San Diego Chargers Sign LT Max Starks

Nov 25, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Max Starks (78) tries to protect quarterback Charlie Batch (16) against the rush of Cleveland Browns defensive end Frostee Rucker (92) in the fourth quarter at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Check out Max Starks avi right now on twitter and notice that it is a Chargers logo!!!!

That is a good sign, especially after the Chargers just released Kevin Haslam! That $555k must have come in real nice to get Max Starks signed. The deal hasn’t been announced and someone could have hacked Starks account, but it sure is looking pretty for the Chargers to have a new left tackle.

As I was writing this post, I see this confirmation:

The Chargers have a new left tackle! Good work Tom Telesco! Putting in work! Can we cut Clary now? Or on June 1?

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  • PakMaN

    I’m first in line to give TT a handjob.

    Seriously, fucking props to that guy. He has done a better job than ANY of us could have imagined.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Dude, I think you are winning “Comment of the Week”. Clapping!

      • RussinSactown

        Yeah, I don’t think any of us are going to top giving TT a hand job. Week’s over everyone!

    • RussinSactown

      Most people start with drinks first.

      • tubbs45

        hahahaha, yeah the hand job is going a bit far, but I will give you 110% for effort.

        • tubbs45

          Man it is nice to have options!!! TT for Pres.

          • Sergio Quintero

            Love the picture, awesome!!!

    • Ioane

      Wow bro, I’m just as excited as you, but not where I’m giving out hand jobs. Lol

      • PakMaN

        LOL, and here I am thinking I’m keeping it PG13 lol.

        I just hope someone happens to take a pic of Norv’s face when we make the playoffs this year. Stupid fuck face!

        • FitzWilly

          Norv is a handjob that went wrong :)

          • PakMaN

            So glad I don’t have to see that nasty ass neck on the side lines anymore.

          • FitzWilly

            Soooooooooooo glad Wrinkles got canned

          • FitzWilly

            Why Norf got fired

          • Peter Thompson


        • Nick in PB

          hahahahaha… PRICELESS!!!!

    • FitzWilly

      This news is definitely worth a good tug-job
      PLZ be gentle with “Little Tommy”

    • FitzWilly

      Don’t forget the lube

      • PakMaN

        I got KY on deck!

        • FitzWilly

          Atta Boy HV

          • PakMaN

            From the looks of it, by next years draft you’ll have to add an I to my initials lol

          • FitzWilly

            Like my Mom always says
            Don’t be a Fool
            Wrap your Tool
            and so far so good, knock on wood :)

          • PakMaN

            am I right ladies? ;)

          • FitzWilly

            Hard to argue with the Classic’s :)

          • Peter Thompson

            I miss your am I right ladies. What happened?

          • FitzWilly

            I didn’t want to over-do it and ruin a Classic
            I’m working on a few new ones :)

            Am I right………..

          • Peter Thompson


          • Peter Thompson

            Oh snap!

    • Julien Bélair


    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      Bro if TT is gonna get hooked up like that, everything’s gotta go SD’s way!!!

  • joerockt

    Thank you Jeebus. The season is looking better and better. Way to go TT!

  • blackroseMD1

    We got both Freeney and Starks?

    I think I just blacked out from happiness.

  • davacho

    what a steeler blogger had to say about starks before he signed with bolts:

    “Every time he’s been called upon, he’s been solid. Yes, he at times struggles with speed rushers, but for the most part he’s steady and reliable. Every time the teams’ OL woes kick in, a call was made to Mt. Starks and he came in and performed well.”

    no offense to dunlap- but nice to see positive remarks about one of our free agent acquisitions. : )

    • Stefanie Smith

      ahhhhhhhh- that is me exhaling. Yes, it is nice to see positive remarks about the man. Plus I feel that either McCoy saw it, Mr D of the o-line saw it, TT saw it or all of the above: that they need somebody else in there besides the King. Shows they are looking and not just dumping bodies in positions. (which is how AJ started to be like)

  • Gunnar Martin

    Well it’s about dang time!
    Thank you so @#%!ing much Tom!

  • Dion Chin

    All hail TT, bringing in Freeney and Starks! Can’t wait for this season to start even more now! #BOLTUP

  • JoseSD

    I hope now jammer gets a 1 year deal after June 1st Gaither money comes in id rather have Ghilchrist play CB with the lack of depth

    • MC Boltman

      Dude these are my thoughts exactly..get out of my head man!! :)

  • James P Derrick

    Like Madea says…HalleluyehR

  • tubbs45


    • Stefanie Smith

      Tubbs you are in the mix for runner up for “Comment of the Week”. Clapping.

  • Rob Base

    Telesco is a mother fucking OG!!!! Dude has mad skills!! Way gangster!!

