Dec 2, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) calls the cadence before getting the snap from center Nick Hardwick (61) as running back Ryan Mathews (24) looks on against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers New Look O-Line

The number 1 priority in the offseason for Tom Telesco and the San Diego Chargers was to fix the offensive line issues that haunted us the last couple of seasons. Tom Telesco had to make sure that Philip Rivers would be able to stand comfortably in the pocket and toss the rock out to his receivers. It sure looks like Tom Telesco and have done a good job to get Philip a little more time. Now we will have to see how Philip responds.

The offensive line has some monstorous men holding down the tackle positions. DJ Fluker is a massive rookie, standing at 6-foot-5 330 pounds, on the right side of the line. Now we just brought in Max Starks to take hold of the left tackle position and he is 6-foot-8, 345 pounds. That is some meat on the end of that line.

On the inside we have Jeromey Clary sliding in from right tackle to take over the guard position and Chad Rinehart will be given the chance to be the starter at left guard. At center, we have Mr. Reliable Nick Hardwick holding it down.

Compare the line today against the line at the end of the year last season:

LT Max Starks > Mike Harris/Kevin Haslam
LG Chad Rinehart or a sack of potatoes > Tyronne Green
C Nick Hardwick = Nick Hardwick
RG Jeromey Clary < Louis Vasquez
RT DJ Fluker > Jeromey Clary

We needed to make upgrades and we did across the line and Tom made sure to bring in fresh talent at all positions. Jeromey Clary still has to adjust, but he could be just as good as Louis Vasquez.

For depth and versatility across the line, King Dunlap can play 4 positions on the line and Rich Ohrbberger can play guard or center. Mike Harris will be able to play tackle on either side and Brandyn Dombrowski can be moved all along the line.

All that meat up front should be able to bust a few holes open for Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead. The running backs need to become a threat on offense to give Philip even more help. Things on offense are looking up. Hopefully are Philip isn’t completely shell shocked and can put up those Pro Bowl numbers again.

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  • MC Boltman

    Hey you´re talkin´ about Jeromey Clary in the starting lineup at right guard? Well, we´ll see what happens in June and beyond. But saving money via cutting Clary sounds awfully good…:)

    • Ernie Padaon

      ha… you know how i feel about that. right now (and in this post), wasn’t going to hate on him too much.

      • tubbs45

        come on man….

        • Ernie Padaon

          hahaha…. everyone that has been here at all knows how i feel about that dude…. just avoided the banter back and forth for this one time…. im sure to go nuts on him some time soon tho

          • tubbs45

            Just being the antagonist!

          • Augie Baza

            Hey Clary has abilty. Big and strong. Not the quickest but there is a reason why he got paid. Mcoy sees something and Telesoce says he is impressed with the change. He amy be taking the job. Either way. This line compared to last year is outstanding,

          • tubbs45

            Augie, I totally agree this line is improved. With Clary I just think it is crazy money for big, strong and not athletic. He is (or was) the 15th highest paid lineman in the nfl. There are other cheaper options out there, e.g. Moore.

    • Peter Thompson

      !!!!! =)

  • tubbs45

    HAHAHAHA: “LG Chad Rinehart or a sack of potatoes > Tyronne Green”
    I likened him to a ham sandwich, but I like sack of potatoes!! Great write up. Cut Clary and pay for Moore… still cheaper and Moore>Clary!

    • Ernie Padaon

      and Moore > Vasquez

      • tubbs45

        Moore > Vasquez + Ham Sandwich

  • Pouta

    what, you’re already ruling out Johnnie Troutman ??

    • Ernie Padaon

      nope… not at all… he will be competing. dont think he will be a starter like others do, but he will be depth on the front line

      • Mark Viguri

        If Chargers keep him they Clary will be one of the most expensive Guards in the league at over $5.5 MIL. 250 lb guys push him around he will do worse against 300+ lb DTs. Chargers will cut him this summer.

    • Mark Viguri

      Troutman, Harris or Molk will be playing RG. All 3 are better than Clary and Chargers will pocket $2.3 MIL.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Rivers said on the news a couple of days ago–”feels like Christmas” or something to that effect when Starks was signed. He definitely is feeling good about it.

