Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders wide receiver Rod Streater (80) makes a catch while defended by San Diego Chargers cornerback Quentin Jammer (23) during the fourth quarter at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Quentin Jammer Wants To Be Back With Chargers

Quentin Jammer wants to stay in San Diego. I love that about him! He knows where home is and he wants to ride off into the sunset with his only jersey in the NFL to have lightning bolts on the shoulders.

I love Jammer for the fact that he goes all out and gives everything he can. I love that he is physical and is one of the best tacklers at his position. He will play through a busted arm and wo’t complain. Sadly, Jammer is not a good corner. But that doesn’t mean that he cannot help the Chargers.

The Chargers have very little depth around the defensive side of the football. If Marcus Gilchrist is going to move over to safety, then look at the depth at corner after the two starters:

Derek Cox
Shareece Wright

Steve Williams
Greg Gatson
Johnny Patrick
Cornelius Brown
Kenny Okoro
Josh Johnson
Marcus Cromartie

Holy Shnikes!! That is one scary list of corners on defense. And scary in the bad way. Cox and Wright have to avoid injuries all season or one of those guys are going to see more action than they should.

Jammer could be nice depth, but the Chargers will likely be on the hunt for another corner through the waiver wire. Once June 1 hits, teams will be letting some good players go and the Chargers will have to keep eyes open. Our depth is scary!

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  • MC Boltman

    Well, I made already a case for Jammer here on boltbeat, as SS though. Even as SS, he could be some kind of “CB insurance” if the starters go down. Some vet presence on such a young defense could be a nice thing too – although Freeney is in town. And he only missed 2 games since 2003!! On such an injury-prone roster (Cox and Wright both missed some games last year due to injuries), this could be gold.
    But I´d rather watch him as SS than at CB…but if Gilchrist really makes the move to SS, then we need more quality depth there. Cap space is limited but Jammer definitely could come in cheap…we´ll see, maybe some solid DBs will become free agents within the next few weeks…but CB depth is needed.

  • PakMaN

    Do all of our veterans need to go the Donkeys? Come on… sign the man!

    • Peter Thompson

      Let him go… He’s not really that much of a threat.

      • PakMaN


        Please refer to my comments in the “Morning Dump”.

        • Peter Thompson

          Great thoughts, HV! I totally understand where you are coming from. I like loyal Chargers too.. we all do.

          Personally, I think that kind of culture left with AJ Smith, and we should let it die. Tom Telesco has had to make some tough decisions, and let some good players go over salary cap issues. That’s not the same thing as being a stubborn old mule, and letting all of your pro-bowlers walk out the door… giving them the finger as they leave.

          TT has already said he is going for youth, versatility, and speed. Unfortunately, Jammer is none of these things. As much as I like Jammer as a man, and a loyal player… his best days are behind him. If he wouldn’t be offended by a modest contract, and taking a major back seat to the up & coming rookies, then yes… sign him. However, if we keep him, and he expects to be in the #2, #3, or #4 slot.. then he will be taking precious snaps away from players like Shareece Wright, Steve Williams, and Marcus Gilchrist, who will be put back in rotation when Taylor comes back. Sooner or later we HAVE to get these kids some decent game-time experience. We can’t keep putting veterans in, and letting these talented youngsters ride the pine (That’s why Norv isn’t our head coach anymore).

          Not to mention, what if the UDFA rookie CB’s show promise? Are we going to give Jammer a spot over them, and let them fight for a practice squad position, when they may be a good player in the future? All of this, just so Jammer can retire a bolt? As much as I like Jammer’s attitude, and him as a person… he just isn’t that good of a corner anymore. There are probably better options coming onto the market soon for a similar price. This team is in too bad of shape to make decisions based on warm fuzzy feelings, unfortuantely. If we were closer to a title (or even a wild card spot), and had an established secondary… it might be different. As for safety.. the guy hasn’t played a snap at safety since in well over a decade. Are we going to train Jammer to play this spot, when his days are numbered? Or, are we going to train somebody like Gilchrist who is younger, quicker, and will return to the starting CB line-up? Not to mention, he will be on the team for the unforseeable future, and can fill in if Taylor ever goes down again. This is why I believe TT has Gilchrist playing safety, and appears to be moving in that direction for the regular season. I am bummed the guy can’t retire a Charger.. but, it’s necessary for us to move in another direction, under the circumstances.