  • FitzWilly

    Between Starks and first-round draft choice D.J. Fluker, the team has added 684 pounds of brute force to the tackle positions within the last month.

    Holy Fuck

    • Stefanie Smith

      One of the runner ups for “Comment of the Week.” Clapping.

  • Pels04

    Roller coaster of emotions the last few days. Ingram tears ACL , donzo for the year, depressed. Sign Dwight Freeney pretty damn happy. Now we get a starting LT in Starks!! Am i dreaming?!?

    • Pels04

      This song immediately popped into my head upon hearing this news.

      • FitzWilly

        Should come with a warning

        Please do not drink Milk while attempting
        to watch this Video

        Now I have to go change MY pants :)

      • tubbs45

        Sandberg is ridiculous, ‘Theres gonna be a clean up on Isle 5′

        • Pels04

          Haha. His jizz face is priceless

  • thegorn

    That’s a relief! Although he still is more RT material.

  • [email protected]

    I am super excited for this season! Thank you TT you are literally the best your showing what a real gm is all about!!

  • Gomie Reyes

    Team is coming together real nice about time we have real leaders making good picks to keep us competitive till future draft picks

  • tubbs45

    “Starks told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he has accepted a one-year contract offer. ” PFT
    Amazing to me that TT is bolstering up the team while still keeping us in order to make BIG moves next year!!!

    • TT_HandJobs

      Hell yeah sweet news. TT is crushing it so far!!! McCoy better follow his lead!

  • Cgoodness13

    I hope he’s staid in shape, seems like every one on this roster had been working hard.

  • Brian Smith

    So just my humble opinion but do you think at all signing Dwight first helped with Starks opinion of the team?? Just a thought on how TT makes decisions and that he is lookin wicked awesome right now.

    Go Bolts!!

  • Peter Thompson

    Yes!!!!! I love Tom Telesco!!! Its official. I’m buying him a two piece besties heart locket Tonight!!!!

    • Sergio Quintero

      Feel a whole lot better about this roster, then I did a week ago, the Oline while not great should be middle of the pack, and with that Rivers should be back to the 2008-11 Rivers.

      • Peter Thompson

        I am not counting my chickens before they have hatched. In a way, there are no more excuses for PR, if this O-line holds up. If it wasn’t a make or break year before, it DEFINITELY is now. I hope our boy can shake off those “ghosts” he’s been seeing, and make better decisions. I’ll be heartbroken if he was permanently damaged = /

        • Sergio Quintero

          The Oline was so bad, I didn’t know how to evaluate Rivers, he reached the point where he was dumping off to RB’s half the time just to keep himself alive.

          If the line plays well, then we’ll have a true measure on the psyche of Rivers, a whole lot of dink-dunk passes should do wonders for Rivers confidence & stats.

          • Peter Thompson

            I sure hope so. I have a ton of respect for that man!

  • Cgoodness13

    Other news, dean just announced that the chargers will not move to LA

  • Peter Thompson

    Meet your new Chargers, folks.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Cool signing, you guys do realize he was ranked 2 spots above Mike harris right? Dunlop actually out played him last year by quite a bit. How much can we sve by cutting Harris?

    • Sergio Quintero

      Starks is really hard to evaluate since Big Ben loves to extend plays, and sometimes he plays his way into sacks. I make no bones, that Starks is mediocre at best, but Harris was historically worst.

    • Ernie Padaon

      My blanks is back! Where have you been!

  • Sergio Quintero

    2nd easiest schedule, talent upgrade on offense, continuing development on defense, playoffs doesn’t sound like a dream anymore.

  • 619chargers4life

    and its all coming together!!!

  • Josh Leon

    Had i known the off season was going to be like this i would have waited on purchasing my 2013 Weddle jersey …. and got a damn Telesco jersey instead !

  • FitzWilly

    It’s not a Breakfast Cereal
    Close enough though :)

    • Ernie Padaon

      Hahaha… Saw that too

      • FitzWilly

        A healthy DoNut
        who knew :)
        You got your work cut out for you this week E-Dawg for COW

  • RZ

    Damn some of you cats need a girlfriend lol! But I would like to shake his hand and say “Good Job Bro”!!….that’s about it. ;-)

    • FitzWilly

      I would do that before High Voltage gets there :)

      • Peter Thompson

        You dirty pig!

        • FitzWilly

          Thank you sir
          finally a bit of respect :)

          • Peter Thompson

            Anytime FW… you, of all people, deserve it.

          • FitzWilly

            back at ya PT :)

  • sanford peisner

    Good job GM we got upgrade at tackle and Freeney now backup linebackers and depth at corner back.

  • jamfed

    Nearly a WHOLE NEW O-LINE! If they’re average, that’s a MAJOR upgrade!
    I still think the future is with Fluker, Harris, Troutman & Molk.

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