Aug 12, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapols Colts defensive ends Dwight Freeney (93) and Robert Mathis (98) all smiles as they sit on the bench celebrating the Colts first touchdown during a game against the St. Louis Rams at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Which is the bigger need right now: Dwight Freeney or Max Starks?

Now what is the Chargers biggest priority in the offseason? Would it be to sign Max Starks or would it be to sign Dwight Freeney?

The Chargers already had questions marks rushing the passer and now the guy that we had the most stock into to get after the quarterbacks is down with a tore ACL. That is all kinds of bad! Behind Melvin is awesome Larry boy and there is not much after that. Who is going to put pressure on the quarterback? Our biggest threat is Larry English!!!!

Adding Dwight Freeney to the roster could give the team a much more respected pass rusher onto the defense. Freeney could demand some double teams and could make other guys on the roster better. Adding Freeney would allow Tourek Williams or Larry English to sub in for Jarret Johnson during passing downs and would at least give the Chargers some ability to chase after quarterbacks.

Is Max Starks that much of a difference over having King Dunlap on the left side of the line? We are going to a much more quick passing attack which will already keep Philip standing a little bit longer. Will Max Starks really matter that much?

Which one is a bigger need right now: Dwight Freeney or Max Starks?

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  • davacho

    are we saying that starks is a bigger upgrade for king than freeney would be for english? i say defense purely because without a pass rush, we lose games. i am hoping and praying that the opportunity for players results in productivity… rally time. : )

  • [email protected]

    Dwight freeney!!!!!!:)

  • MC Boltman

    Well, we got more depth at LT than at OLB + Starks isn´t that much of an upgrade over Dunlap as Freeney is over English….so Freeney

    • Peter Thompson

      Not such a bad idea for Freeney to wait to sign with a team after all, eh? That makes me really scared for the Chargers pocket book.

      • MC Boltman

        Ugh! Yeah right…he got options…the Chargers not :(

        • tubbs45

          just keep trying to convince myself to have faith in TT… it is getting almost laughable though, seriously how many rabbits can one dude pull out of a hat in one season!! replace picture with other manning brother!!!

  • MC Boltman

    But TT: can we have both? Eddie Royal, Jeromey Clary and Whitehurst seem to be expendable (although Clary seems to be a nice option at RG, but he´s a $5.7 million cap hit, i.e. he´s overpaid)

    • arnie

      Agreed. But do you mean clary is overpaid as a player, or because of his play? If clary can take the sting away of losing vasquez, then he’s a bargain. White hurst isn’t going anywhere. I’ll stick with royal, and add dombrowski to the list.

      • MC Boltman

        Yeah, if we get Starks then Mike Harris can move over again to right tackle (backup) and thus Dombrowski could be shown the door…would save bout $1.2 million. I know Whitehurst won´t go anywhere, but I listed him as it could be a nice possibility to free up some cap space. Well, but I don´t agree with Eddie Royal – I don´t need him…he is expendable. And Clary is overpaid mainly cause of his play. If he really would be a stud at RG, then ok…give him that money…but I doubt that he could be that consistently. Btw: Andy Levitre is a $4.6 million cap hit in 2013 (but lot more in 2014 to be fair).

        • arnie

          No, I meant I sticking with keeping royal on your release list…
          Sorry I didn’t make that clear.

          • Peter Thompson

            Phew… you had me a little worried there… lol!

    • tubbs45

      does Ingrams money come off the books as a pre-season, pre-June 1 IR player?

      • arnie


        • tubbs45

          that just aint right…

  • Cgoodness13

    Neither, 4-3. We are a defensive team now, most defensive teams go 4-3. Love the 3-4 but 4-3 would be way easier on the cap

    • arnie

      Neither is not an option. The Chargers have to much invested in a 3-4 system.

      • Cgoodness13

        Ingram was the only investment worth keeping, the rest were bad investments (English). Time to bail out and invest Into something new.

        • tubbs45

          Reyes, thomas, and Leguit are an investment in a system. but you also spend time developing a defensive plan during the off season. one that you are comfortable with running. you draft off that plan. it is all an investment. still bummed barnes is gone… wonder if we are even considering bringing williams or Siler back?

    • tubbs45

      not without dumping pagano… he is not a 4-3 guy, hybrid 3-4 maybe…

      • Cgoodness13

        Any d-coordinator in the nfl can run either. They wouldn’t be in the nfl if they couldn’t..

        • tubbs45

          it is not an issue of can.

          • Cgoodness13

            It’s if McCoy wants to then? It’s not paganos choice anyways it’s mccoys. But from what I’ve been reading, researching, watching, etc English looks like a beast. So keep the 3-4 if he is.

          • tubbs45

            I had no problem with the pick at the time… his film is impressive. Everyone on the team (at least the line backers) have said English is seriously fast, strong, and a great motor. I just dont see Pagano switching to a 4-3, even though we have the big guys to make up the D Line. At this point I wont mind what ever style defense we end up with if it works. Pagano has made a 3-4 work everywhere he’s been. it’s like switching from a stick shift to an automatic, they both drive but is that really what your comfortable with?

