RIP Chuck Muncie

Prayers go out to the Chuck Muncie family. Chuck Muncie died at the age of 60 today from. Heart attack. I can’t say that I know a Tom about Muncie, but he is respected and known as one of the Chargers top 50 players of all time.

Just the stats:
He was a 1st round pick, 3rd overall with 3 Pro Bowls and a 3x All Pro Team member. We also was a Pro Bowl MVP. He finished his career with 6,702 career rushing yards and 72 touchdowns.

Just from his pictures, Muncie looked like a hipster before being a hipster was cool. He was rocking the big glasses and even had some sweet lenses while he was playing. Total hipster

If you all have some awesome memories to Chuck Muncie, would love to hear them.


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  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    When I was a kid Chuck was one of the best. We even had a dog named Muncie. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to meet him last year and get his autograph. He was so sweet. I’m going to change my pic back to me and him right now…. so sad.

    • Peter Thompson

      Great story!!!

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        Thanks Peter. I read what you wrote and he would have been proud to know you. Bolt on my friend.

        • Peter Thompson

          Thanks CGC!

    • FitzWilly

      A Dog named Muncie :)
      That is so awesome

      • Peter Thompson

        Fitzy… We were just posting about Muncie!!! Every good dog has his day, I guess.

        • FitzWilly

          She named her dog Muncie
          that is funny lol

  • Cookie

    Long before I ever knew I would live in San Diego, I was a fan of Chuck Muncie and the whole Chargers crew of that era…RIP…

  • tubbs45

    Class act on and off the field. Sad to see him go so young, RIP…

  • Peter Thompson

    Nooooo!!!!! I really feel like I just got hit in the gut.

    Chuck Muncie was the very first Charger running back I cheered for, and my favorite player! When I was little, I used to go out into the yard alone after Charger games. I would throw the ball on the roof.. let it roll down… catch it… and pretend I was Chuck, as I sprinted across the yard for a touchdown! I also had really big dorky glasses when I was a kid, and my Mum used to say “See, Chuck Muncie wears his glasses, and they look great”!!! I never bought into it, but it did make me feel a bit better, and gave me something to throw back at the bullys at my school. I remembered how bummed I was when he got busted for cocaine, and went to jail. But, he is still my favorite player.. even more than LT… which is based off of good memories with my Dad.. not as much for talent (although Chuck was definitely talented). Might go outside and throw the ball on the roof tonight, just for old time’s sake ; )

    RIP my good man, and thanks for making a good Charger out of me <3

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      My memories of him are with my Dad as well. I lost Chuck today, but my Dad gained him. I bet they are talking football right now. :-)

      • Peter Thompson

        Yeah, it made me tear up a little… At work too! Miss my pops. The end of an era.

    • MC Boltman

      Great words, bro!

      • Peter Thompson

        Thanks mang. Charger football has been a huge part of who I am for over the decades. I was raised on it.


    may he rest in peace with junior
    seau and all the others who passed away

  • Gunnar Martin


  • FitzWilly

    A Truly sad day in BoltLand

    Chuck was one of the main reason I became a

    Charger’s fan in 1980

    RIP Chuck “The Man” Muncie
    Tell AC we said hi :)
    My fav Muncie pic

    • Peter Thompson

      He was a bad ass!

      • FitzWilly

        Climbing Mount Muncie

  • Rob Base

    A great man. Dude persevered in life no doubt! I remember being 5 or 6 and getting his topps card man was I stoked. Now I have to go get out my cards.

  • nativesandiegan

    Chuck had the speed to turn the corner and many linebackers bounced off his strong thighs. He and “The Real” Kellen Winslow were my favorite Charges of the Coryell era. Not “Air” Coryell. Needed STUD running back to make it Shred defenses, and Chuck was the BEST. Nobody even close. Recently Dan Fouts even said Chuck was the best rb he was ever around. I pretended to be Paul “swivel hips” Lowe when I was 10; Chuck was my age. I remember him well. Chargers get the ball on their own 20 with less than 1 minute in half. Defense expects pass but it’s a toss to Muncie. He turns the corner and gains 20 then out-of-bounds to stop clock. Then it’s “Air-Coryell” with pass to Winslow, then not settling for a sure field goal, pass for 6 pts. Then start 2nd half receiving kickoff. First play-run by Muncie for 15 yds and 1st down. Next play- Muncie runs over a couple of guys for 12 yards. Some opening drives he’d run on every play driving a stake through the opponent’s heart and resulting in touchdown.
    However, as you can see in the 2 photos, he often held ball away from his body or loosely, hence the occasional fumble. The other unfortunate thing is that it was the early 70′s and experimenting with drugs was the norm if you were 15-25.
    He and Jim Brown were the best I’ve ever seen. Chuck was a little faster but Brown never fumbled and ran over more guys. But Chuck was tops in my book.
    A small part of me just…left an empty spot in my heart. Never dawned on me that we were the same age.