. Looking for how our young guys play and develop this year with real enthusiasm. (Hmm, Ernie, maybe you can forward this to “Charger Girl” and I can attend my first game since I took a van load of kids from the Boys Club I worked at.) Aloha

    • Peter Thompson

      I don’t even play fantasy… and the sky isn’t falling. It’s just something to keep an eye on during camp, in my opinion. As for Clary, I just think he sucks… lol. I base this argument on watching him suck on a regular basis, for a very long time. Middle of the pack players are what have gotten us middle of the pack results over the last 3 years. Getting a nod, and a pat on the back from some teamates for your effort in OTA’s doesn’t suddenly erase years of suckage, and make him a quality player. Could he be a good starter? Maybe… but, I don’t even think McCoy or Joe D have seen enough evidence yet to make that kind of statement. Why some of the fans are already annointing him as our starter is beyond me. I mean, poor McClain is on the free agent chopping block, because he was constantly asked to help Clary block, instead of doing the job he was hired to do. But, you know my position on this, so I will cut this short. #GoAmeteurCouchGM’s!!!

      • Alter Ego

        We agree to disagree. The O line graded out 29th worst. I’m not sure McClain was asked specifically to stay back and block for Clary as much as anyone else on the line. Last years unit was horrible to be sure…Clary was the #187 pick in the 6th round and in 2012 graded better than 18 (not 16 – mispoke earlier) other starting NFL ROTs. Has issues with edge rushers but is a mauler in the run game. RG will be a solid spot for him. I’m glad we have him – his versatality is that valuable and he is better than most already. With Fluker and Clary…I believe they will be a dominant combination.

  • djkhford

    Why would Max Starks be put at right tackle and King Dunlap at left tackle. That makes no sense to move Dunlap to left tackle when all I’ve heard for the last 2 months what a terrible thing it would be for him to be there. I’ll start to worry when Mike McCoy tells us we have something to worry about. Kevin Acee is starting to become a Debbie downer!

    • Peter Thompson

      Starting? LOL.. but, yeah.. agreed.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Starks is much better run blocker (which you want at RT)
      & King can still pass block enough (hopefully) at LT.

  • Patoriku

    Good thing we don’t have a New York media type circus here in San Diego. Although it is of some concern, it really isn’t until they start going full blast with pads. Let’s see what they can give us with pads, then shuffle if needed.

  • Jay Cee

    Please don’t let Fluker be a fluke…or a flop…..or a bust…..just learn to run and pass block!! ARRRGGGHHH

  • Rob Base

    Grab your O line partner and Dosey Doe
    So swing your partner ’round and ’round,
    Dosey the doe,
    Put one foot in and one foot out,
    Hokey the poke.

    • Peter Thompson


  • RussinSactown

    There’s a reason Kevin Acee isn’t a GM. And I’m guessing it’s because he doesn’t have the skill set to be one. Just smile and nod at him. Smile and nod. He’ll go away soon enough. Smile and nod…

  • FitzWilly

    Acee blows Goats for Nickels

    He’s wrong 90% of the time

    How that Fuck-Tard keeps his job, I’ll never know

    • Cgoodness13

      I have the Oddest boner right now lol jk

      • FitzWilly


    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      Ditto!! He needs to go get a job at a paper wherever AJ and Norf are at now and get out of SD…fucktard….

      • FitzWilly

        Maybe he can get a job at the “Cleveland Hell-Hole”

        paper. Cleveland’s oldest Newspaper

  • Gunnar Martin

    Everybody has those days.

    And sorry if I just got that idiotic song stuck in your head.

  • Cgoodness13

    Of course hes struggling, he’s going up against first round talent every play and he’s a rookie, English looks good whenever he’s on the field, freeney is….freeney, Johnson is one of the best run stoppers in the league, of course he’s going to struggle a bit, he’s only goin to get better as camp and preseason go on

  • Jason Jaime Black

    Let’s relax everyone and remember this is an Acee article, the AJ apologist. Fluker will be ok, it is way way too early to be down on this young man. It’s not like in these drills he is putting full hands on the defense.

  • MachoMenos

    Don’t really give a rat’s ass what Acee thinks. For years he tried to convince us that Clary was “The Man” at RT. If anything, him saying that Flucker is not cut out for the job means that he’ll be a perennial All Pro at the position. #InTelescoWeTrust

  • Rick

    Jesus, it’s OTA’s… Wait until the dude is wearing pads.

  • IrishCarBomb

    We Talkin’ Bout Practice?!?!?!?!?

  • Lee
  • C.Steele

    Yeah ok! “A position change”, “Struggling Mightily”. He hasn’t strapped a pad on yet, hit anyone, played in a preseason game (or full contact practice for that matter), but the sky is falling… Gimme a break. I know it’s early summer and it’s hard to find new things to report on, but I’d rather go several days with no articles then sheer nonsense. #GoBolts

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