November 8, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Dwight Freeney (93) during the second quarter against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Will Be Wrapping Up Dwight Freeney Meeting Tomorrow

We have been through this ride before. Bryant McKinnie took us through this rise once already with Tom Telesco just a few weeks ago. This time around it is with a player that he knows pretty well from his days in Indianapolis.

Tom Telesco is wining and dining Dwight Freeney this time around and will finish things up tomorrow. Freeney has already taken a physical and the meeting will all conclude tomorrow. Will Tom let another one get away or did he learn his lesson after the first time around?

We will all see how things roll tomorrow. What do you all feel the conclusion will be?

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  • Cgoodness13

    What do you mean learn his lesson? McKiney never wanted to sign with us, just use us for a new contract from Baltimore.

    • joerockt

      Agreed. We were simply leverage for him to deal with the Ravens. Not much you can do in those situations.

    • tubbs45

      I believe that is the lesson…

    • Ernie Padaon

      if Freeney signs somewhere else, then we will be saying the same thing

      • joerockt

        If he signs with the Colts, yes. McKinney resigned with the team he was on. Its like finding a new job that pays more, then going to your current employer and see if they will match it.

  • ioane

    I predict we Sign Freeney at deal lower than we all expected.

    • tbell11

      I agree, he might sign for a lesser contract because he’s known Tom Telesco since he’s been in Indy and the fact that he could start might entice him…maybe.

      • Ioane

        Not to mention the fact that he is still on the market and teams have already filled there needs at the position.

        It takes an injury for a team to give him a serious call, which is what we are dealing with.

        He should know his options are slim and that no one will pay him the type of money he wants.

        He should come at a reasonable price. I say 2 years 6 mill

      • tubbs45

        It was also about playing time for him. he didnt want to be ‘just’ a third down pass rusher… well problem, solved. I’m guessing an incentive bound deal that # sacks = $$… Make it rain Freeney!!!

  • juian

    Fingers crossed

  • Chuckh670

    Unless a miracle happens and we get him for peanuts I hope we pass. So not worth the money he’s wanting. Get more depth for the oline, and see what plays out with English, Williams and anyone else who might take the spot.

    • sanford peisner

      You said it all and I agree

    • The_Shnee

      the problem is there isn’t any real good options on the O-Line out on the market right now for what we need. I think this would be a great signing even if we gave him 3 to 4 mil for 2 years or something like that, just because he is a much better option to fill the hole at OLB than any of the LT prospects are to fill our hole at LT.

      • Ernie Padaon


  • blu3ny3llow

    I don’t know but I gave a feeling the chargers (we) gonna sign him….he might be a lil desperate….. so even though he hates the 3-4 …he did well last year as a OLB so he might be much more improved and hopefully could help out

  • Alter Ego

    I hope we don’t. I respect Freeney – awesome career. I would rather give Larry English his put up or shut up moment though. Larry was a monster in college – his Charger team mates believe he will be a monster in the NFL. Finally injury free and not burried on the depth chart…Hell Yeah. Lets roll with our first round pick.
    On stating the very obvious though : If Freeney can be got on the cheap – thats a hell of a good got. Someone is coming to camp to replace Mighty Mel’s spot.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Larry can still get his “put up or shut up moment”, but nothing wrong with hedging your bet or having a little insurance if his “moment”: goes south and fails.

      • Alter Ego

        Injury concerns represents the ugly truth. We have to fill Melvin’s roster spot. We need someone like Barnes. I’m going to do my part and say 100 “hail Chargers” in prayer that the football fairy delivers us a low cost gamer.

  • FitzWilly

    I just hope T^2 is not “whining and dining”
    DF would be a nice addition at the right price
    and if not I still believe coaching will be the BIG difference
    in this years team, over past years
    It’s all about the “system” :)

  • sanford peisner

    I hope we don’t sign Freeny, he is an end never played line backer. Sign Starks he is less costly. Their are players like Barnett who are line backers and available for less.

    • Ernie Padaon

      he played linebacker last year

  • Stefanie Smith

    It’s apparent that TT is considering Freeney because McCoy has asked him to do so. Obviously, McCoy sees a need in our roster.

  • Peter Thompson

    I’m not even going to jinx it… Lol.

    • tubbs45

      exactly… i cant say…. anything….

  • Ernie Padaon

    not understanding why some are against signing Freeney…. 5 sacks were not a to, but he had like 30+ hurries last season and he can still get after the quarterback….. Trusting in Larry English is one thing, but who is next man up after that? What if Larry fails? Then we go with the rookie 6th round draft pick as the starter?

    • tubbs45

      I have several issues here:

      1. bringing in a third down specialist does provide us with additional depth for downs 1 and 2

      2. From the sounds of it, they are planning to modify the defense around a player, because really he is most effective as a DE with his hand in the dirt. Just bring in John Abraham then, less money and younger.

      3. Where will our depth come from if either of them go down? Couldn’t tell yet. still wonder about guys on the FA market that could fill the 1st and 2nd role like a Siler who has played olb/pass rusher in college. Still wish we would have moved on Harrison…

      One thing I do know is that I dont trust English with out the AJ protective bubble…. not yet anyways!

  • FitzWilly

    I heard through the “Annie Vine” that he wants ballpark $8 Millski’s for 2 years
    that pretty much uses up the rest of our cap space :(
    Makes ya think

    • Stefanie Smith

      Backload the deal in year 2. Give him a signing bonus (the whole thing doesn’t hit the cap at once–it’s pro-rated). No, structured right, the deal can be done. But I am sure TT is not up for paying high prices, either.

      He wants 8 mill over two years. Spread it out between signing bonus and year 2 payout. There are ways to do it and still have cap room left.

      • FitzWilly

        Yes there are many ways to structure it
        in the end it will be up to D (not so)Freeney
        if he takes the loaded back end, then he is serious
        if he wants up front dough, the uh oh

  • Mr. Magoo

    I think that he is probably going to be too expensive. He and Telesco may have a great relationship but it all ‘boils down’ to a business proposition.