Sep 22, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle Jeromey Clary (66) on the bench during the third quarter against the Atlanta Falcons at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Areas of Concern

The long drought of Chargers football is starting to begin. I hate this time of year, but there is still work that has to be done by the team. There are still areas of concern that the Chargers will have to addreess before training camp starts up. Here are a list of areas that seem to have some depth issues:

Left Tackle.
The obvious area of concern that we have been talking about since the beginning. Max Starks is the best player available at this time and he has already come to town for a visit. Don’t know what the Chargers plan to do at the position, but King Dunlap is holding down the starting job right now. I guess it is King’s job to lose.

Offensive Guard.
I have concerns about Jeromey Clary playing at guard. Not everyone does, but I sure do. The position might be better for him, but none of us have seen it yet. He still hasn’t practiced the position with pads on and PLUS, his contract can free up some money to plug other areas of concern. If we do cut Clary, that means we trust a player like Johnnie Troutman. I am not as confident as others on Troutman to be given the starting job. He is a 5th round draft pick that has never played a snap in the NFL.

Talked about the depth at the position already yesterday. If one of the starters goes down, we will have to get a lot of good snaps from some rookies and undrafted free agents. That is a lot to ask for.

Defensive line.
The starters look good, but who is behind them and who is anchoring the middle at nose tackle? If one of the top youngsters go down, we have a undrafted rookie to hold down the middle or Jarius Wynn starting.

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  • tubbs45

    Yep they are all areas of concern for me too… I would add in LBer depth too! Both tackles and guards on the OLine are freakin me out. I am comforted to hear about Whiz’s plans to fire up the short game from a protection stand point.

  • James P Derrick

    Ernie, although Troutman was a 5th rounder, it was his injury that made him fall in the draft last year if I remember that right…. I would like to see them cut ties w ol’ Clary the former Left Tackle Fairy to free up $ to address those other positions… I’d like to see if Troutman is all the hype they say he’s supposed to be and use him if they can….sucks that until full go pads, we won’t know how good half these guys really are…

    • Ernie Padaon

      he wasnt going to go much higher without the injury… here are a couple of projections before injury was even known:

      Not sure where the injury made him slide down came from… but I would love to see a projection higher than 5th round for him

      • James P Derrick

        Yeah wasn’t sure…but all that hype drafting him knowing he was injured… I recall AJ & Co. were willing to wait for him to recover b/c he was something special….we will see once pads are on…glad Starks is enroute….ready to start making my payments for SundayTicket….super excited

        • thegorn

          AJ thought Mouton was special.

  • MC Boltman

    The cornerback position is definitely a concern. But I would add safety too…cause at this point, there´s no guarantee that Gilchrist will do well…he´s learning the position, nothing more nothing less..

    • Peter Thompson


  • JoseSD

    I don’t get where all your hate for Clary is coming from, if were talking at RT im with you but like you said we haven’t seen him at Guard so you can’t have a negative or positive view,in him yet. I get that money is the main reason but we take a cap hit if he’s released and as much as you like him, Brandon Moore isn’t much better than our current options. I know you have to take the reports with a grain of salt especially since Philip would never talk negative about a teammate. Failed tackles usually do better at Guard, Robert Gallery was able to be an above average guard after busting out with the Raiders at LT

    • Clary Blows

      The hate comes from watching game after, game after, fucking game of critical missed blocks, false starts and getting blown up into the RB… Face it, he is a back. Moore is WAY better, watch some film, not the game, but the film of him individually…

      • JoseSD

        like I said that was at Tackle, I’d like to at least see how he does at Guard before they even talk about releasing him which would count about 3.5 mil against the cap. And even though Moore is underrated he probably wants more money than the team could spend and guard isn’t really a high priority now. Starks, Rhinehart/Troutman, Hardwick, Clary ,Fluker sounds like a huge improvement over last years line

  • Watson13

    troutman would have been a second-third round pick had he not torn his pectoral before draft. he will be an upgrade from green no doubt. troutman and Reinhart will battle out for left guard, clary will handle the right gueard just fine. we give him shit for a bad few years at tackle but he is much more fit to play the inside over that outside edge taking on quick pass rushers. he is a bit flat footed so putting him at the guard will really help his game by asking him to take on bigger slower rushers. plus his knowledge of the tackle position is going to rub off immensely to our new beast of a right tackle. this line has the potential to be very competitive across the board we now have: Starks, Reinhart/Troutman, Hardwick, Clary, Fluker… Huge huge upgrade from last year. Phil will have time and multiple threats at reciever with brown healthy and the addition of Allen to an already big group of targets in Alexander and Floyd, i see no reason why this offense shouldn’t be nasty this year… that is if our running game can get going this year!

    • Ernie Padaon

      bring me one site that had a projection of 2nd round.