          • PakMaN

            “If he wouldn’t be offended by a modest contract, and taking a major back
            seat to the up & coming rookies, then yes… sign him”

            This is where I stopped, because he has indicated he would do both in order to remain a Charger. The guy is not stubborn, he knows exactly where he is in his career. I understand what a shitty position TT is in with the salary cap, and roster.

            IMO He should have done this with SP95 as well. Cut fucking royal, and reduce Clary’s salary. Don’t get rid of the vets who are on their their last season to retire. Just a shitty situation overall.. sigh.

          • PakMaN

            Who do you think is going to share that enthusiasm of what being a Charger is all about? These Vets who have pretty much dedicated 10+ years of their life to this team or these raider wearing rookies? Come on, you have to take care of your family. You always need that core in order to succeed in the long run(look at the Spurs).

            Once this current generation of team is done, I am looking forward to Butler, T’eo, Fluker, and whoever our future QB is to continue to carry this flame.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Another 5 stars. You were able to state what I have been trying to express.. I just sound like I am crabby. 100% I resist the idea of dumping out our vets who have given their entire career to the Chargers. They should be retiring here and be treated with respect–not thrown out.

          • Peter Thompson

            No worries. It’s been my experience that Jammer is one of the most polarizing Chargers there is… next to Ryan Mathews, maybe. People have totally different opinions on him. Either way, I am looking forward to the new Charger era.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Another 5 stars.

  • Ernie Padaon

    Honestly…. Jammer can sign on with anyone, even a rival…. i am more worried about our depth at the position. If Jammer signs with the Broncos, then we just throw deep on him all day.

    • Peter Thompson

      This is true.

  • Rob Base

    I would be nice if Bolts wrenched out a deal with him at SS. He’s healthy and reliable insurance for CB spot also. I hope he doesn’t sign with the Donkies that would make me ill.

  • arnie

    Ernie, are you going on the assumption that jammer wants to come back and play CB? then i can see why they wouldn’t want to sign him. However Jammer has been on record to moving over the SS position. And in that case, it makes sense to sign him. Having a vet like Jammer in the middle, free’s Weddle to go ball hawking, and Jammer knows when to give help over the top, when a young CB gets beat. all that while you give the young guys a chance to develop.

    • Ernie Padaon

      if we sign Jammer to be a backup at safety to compete for that spot, then that is fine, but I probably would rather re-sign Corey Lynch for that role….

      I like the idea of using Gilchrist at safety and think that move makes sense while Brandon Taylor is getting back to health. When Taylor is back to health, then there is depth there.

      There probably will be better options at safety or corner than having Jammer. I like Jam, but think his time is up.

      • Peter Thompson

        My sentiments exactly. Not like it’s a big secret. Been pretty vocal about this for at least 2 1/2 years. If he wants to play for peanuts, and be like.. the 4th or 5th option so that other guys can develop.. fine. But, I think it would be less insulting to just let him walk.

      • Guest

        But do you think its really that easy to make the whole offseason work as safety, to concentrate solely on this position and then when Taylor comes back he should be able to be a starter at CB? (would be necessary if Cox or Wright go down). Gilchrist hasn´t played that many games on the outside…and with a complete offseason work as safety, I´m not too sure he´s able to be a legit starter at outside CB…just my thoughts/concerns

  • tubbs45

    I do like the Jam-man. more depth at SS/CB and retire as a bolt…seems to be a win-win if the cost is low. I have heard several rumor aout standford routte meetings with the bolts staff, off site…

  • Stefanie Smith

    Pay him.. reasonable. He is part of the family. Let’s get rid of the AJ mentality of throwing our players that have been with us their entire career out the door. He should retire here.

    He has also done tons of good work for this community. Like I said, he is part of the family and gave us all he had for his entire career. Using them up, then throwing them out just to cater to a bunch of strangers –not right.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Anybody would want to come back to play with the Chargers ;)

  • RussinSactown

    Bring him home at a reasonable rate. He can be depth or he can compete at the SS position.

  • Sergio Quintero

    TT has no ties to Jammer, there is no nostalgic affection towards him. He’s a below average player, who’s declining.
    The only way I would bring him back, is if Gilchrist/Taylor are horrible at S, and by the time you figure that out Jammer would have already signed a deal with the redskins.

    • Stefanie Smith

      TT actually has no real ties to the Chargers. This is his new job, which is about it. He doesn’t own the team, he merely works for the Chargers. When he gets a love or a bond with the team, the City and its fans, THEN it will be his team. Presently, he is simply employed by the Spanos family.