Dec 2, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) talks to running back Ryan Mathews (24) after an incomplete pass during the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Ryan Mathews, Step Yo Game Up

NFL Around the League Writer, Dan Hanzus, ranked the Top 30 running backs in the league and our boy Ryan Mathews was ranked toward the bottom 3rd of the rankings at number 23. He was listed in the category ‘How can I trust you?’ That sounds about right.

Dec 2, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) and fullback Le

This is a make or break season for Ryan Mathews. He has shown the potential to break out. He even made it to the Pro Bowl with his performance, but he still has been a disappointment for us. He had to follow the footsteps of Ladainian Tomlinson, but that shadow isn’t even there anymore. Now we just want him to be able to hold onto the football and get up after he gets hit. We want him to be able to block for Philip Rivers on passing downs or be a threat in the passing game.

This season, Ryan needs to show that he can carry the load at runningback or we will be looking for someone else to carry the load in the 2014 draft. We already need a left tackle, we don’t want to put more positions of need onto that list for the 2014 draft.

A lot of the blame on the offense struggling has fallen on Philip Rivers and the offensive line, but Ryan shouldn’t be excused from the party. Sure he needs holes to run through, but he also needs to put in the work to get on the field as well. Why is he still having issues holding onto the football? Why is he still struggling with protection of Philip? Why does he have to get pulled on 3rd downs? This will be year 4 for Ryan now. No more excuses.

Put down that World of Warcraft and make sure to hold onto that football OR somewone else will. Do work Ryan!

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  • davacho

    do work son!

  • blu3ny3llow

    Git r did…. put down that pop corn Mr. Butter fingers

  • Gunnar Martin

    This guy has got to be the most unlucky person ever. Who suffers two broken collarbones in the same season? He’s a really talented player, he just needs to get some sort of four-leaf clover or something.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Sometimes when you “Injury prone” you really are just that. I am a “injury prone” weight lifter, bad things just happen when your prone to getting injured, every year I have 1-2 injuries that keep me out of the gym a month or two. I’m a trainer, work out correctly, eat right and shit still always happens, seems to be the same case for Ryan.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      He needs to drink some damn milk! This is not rocket science, get him some calcium!

      • Ernie Padaon

        get that boy some milk… for sure!!!

        • tubbs45

          and get the whole milk, not the weak-ass low fat.

  • Peter Thompson

    Dear Ryan Mathews,
    Get yourself a cot, set it up at the facility in the film room, and watch Arian Foster’s highlight reel every night before you go to bed… you can even wear your pajama’s with the footies in them. If you can live in your mama’s car, then the film room should be like the Ritz Carlton.. THIS IS IT, KID… now let’s see some jazz hands!

  • Ioane

    This is why I was raging at my iPhone when we selected Tourek Williams instead of Andre Ellington.

    I’m hoping Mathews can finally stay healthy and put it all together. However, I doubt it happens. He’s talented, but he’s been suffering from injuries dating back his college days.

    Lets home the UDFA Michael Hill can be a hidden gem for us.

  • RussinSactown

    You want him playing WoW or any other high paced video game so he can improve his hand eye coordination. Cut down the fumbles.

    • tubbs45

      Yes, he is a big WoW player. If he only would use that time to play Madden, maybe, just maybe….

      • joerockt

        If only he would use that time to get himself stronger and study a playbook, maybe….

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    I think it’s funny that you said make or “break”, since he is so fragile. ha ha Seriously, this kid has GOT to perform this season or he is officially off the island.

  • Skylar Riehemann

    2 words; Michael Hill

    • tubbs45

      Heres hoping!

  • klb

    I want to feel like I can trust him. But at this point, I feel like the guy would get injured playing Kinect. Hoping for a better year for the kid, and praying Hill comes thru too.

  • Andrew Buitron

    Please tell me he doesnt actually play World of Warcraft…

    • Ernie Padaon

      Google… Ryan Mathews and world of warcraft

      • tubbs45

        Oh he’s he is a kick ass wizard level 8000. fireball fireball fireball…

  • Cgoodness13

    Dear Ryan Mathews….it’s your fault you can’t break off of 10 tacklers because of poor blocking!!!! It’s all your fault that the coaches had you running up the middle every first down predictably!!!!! It’s your fault the coaches poorly coached you!!!!!! It’s your fault your treated by the teams terrible doctor!!!!!

    • tubbs45

      Um Dear Cgoodness13, lay off the excuses. They are bad for your liver.

      • Cgoodness13

        Pretty Mutch all those “excuses” are what y’all say for rivers. Why blame Mathews when he had poor blocks while its alright for rivers? Mathews turned it over less than rivers anyways. I won’t judge Mathews, rivers, or any other skill position till I see some decent blocking.

        • tubbs45

          I hear you and agree, I’m just f’in with you boss!

        • Pels04

          I agree with you to a point but its unfair to Rivers to compare. Besides being completely different positions Rivers has proven that he can be an elite qb, Mathews hasnt even come close to proving he can be an elite RB. Rivers hasnt missed a game since hes been the starter, Mathews has yet to even play a full season.

          • Cgoodness13

            In fairness, rivers had a elite line in most his career, Mathews has not.

          • Pels04

            True, but other teams with equally bad or worse OL’s have more production in the run game than we do.

      • Cgoodness13

        Btw lymes disease is eating mine away :/

  • joerockt

    Its just crazy to me that we’re going into his 4th year and there is STILL no one on the roster that can challenge this guy. I guess Hill has the best shot, but its a long one at that.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Ugh… Was thinking that same thing

    • tubbs45

      LOL dont forget Manti Te’o, rumor on the street from @JayJazier he was secretly brought in to be a RB. Tebow will be signed at ILB… yep it is all coming together!

  • 1961 Fan

    He was always a third round pick that A. J. got jucked on!

  • OGsnakes1322

    How can Philip Rivers or Ryan Mathews step up if the offensive line sucks and still no left tackle??????