San Diego Chargers OTA Notes

May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of OTA’s is today and all the rooks get to trot out on the field with the vets. Manti Te’o and DJ Fluker get their first action wuith the vets. Still haven’t heard about any stories on pranks or hijinks, but I am sure that will be coming at some point.

There definitely were some good notes that came out of camp. The offesnive line first team was set with King Dunlap at left tackle, Chad Rinehart at left guard, Nick Hardwick at center, Jeromey Clary at right guard and DJ Fluker at right tackle. Kevin Acee was impressed by Clary at right guard:

On defense, Marcus Gilchrist is getting first team reps at strong safety next to Eric Weddle. It looks like Gilchrist will get a long look at the safety position and probably will be the favorite to win the position out of camp. Gilchrist slides over to corner in the nickel and Darrell Stuckey takes over the safety spot. Shareece Wright is the other starting corner with Derek Cox going into camp.

The Chargers didn’t make Manti Te’o available for the media today. Seems like a good decision to give him a little bit of space so that he doesn’t get bombarded with the same stupid questions over and over. It seems the Chargers will be doing their best to put out that fire.

Also, Philip Rivers has this awesome custom made v-neck. I think we should start marketing it out to sell to the fans. And maybe market that hat also.

Philip did keep the gloves on while throwing in practice. Definitely could see him wearing gloves all season.

May 13, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers speaks at a press conference at organized team activities at Chargers Park. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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  • arnie

    RG Jeromey Clary? If Clary makes the cut Harris or Ohnberger could be on the n short list.

    • Nick in PB

      Not sure Arnie… we could use all the lineman we can keep but if Clary can become a top notch Guard, then we’ll have to see who steps it up… rookie or veteran!

      • arnie

        I agree, but it’s a numbers game. If they keep more linemen, they will have to sacrifice depth at other positions. Currently the Chargers have 3 centers, 4 guards an 8 tackles on the roster. i think…

  • Ioane

    LT: Dunlap, LG:Rhinehart C: Hardwick, RG: Clary RT: Fluker.

    That actually looks and sounds like a solid line. I think Rivers and the offense can do some serious damage.

    I like it already.

    • joerockt

      While its great to be positive, I think some are trying to convince themselves that Dunlap is the answer.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Yes. I hardly think Dunlap is the guy we want for the most trusted spot. Trusted and the highest talent goes there… doesn’t spell Dunlap. We do this every year. Think the guy that is just about hated on his prior teams, be it for behavior, lack of working, etc… and he will come here and be top notch. Could happen, but not probable.

        I was a Gaither band wagoneer–argued against all the negative comments about him being called Big Lazy in KC (We didn’t even come up with that.) and how the Ravens also were so wrong about this guy–he would be great. Hmmm. Who ended up wasting a ton of money when the writing was already on the wall? We did.

        • Bill Nichols

          You sound like a jilted lover. I understand. Chill, the LT issue won’t be resolved this year, unless it comes within. Could happen…..

          • Stefanie Smith

            What does that have to do with football? And unless it comes within what?

        • Nick in PB

          I’m with you there Stefanie… at the time, Gaither looked like an upgrade over McNeil! And that article on Tyrone Green, how he worked really hard in the off season to prepare himself as the starter! Our line looked solid. In reality, the entire left side of our line stunk. That said, I have much more faith in the new coaching staff to actually get the best starters out there. They will be improved, just how much is the question.

      • arnie

        What brings you to that conclusion?

        • joerockt

          Well, besides this post that states with Dunlap we would have a solid line, I’ve observed other comments along the same lines. If we don’t get the LT we need, then yea I guess we’ll have to rally around Dunlap, but we can’t fool ourselves into believing he’ll be the key this year. Guy has never been a solid starter and there are many reasons for that.

          • arnie

            Yeah i get that, but the post doesn’t state he was thorn into a stating role, in an unfamiliar system, and asked to play LT for left handed QB. So, it isn’t wise to see King as a the key this year, or long term. It would also be foolish to dismiss the not so obvious reason, for his poor play.
            I’m not trying to convince myself, or anyone, Dunlap is the answer. He’s just a better answer than we had. And for all I know, Kevin Haslam could emerge as the starter.

  • Cgoodness13

    Ok with Rinehart at LG right now, want troutman to beat him out of the job though, dudes a monster.