      • thegorn

        I agree w/ Ernie. If you compared DiCastro’s combine footage with Troutman, you would not be impressed with Troutman.

        IMO, Troutman should have been a UDFA if AJ had done his homework and found out about his torn pectoral muscle. AJ covered that up later.

      • Watson13

        thats all you got from my comment was Troutman? cant find you an article that is a year and a half old, nor did i say there was an article or sight holding that information. However leading up to the draft and after the draft Troutman was considered to be a steal to get in the 5th round, many analyst felt his talent deserved him to be in an earlier round, if healthy he would not have lasted that late. his stock went way up after his senior bowl. So if not for his injury there is no reason to assume he wouldn’t have been taken in the higher middle rounds. If there would have been a run on OL last year, like there was this year, he could have easily been picked up in the late 2nd or earlier 3rd round. there were plenty of skill positions that were drafted before the lineman started falling off of the board last year. not saying he is our savior but he is worthy of higher than a 5th rounder when healthy. Im saying his talent level and impact as a starter could be that of a 2-3rd round pick, not a 5th round bust like your making him out to be

        • Ernie Padaon

          i can give you more if you want…. here are some articles

          4th round at the highest… and PFW says 6th round… those are pre-injury and remember who made the pick. AJ Smith… same guy who selected Jonas Mouton in the 2nd round.

          and why would Clary be any better at dealing with a bull rush at guard? The linemen are bigger there and will put him on roller skates even more… holding and false starts still happen from that position and he is aweomse at those… also, his concrete boots will not help anywhere on trap plays or getting out in space to open up holes in the running game.

          • Watson13

            ok a 4th round “projection” what does that have to do with his talent level. i watch more college football than anyone i know, the guy had no problem stuffing his competition. Aj also thought buster davis and larry english were first round stars, so your assuming his judgement of a 5th round lineman is spot on? Aj got lucky he fell to him, couldn’t contribute last year and now has a healthy start, wait and see him play before you call this guy buster davis already. And yes ive read about Clay’s concrete boots on UT sports too, as well as seen him take plenty of false starts. regardless he is still 6’5″ 330 pounds and is a workout warrior. if we are asking him to bulk up to take on bigger bodies that is much easier of a transition than having to deal with the outside speed rush. will he be sluggish on trap plays and sweeps… possibly, but i ask you is our running game strong to begin with? we are switching to zone blocking, brought in Reinhart for that exact reason, if Clary cant get the job done pulling then we don’t call his name to pull. he will get the job done in pass blocking, good luck getting by a 6’5 330 guard and his twin tower tackle next to him. drive blocking and sealing that right side will not be an issue

          • Watson13

            Aj was a poor scout of talent for 1-2 rounders, however he did a few things right when it came to find late round and un-drafted gems

          • Ernie Padaon

            I will just agree to disagree… We will find out what happens. If clary kills it, I won’t be afraid to eat my words

          • JoseSD

            Sorry Ernie I gotta go against you on this one, it’s never been bull rushers that victimized Clary it was speed rushers. Clary doesn’t lack strength its his lack of quickness off the line that had him victimized by guys like Von Miller. They’re aren’t many interior linemen that get a lot of sacks other than Suh and Denver and KC run a 3-4 but who knows about KC’s plans this year and Oakland’s 4-3 lost its best player Richard Seymour. As a guard he won’t have to be off balance kicking backwards like he was at RT so he won’t be pushed around as much. going up against more 3-4s in the division he’ll get help taking on nose tackles with Hardwick or rather he’s gonna help Nick block NTs. Let’s see how minicamp goes before you completely write him off. Though I’ve hated him for so long i’m willing to see him get a shot at guard. And as for Troutman I don’t remember the exact stats but I think it was something like 0 sacks and false starts and only 1 holding penalty against him as a 3 or 4 year starter at Penn state. with the little cap space left now that Freeny and Starks are hear I’d rather Troutman and Rhinehart battle it out than them sign your newest man crush Brandon Moore

    • Not

      2-3rd ahahaha 4th was the highest rating from ANY media outlets, not saying that they are right, but thats at least a round to high AT BEST.

  • PakMaN

    After seeing whats been going on with the bolts recently I am now finally (for the first time in a long time) at ease with personnel decisions. I fully trust TT will get the right guys, and MM will demand the very best out of them.

    TT fixed one of your concerns before the day even ended lol.

    • Ernie Padaon

      He sure did… Maybe I write again tomorrow about a corner or safety.. Haha

      • Peter Thompson

        What makes you think he hasn’t fixed the safety spot temporarily? Moving Gilchrist to safety was something nobody really thought about. Was that an outside the box move that cats like you and I can’t fathom? It looks like he has faith in Taylor. Do you bring in a Woodson? I think Stiuckey & Gilly can hold it down until Taylor comes back. We don’t play Denver until week 10 ; )