May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle King Dunlap (77) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

What About the Chargers Left Tackle Position?

People are worried about the left tackle spot now. We spent all our cap space money on Dwight Freeney and don’t have anything left in the purse for a left tackle or any other position on the roster… And I have my own thoughts on some positions that need to be beefed up.

What are we to do now? Just roll with the punches and play with the roster we have?

We need to cut more fat. Players like Eddie Royal, LeRon McClain, Jeromey Clary and Charlie Whtehurst are eating up valuable cap space. Releasing them off the roster now could give some relieve and waiting to release them after June 1 would open up even more room under the cap. If we release Clary and Royal on that date, we could free up nearly $7M…. via my own calculations and could possibly be wrong, but I am pretty sure it is something close to that.

That extra dough could definitely bring in vets for the o-line or for whatever other depth issues we need to fill. Waiting till June 1 will also let us see what players around the league get the axe and we can try and pickoff some vets from there. Things are still moving. Another good player could become available.

We have a few players that we can cut ties with that will free up some room for us. There is time to get a Max Starks. He doesn’t look like he is in any rush to sign a deal anyway.

I believe that King Dunlap will not be starting at left tackle to start out the year and that Jeromey Clary has seen his last game as a Charger. It just makes a ton of sense. At least it makes sense to me. We have a little wiggle room and we know Tom Telesco wants to win immediately after going hard after Freeney.

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  • tubbs45

    Wiggle room is right! We need to cut ties with non-productive players and keep brining in or re-negotiating sensible, affordable contracts. We needs plays not just depth bench warmers…

    • Peter Thompson


  • Peter Thompson

    They can borrow my blind side protector. Just sayin.

    • Peter Thompson

      I warn you, he sometimes gets caught sleeping, as seen here. But when he’s awake, he’s a beast!!!!

      • FitzWilly


    • Cgoodness13

      Well I guess….the cats out of the bag….lame I know but I worked 5 minutes on it!!!!!!

      • Peter Thompson

        lol… pretty campy.. but, I’ll take it!

      • FitzWilly


        Look what the Cat dragged in =^.^=

        • Peter Thompson

          Love me some Poison ; )

    • tubbs45

      I think we may have found our newest pass rusher!!!

      • FitzWilly

        They’ll never see him coming

    • OGsnakes1322

      He looks like a big bruiser….lol

      • Peter Thompson

        He is… especially when he takes a swipe at my face in the morning to wake me up.. lol.

  • brian riley

    With clary at guard I think he’s gonna stay

    • Rob Base


  • Boltzz

    We already get some money because we released Gaithers so if we release just one of them it’ll b fine
    Freeney was the right signed and Dunlop is underrated

    • Sergio Quintero

      They get 4.5 million of their cap in June 1, so 4.5 million should be enough to get Starks on the roster. They should cut Royal, McClain, & get Clary on a massive pay cut, just to play it safe.

      • boltingindiego

        i don’t agree with the mcclain cut. i don’t trust gronk as the starter. plus norv under utilized leron last year mostly using mcmichael instead.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Keep him under a pay cut, in general all FB seem to be replaced by TE’s now. I expect Phillips to get most of the snaps that could go to McClain, if he accepts a pay cut then go ahead and keep him.

      • OGsnakes1322

        I think we shoud keep McClain we need a big fullback.
        Hes a bruiser…

  • Sergio Quintero

    Man I leave for a couple of weeks because of work, and what drama, Ingram hurt, Freeney signed, Starks in the wind. Who said the offseason is boring.

    • Peter Thompson

      I was wondering where you were. Welcome back.. and enjoy.. lot’s to catch up on!

      • Sergio Quintero

        Thanks for the welcome back Pete, I would feel a whole lot better if the chargers can get Starks signed up, I’m sure June 1st will be key for that topic.
        Larry English buddy this is it, time to prove you can stay healthy and play, no better chance, you are going to play.

  • Rob Base

    Cut Clary T’s are now available at Wal Mart. Be sure to pick 1 up at your local store.
    Thanks Bolts Fans

    • Peter Thompson

      On my way there now to buy a different colored one for everyday of the week.

    • Ernie Padaon


    • Ernie Padaon

      Dang it Rob!!! Getting these up by Monday!

      • Rob Base

        Haha nice!

  • Rob Base

    We don’t land a LT then hope Nick Becton is a mother truckin stud. Cause is not folks we are in for long year!

  • joerockt

    Yea those 4 guys you mentioned need to go, no question. The LT issue still needs to be addressed as well. Can’t leave Phillip hanging in the wind. And, if they don’t and he has another crappy year, are we going to blame the protection again or really put it on Phillip this time? We cannot have 49 sacks again, but we also cannot have passes thrown directly to players with a different uniform.

  • Gunnar Martin

    The King will have to do this year. We can address that position in the first round in next year’s draft.

  • Charlie Duddy

    Lets see how Clary will do at right guard before we get rid of him.

    • Rob Base

      Syke cut him now!

  • David Mederos

    McClain and Clary need to stay with Bolts on their shoulders. Clary brings continuity to the line and would do good at right gaurd. McClain is our bruiser back wich will come in handy. Telescope has this handled already. If anything Royal needs to go and Keenan Allen needs to never (I mean NEVER!) put on a Raider hat again! Word is Bolt!

    • OGsnakes1322

      I wont be buying Keenan Allen jersey!!!!
      He is lucky we pick him up!!!!

  • Brandon Rios

    Can Clary take a pay cut instead of getting cut?

  • Alter Ego

    My perspective is completely opposite of yours Ernie in regards to Clary. He is our starting RG at the moment (starter. Meaning better than the rest), If Fluker goes down he becomes our starting RT. If King has issues…he probably is our RT then too. Clary graded out middle of the pack for NFL RTs last year. We keep him.
    Best scenario IMO is that TT restructures Rivers & Weddle’s contracts so that we still can go after Starks or whoever comes available that upgrades us.
    I believe that the brass has the $ thing figured out already though.
    What an exciting offseason in any event.

  • Ioane

    Cutting Clary creates another hole on the line. Cut Royal, Dombrowski, McClain instead.

  • sanford peisner

    While I’m not excited about defensive end attempting to play linebacker, that s a done deal.I just pray Ted in the red Telsco finds a way to keep Rivers upright. With current left tackles it’s gonna be a long season. Of course maybe Becton un drafted is a future hall of famer.

  • aaron nisula

    Keep Clary and cut Ernie Padaon!

    • RussinSactown

      Dang, what did Ernie do?

      • DougM

        Ernie has claimed to be the Chargers’ jinx, since they’ve sucked for all 3 years that he’s been on board at BoltBeat.

  • 1961 Fan

    The LT position is a problem,however a bigger problem is teaching the Bolts new draft choices who they play for: Keenan Allen new WR draft choice was caught wearing a Raiders cap in public.Good way to start your career Keenan!

  • OGsnakes1322

    I wont be buying any Keenan Allen jersey for wearing raider shit!!!!!