Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram (54) in the rain during the fourth quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Melvin Ingram May Have Torn ACL

Here comes the first injury fear of OTAs. Second year linebacker Melvin Ingram may have torn his ACL. He is seeking another opinion, but that is the fear coming out of camp today.

Ingram is expected to be the starting outside linebacker this season with both Antwan Barnes and Shaun Phillips gone. The next man up would be Larry English or rookie Tourek Williams. If Ingram is expected to be out for an extended period of time, the Chargers may have to take a look at free agency to pick up another rent-a-vet.

John Abraham and Dwight Freeney are still available. Both are asking a lot in free agency and the Chargers will probably look in a different direction. Nick Barnett could also be a possibility.

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  • RussinSactown

    How many months will he be down? I don’t see us paying the $$$ for Freeney so a big ticket free agent may be out of the question. If we stay internal then make it a dogfight between Tourek Williams and English, winner stays, loser goes

    • Stefanie Smith

      If he has an actual torn ACL, he will be out for most of the season. Maybe even all of it. There’s a salary down the hatch. Not to be mean or anything, but … he’ll be out.

      lol, We talk about having the young guys take over. That’s great and all, but how about they first show they can stay healthy? If it’s not Matthews, it’s Vincent Brown, then now it’s Ingram.

      • shayaaa

        Injuries happen. Young or old. More likely with old, nevertheless, this is football. I don’t understand the negativism or how this is reason to abandon the youth movement.
        I was really looking forward to seeing Melvin in his second year. Get better T-Rex.

        • Stefanie Smith

          Sorry if it sounded negative. But out of the three examples of major injuries that the Chargers had–they are all our new young group. Can’t blame it on TT or McCoy or can’t blame it on AJ or Norv.

          Something with the new athlete–they look mean and tough, but their bones are fragile. I have no scientific evidence of this, but I wounder if steroid use affects the strength of the bones in a negative manner.

          • shayaaa

            So are you assuming all three of the people you mentioned are on steroids too? You can’t be serious….
            -From what I know though, steroids don’t necessarily damage your bones; however, supporting excess mass on a frame not built for it could result in injury.

            Anyways, example in point, Mathews was injury prone before he was drafted. When he is 30 he will still be injury prone. Him being young doesn’t make him more likely to get injured unless you are assuming he lives a “young and reckless lifestyle” in which he doesn’t take care of his body like a seasoned vet would, that could be a possibility.

    • RZ

      I think Tourek takes it!!

  • Louie Reyes

    Abraham and Freeney wouldn’t fit our system since they are most effective in a 4-3 defense. Nick Barnett plays middle LB, so idk how that would work. I’m hating we let Barnes walk.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Well I saw that Barnett played OLB too… if he does that’s gotta be the obvious answer to this tragic dilemma. If he can’t, then it’s probably Thomas Howard or Leroy Hill (but Hill probably couldn’t come in on third downs).

      But let’s see how English can fare through OTAs. He was a first round pick after all. The main drag on him is just injuries (I know, I know, that’s still a big problem). We could start with him and bring in an FA just in case.

  • James P Derrick

    I am gonna root for Tourek…I am not sold on English… Get Well Soon Ingram

  • blackroseMD1

    I’m just gonna go ahead and put my head down on the desk. Wake me up when the season starts.

    It’s the second freaking day! Were they even wearing pads and hitting?

  • nate lew

    I knew it was too good to be true that our draft picks were feeling healthier than they were on draft day. God this one sucks too, really wanted to see something out of him this year, just wondering when a team says they “fear” a player tore their ACL is it anything other than a fact it is really torn?

    • joerockt

      They won’t know for sure until the MRI is done.

      • blackroseMD1

        Confirmed by the Chargers.

  • MC Boltman

    Come on…this can´t be real…good we got “a lot of” depth at that position (Sheldon: sarcasm? Leonard: “No” Sheldon!…)

    • Julien Bélair

      good one

  • Peter Thompson

    Not good news. Crap!