  • jamfed

    ah… I can sleep at night now! I’m sure Rivers can too

  • Daniel

    Cut clary and play Dunlap at guard!

    • Ernie Padaon

      Why not! Sounds good to me

    • Peter Thompson

      That’s what I said earlier. Can you imagine? Beastly.

    • Alter Ego

      Clary will be fantastic. That right side of the O line is gonna create an orgy of spilled blood. Actually, the entire line is going to be a punch in the face. Bunch of maulers. Don’t bleed on my field.

    • joerockt

      Yes to cutting Clary, no to playing Dunlap.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    It’s gonna kill me until we see all of the O-Line in full pads( as well as the rest of the team), full speed, Pre-Season mode….Until they really put these guys to the test we can only speculate…Once the real competition begins, we will have a better idea of what the OL will be capable of. I just wanna see these MFers run the hell over everybody….Frickin’ annihilate everyone in their path.

    A pass rush specialist isn’t gonna be all that when they’re too busy getting run over by some of our behemoths.

    I am really excited to see the competition between all the players at all the positions. May the best player start….I know we are all hyped as fans already, but would sure love to hear more on the secondary situation.

    I’m sure if the front 7 can create havoc, the secondary’s job will not be so hard. I hope Gilchrist or whomever our SS will be can clean some clocks of opposing team’s WRs. Will the season get here already!!??

    • Ernie Padaon

      Can’t get here fast enough

    • Peter Thompson

      Even if the big guys get overwhelmed by the speed rushers.. Put a smaller more athletic guy in.. Plug and play.

  • Ernie Padaon

    Im surprised nobody fought to say Clary > Vasquez

  • Willy D

    Does anyone else feel that Clary is going to play his butt off this year because he is in a contract year? This could be it for him…unless he wants to play another few seasons. He has the size, strength and mean streak, plus the guy isn’t that old. This year could be his last NFL audition for any team, not just the Chargers. I am going to gamble that he is going to study football and play the best he can for the Chargers and for his future. I hope it turns out for the better for the Chargers.

    • Ernie Padaon

      He has 2 more years still

    • Mark Viguri

      Only the media loves Clary, even with Vasquez next to him the Chargers were never able to run right. Little DE’s routinely bull rushed and pushed Clary back into Rivers. Green, Haslem, Gaither, gone, Telesco will make the right choice in June.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      He always gives maximum effort, just lacks talent. Especially not 15th best guard in league to match his 15th best salary. Maybe he’s versatile enough as backup if his salary is changed to the minimum, but I know we can do better

  • Mark Viguri

    Clary can’t stop edge rushers running past him or pushing him back into Rivers. Troutman will be the starter at RG not Clary who will be cut in June.

    • delamerica93

      won’t be any edge rushers against a RG, unless Fluker is really horrible

      • joerockt

        No, but there will be huge DT’s pushing Clary back into Rivers face, which was his point. Not sold on Clary at all at RG. Hopefully Troutman beats him out.


    Troutman will be starter.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Possibly not until training camp

  • NativeSanDiegan

    Smart move by MM to begin OTA’s in sliding Clary inside to RG. Clary will hopefully think his best shot at starting (& even just making the team) will be mentoring DJ. Clary must be smart and know every trick in the book for a RT because he certainly CANNOT Block. Hopefully DJ will learn a lot from him. Clary already works his tail off so what more can he do? MAYBE great coaching and great strength and conditioning coaching combined will make him a very good guard. Many pundits and fans extoll his strength. If he’s so strong WHY CAN’T HE STOP A SMALL OR BIG BULL-RUSHER? (Oh no, now I got started on Clary.) The only thing I can think of regarding his strength is that it’s not functional strength for his position, and the new coach may fix that (but I’m not holding my breath). At any rate Clary had to be considered as the #1rg going into OTA’s, but there will be competition and I don’t forsee Clary holding on the #1 spot. I definitely want to see Troutman getting a shot, but don’t see 2 rookies lining up on the same side (Troutman is basically a rookie). Now that we have Starks, I can see Troutman eventually becoming one of the top 5 OL, taking over LG (between 2 established veterans) and Rinehart competing for RG and then Clary leaving.