      • Nick in PB

        We are forgetting the fact that you need more big men to run the 4-3. Then our entire front seven will have to learn new positions. There seems to be a lot more LB type guys out there (in general) than DT/DE type guys. I’ll stick with trying to get Freeney and if not, wait and see what shakes out as the pre season goes along. Again, when we picked up Barnes, wasn’t he was an unsigned FA even after the season started?

  • RZ


  • Ioane

    We have Dunlap, Haslam, Harris and Benton. Not the biggest names, but a better and more experienced unit than of last years.

    With Ingram hurt, we are now looking at Englsh, Johnson, Williams, Gamble and a bunch of UDFA’s to step up. If our pass rush was bad last year it’s down right awful now and the season hasn’t even started yet.

    So to answer your question: YES, Freeney is more important than Starks at this point.

    We need to generate a pass rush so we don’t get torched by opposing QB’s.

  • arnie

    I’ll keep It simple. Freeney. The Chargers already have enough talent, an depth, to do a more than capable job at LT. I see Starks as insurance, which may lead to why the Chargers have been hesitant, to pull the trigger on vet LT. I simply believe they like what they have in camp.

    • joerockt

      Starks isn’t insurance. He would start over Dunlap. They don’t like what they have in camp and now they’re struggling to find a true starter. Dunlap isn’t a starter.

      • Stefanie Smith

        You are right, Joe. Obviously, TT and McCoy aren’t exactly bowled over with what they have in camp or they wouldn’t be looking at others.

  • Peter Thompson

    The biggest need right now is a bottle of jumbo Extra Strength Tylenol… possibly PM. I’ll think on it, and get back to you.

    • Peter Thompson

      Strike that… reverse it.. if I go with the PM, I probably won’t get back to you.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Yeah. I imagine that TT and McCoy are having a huge Maalox moment today.

  • Peter Thompson

    A big part of being a good GM is to overcome adversity. I can sit back and say “We need this guy” or “We should get that guy”. The truth is that I am speculating what the biggest need is, where Telesco & McCoy are witnessing it at practice. They will make the best assesment based on what’s in front of them. From a distance.. and I hate to say it, because Philip may need more help than Dunlap.. it has to be Freeney now. You can’t compete against Denver (or a lot of teams) without a pass rush. English is not the #1 guy. He has shown that already.

  • Jonah Lee

    T-squared needs to text Shaun Phillips to do a horrible job during training camp and pre-season in Denver so they cut him and comes back to the Chargers where he belongs!!

    • Ernie Padaon

      good with that

  • Will

    Both are huge but Starks is a bigger priority. But if the chargers have any chance of being good, they have to get both. There’s no way around it

  • Rob Base

    I say go with Freeney. It’s a must for the defense. Without a solid pass rushing presence our Bolts will lose games. I can’t handle any more stress I’m getting to much gray hair.

  • ioane

    Michael Gehlken ‏@UTgehlken1h

    Dwight Freeney takes physical, will continue Chargers visit on Thursday:

    Well that looks like a good sign that he will be a Chargers.

    Let’s remember, Freeney hasn’t had a lot of options. He’s been on the market for a while now and most teams have already filled there need at DE or pass rush, or Freeney would of signed by now with someone.

    I’m sure Freeney is at the point where he realizes that his market is very slim and that he will sign with a team thats really interested in bringing him in.

    I bet his price has gone down and I bet TT will sign him to a very reasonable and affordable deal.

    Freeney should know that he has at least 2-3 years left in him before he becomes a back up or retired.

  • sanford peisner

    If Rivers doesn’t have protection from LT it is 3 and out. Doesn’t matter who plays defense.Give Rivers time and lots of long clock eating drives will happen. Freeney has been a great player as DE not LB. We need starting left tackle more.

  • 1961 Fan

    ” Biggest threat Larry English” you are funny, Larry English can’t get out of his own way. Another first round bust by that genius GM A. J. Smith, yuk, yuk, yuk!

  • OP Bolt

    Which do we need more?
    For an outsider’s perspective – check out Evan Silva’s Offensive Line Projections for 2013@
    “32. San Diego Chargers (2)

    2012 Run Block Rankings: 28, 23
    2012 Pass Block Rankings: 29, 32

    LT: King Dunlap*
    LG: Chad Rinehart*
    C: Nick Hardwick
    RG: Jeromey Clary
    RT: D.J. Fluker*
    Super Sub: G/T Johnnie Troutman

    The Chargers are a good sleeper for the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL
    draft because they can’t protect their quarterback, and can’t rush other
    teams’ quarterbacks. GM Tom Telesco’s first season is going to be a
    long one. Both projected starting tackles are heavy-footed waist benders
    who will get destroyed by Von Miller, Justin Houston, and Tamba Hali in the AFC West. The Chargers openly confirmed their concern in Dunlap by flirting with Bryant McKinnie and Max Starks.
    Hardwick, entering his age-32 season, graded out 31st-of-36 centers in
    Pro Football Focus’ 2012 ratings. The club has moved annual
    pass-protection sieve Clary from right tackle to guard and will pray he
    plays better there. Journeyman Rinehart is on his third NFL team in six
    seasons. He’ll compete with Troutman at left guard. The 2012 Chargers
    ranked 31st in yards-per-carry average (3.55) and coughed up the fourth
    most sacks in the NFL (49). Philip Rivers has absorbed hits to the point that he now sees ghosts in the pocket. Expect more of the same in 2013.”