  • Peter Thompson

    I can hear SP silently chuckling. First Muncie, now this. Not a good Charger day.. Grrrrrr.

    • nativesandiegan

      Don’t really think he’s chuckling about Muncie. Now, about Ingram? Maybe a bit although not sure he’d be happy to see fellow NFL players seriously injured unless said player had been out to injure other players. Just my more mellow feeling from Hawaii. While on the subject of SP, I always liked him. Maximum effort, no desire for the limelight and always seemed to put the team first. Just had to voice my thoughts. Sure, AJ was the Dark Side and SP probably still feeling his lingering effects and misspoke about joining the Light Side, but I can forgive him of that.
      Football has inherent dangers and injuries happen. That’s why the perrenial contenders have depth and the champions are usually a bit lucky too. So we can blame AJ for lack of depth and no cap room. Great opportunity for someone to step up, get experience, and make us a deeper team in the future. Aloha

      • Peter Thompson

        I would hope that he isn’t chuckling about Ingram’s injury. He was his teamate & friend (I would hope). Even if they weren’t friends, I still would expect nothing but prayers in Mel’s direction from SP. I just meant that he was let go over a million dollars, and now we are possibly going to be spending a ton of precious cap money on Freeney, for just about the same thing.. even if Freeney is THAT much better, it still isn’t ideal. Not blaming TT for letting him walk, or saying SP is evil..

        But, if my old job let me go over a small amount of money, and the new guy ended up not working out, and they had to bring in an expensive replacement.. I might have a chuckle. Especially if I was working for, and getting paid what I was worth by the competition.. who are a better team, at the moment.

  • Cgoodness13

    This might make us switch to the 4-3 :/

    • Peter Thompson


  • Gunnar Martin

    Oh. Frick.

    We need you Super Mel !!!!!!

  • joerockt

    Just heard about this from my wife of all people. I’m sick to my stomach right now.

    2-4 months recovery, so hopefully he’ll be able to go when the season starts.

    • JoseSD

      No dude ACL injuries usually mean their whole season is over

      • joerockt

        Yea never mind its usually 6-8 months isnt it.

        • Julien Bélair

          yeah and ingram needed this offseason badly

  • JoseSD

    There’s some guys out there for cheap that can compete for a spot Juqua Parker, Bryan Thomas, Matt Roth, why not bring back Antwan Applewhite what’s Darryl Gamble doing these days

  • Stefanie Smith

    Guess these young guys have health issues, eh? I mean, has anyone even seen Vincent Brown around at OTAs?

  • Cgoodness13

    Well it’s confirmed on espn, nfl, and chargers webpages…. We have 3 option here, move butler out to OLB and switch to the 4-3, sign a veteran off the streets, or give English a chance. I say give English a chance because if this doesn’t work, we can just switch to the 4-3

  • Rob Base

    Is it me or every single AJ first round pick gets injured this blows! Not the news I wanted to hear getting off work.

    • Cgoodness13

      His second round picks are usually boss though I’ll Give him that

  • RZ

    Out of all players…..SMH!! Here’s to a remarkably speedy recovery #54!!!! Heavy sigh* :-

  • 619chargers4life

    the most sad and disappointing news in a while. my prayers go out to Ingram and wish him a speedy recovery. this one hurts. hope he comes back and lays down the during our playoff run and if not then, then in the Superbowl

  • tiiiiiiiiiiit11

    I didn’t think it was possible that he would have less sacks than last year, but…..
    THIS is why i thought Jarvis Jones should of been considered. Well, Larry English will have a buddy to hang out with WHEN he gets hurt

  • tubbs45

    Wonder if we would bring either Siler or Williams (both ILB) back? We’ll certainly need at least 2 OLBs now! Shit! Does this move Ingram $ off of the book when he goes to IR?

    • Ernie Padaon

      nope…. still on the books

  • arnie

    There has got to be a way to blame this on aj or norv.

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