  • shoedog143

    Love what Da Boltz have done. Everything that Telesco has done makes perfect sense and if everyone stays healthy, there is NO reason that this team can’t compete. Hell, even last year with that line we had and Philip taking machine gun fire all day, they still were competitive in most every single game. Could have won even more. I can’t wait to see what they can do this year. Even the defense should be better, I mean I love Jammer but we’ve upgraded the corners and Pagano runs the best schemes we’ve had since Arnsparger…IMO…. Go Boltz!

  • OP Bolt

    Continuity, injuries, the future, and the business. I suspect the Chargers would like to stabilize the line as soon as possible to try and rebuild some semblance of continuity and communication. Players that are good enough, but that can communicate and work together is probably the goal at this point. They also need to be prepared for the inevitable injuries from camp thru the season (e.g., Ingram). They need to find out if the “new” guys (Molk, Troutman, Baxter, Becton) can step up next year (2014 is a BIG contract turnover year – on the OL I believe Starks, Hardwick, and Clary will be up). And finally, of course it is all about money. All of that is a long way of saying that unless there is another Ingram-like situation, where they absolutely need to clear cap space, I won’t be surprised to see them keep Clary, at least until they can see him in pads against competition in the pre-season. On the assumption that this management and coaching staff aren’t complete bozos, if he is the best guy, he stays and plays. If not, he is probably too expensive to be a backup.

    I believe the line should be measurably better today than at the end of last year, and I don’t think we will bring in any more OL players as there are too many bare spots at other positions. Now, if they could get another pass rushing demon, I can see Clary being sacrificed for that!

    • James P Derrick

      Like what you’re getting at! In today’s morning dump, SB Nation has an article in there about SDs OL…funny how they list the depth but don’t name Molk, Troutman, or Becton. I’m very excited to see who makes 1st string as well as the roster…. Training Camp, Pre-Season, and Regular Season can’t get here soon enough….GO Chargers!!!

  • joerockt

    I was just watching the highlights/lowlights of that first Denver game last year. Clary was getting destroyed by Dumervil mostly from bull rushing, some outside speed rushes, but mostly driving him back into Rivers face. He won’t do any better on the inside, much less with even bigger DT’s with more strength. Troutman had 31 reps on bench at the combine, Clary had 24, Dunlap had 21. Not a direct indicator of play, but you tell me who you would like at RG. Green who we all know sucked repped 22, Warmack and Cooper both did 35, fyi. Oh and Vasquez? 39.

    • Augie Baza

      Hey I will admit it. I was really hoping we would keep Vazquez. Just in case you don’t know or don’t understand he chose to sign with The Broncos……Let me instill that into your head. He is dead to us and no I don’t rember him really. Just like john Fillip or what ever his name is. What ever man crush you have with him. Or How you feel about it. It time to look at the mirror and just let go. He is a donkey now. STop thinking about the past and move one. So just focus on the Chargers. Go Chargers.

      • joerockt

        Its pretty funny that when I post facts, some people get really butt hurt over them. Augie, I have no idea what you’re trying to say regarding this “man crush” you think I have, but you completely missed my point, which was that we all knew Vasquez was a good OG and part of the reason for that was because he’s a strong dude with great upper body strength, which is very important for an OG. Clary and Dunlap do not posses this, thus are not good candidates for OG. Got it? And yea, go Chargers.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Brandon Moore…

      • joerockt

        Moore as an option?

  • john

    what about Troutman???

  • davacho

    i feel really good about our run game… even if mathews goes down with a broken somethingbone- woodhead can lay a block, get outside 5 yards and catch a dump off pass for a first down… or more. : )

  • RussinSactown

    Looking at this line as it’s shaping up I can see us having a power run game. One where the offense says three things:

    1. We’re running the ball

    2. You know we’re running the ball.

    3. You can’t stop us.
    Impose your will boys!