    • Gunnar Martin

      He will. Troutman is going to be a very solid player that no one saw coming. Rinehart is also just SOOO perfect as a backup with his versatility, experience, etc.

    • tubbs45

      Man I remember when Troutman was drafted thinking, AJ is actually looking to the future in the year he is on the hot seat… interesting. The dude can play and is very strong.

  • tubbs45

    Rivers, damn take some cutting classes from Bill Belichick. The V-Neck is hilarious! Looks like his 2 year old went to town on his good luck practice shirt!

  • tubbs45

    With all of our line changes, may I suggest a new running article: Days of our OLine’s. sounds like they are really taking a critical look at what they have, shuffling where needed, and still feeling out the FA market. I like that we are not just running out and throwing everything in the cart, but being thoughtful risk / financially.

  • Cgoodness13

    Any see the new interview with rivers on He said nobody touched him during the live part of practice. Maybe Dunlap and clary deserve their spots?

    • Bolt2424

      Maybe that says something about our weak pass rush still? I hope Ingram can make an impact this year.

  • joerockt

    I feel sorry for Phillip. His 20+ children won’t let him have anything nice.

  • Cgoodness13

    I wonder how Harris would do at RG? Kid has heart and I think he would be better off at RG. Really want to see troutman at LG no joke the dudes a unmovable beast.

  • Tucker Peterson

    I like this oLine, basically like the ravens: put the best players out there. Clary is a big immobile guy who is truly best suited as a RG. He is better at run blocking and with Fluker on the right side with him I could see a lot of runs going to the rightside!!

  • joerockt

    I think Clary will make a great guard and maybe even an upgrade from Vasquez. We also need to remember that Troutman will be in the mix as well.

  • RussinSactown

    I’m guessing that since Clary is still here that he has said the right things to TT and that he will earn his keep at RG. Already just looking at the O-line, I have a little more confidence. I mean whether or not Starks pans out we have a more physical line up front. And if Dunlap tries to pull a Gaither, we have options to toss into the mix.

    Of course if Dunlap mans up and crushes people on the left side then TT is a freaking genius.

    • tubbs45

      If Dunlap pans out: bow down to the TT Motha F’ers!!!

    • Nick in PB

      Russell… love the positive vibe! That’s going to get it done this year! Go Bolts!

      • RussinSactown

        Now this may be minor but in the locker room it also might be a little bit of a motivator for King Dunlap. Remember, Dunlap went to Auburn. And he’d be anchoring the line across from a kid from Bama. If either of them blows a block or say if Fluker pancakes someone like Shaun Phillips (Man, I want that to happen. Badly) that the school smack will fly. It may be time to see if Dunlap takes “War Eagle” seriously.

  • Rob Base

    The V-neck is classic! That’s something my uncle would wear rocking it with no shame.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I just spit out soda from laughing. Yeah, I have an uncle like that too.

  • Gunnar Martin

    Nice gettup, Phil

  • Peter Thompson

    Seriously… That hat Philip is wearing used to be black, and he cut his shirt with the “lefty” scissors that were always left in the basket in elementary school… The ones with the green handle, and blunt ends!!!

    • tubbs45

      PT that is Rivers tractor hat, “Glosh darn it, this hat stinks!”
      But he sure looks happier than I’ve seen him in years…

  • Stefanie Smith

    Glad McCoy shut down T’eo daily press conferences.

  • Stefanie Smith

    And while we are at it, somebody go check out the photo in McCoy’s press conference. Does it look like he is in a bad mood–aggravated?

    • tubbs45

      He was probably sick of the T’eo question by that point. Probably thinking just STFU and ask some football questions already!!!

  • online new but not.. new

    Regarding Rivers jersey, kids maybe. I thought his wife kicked him out of bed and then reached down and grabbed him by the shirt and said, “Guess you’re not that bad, get back up here.” Kind of like us Charger fans!

  • Craighasan

    I was originally all for cutting Clary, however I do like that TT saw otherwise and is willing to give him another shot. I also want to see if McCoy and Whisenhunt can fit Meachem and Royal into the offense. I hope those three can prove they deserve another chance.

  • Stefanie Smith


    Worst offensive line: San Diego Chargers

    “The Chargers have a center and a right tackle, so that’s a start. But it’s fair to question if rookie right tackle D.J. Fluker will be a huge asset in pass protection.”

  • blackroseMD1

    Uh…reports are coming out that Melvin tore his ACL…


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