Dec 16, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcom Floyd (80) gets oxygen on the sideline during the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Will Malcom Floyd Be A Starter?

What is going to happen with Malcom Floyd now? How will the new coaching staff choose to use M80.

Malcom was a favorite for Norv Turner. Malcom earned his starting duties under Turner and was productive. There is a new sheriff in town though and Head Coach Mike McCoy could want to see something different out of his receivers.

Danario Alexander looks like he has the top receiver spot locked down. He came into town in the middle of the season and instantly connected with Philip Rivers. His arrival made Philip look like a decent quarterback again. Malcom wasn’t able to make that type of impact on the roster.

Malcom has been a starter since 2009 and has never had a 1,000+ yard season. He started out the season as the number 1 guy, but he seems better in the secondary role.

There will be 2 young receivers nipping at him trying to take the top spot. Vincent Brown has already become a hometown favorite and has shown that he will fight for that football. He is solid running routes and already has put in a ton of work to get on the same page with Philip Rivers. He will be coming back from a nasty injury, but he should be at full strength once training camp rolls around.

The Chargers also drafted Keenan Allen, who could make a big time impact on the roster. It is likely that Allen will be working his way slowly into the lineup, but having a new coach in town and a new system could give him a better shot at forcing his way into the lineup.

Malcom is getting up there in age. He still has some good years left, but his time as the starting receiver is dwindling down.

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  • Lee

    he’ll be the #2. he’s solid at that position and puts up some of the best avg. yards per catch in the league. brown and allen will be switching off at the #3, thats a close race. royal has a past with mccoy so they might use him well and meachem has to get better to get back in this thing. i dont see goodman getting on this roster, royal might be our returner

  • Pels04

    I think this is what McCoy will do and its what i would do. We have some really good talent at this position. Let them all duke it out and may the best man win. I think the starting lineup will be Alexander, Floyd and Brown but wouldnt be surprised at all if it was Alexander, Allen and Brown….throw Floyd in there and man, thats a nasty 4 WR set!

    • tubbs45

      Yep! Throw them in the ring and see who is left standing!

  • RussinSactown

    I still see Floyd as a #2 or 2a receiver. DX will be the 1. Brown will challenge him for the #2. If Allen really comes on strong this year then things get interesting

  • Ernie Padaon

    im hoping we got a cat fight on our hands!!!

    • Pels04

      You calling our WR’s a bunch of women?!?! haha. Cat fights are always fun to watch anyways!

      • Ernie Padaon

        maybe? hahaha

        • Pels04

          Gonna be a battle for sure and cant wait to see how it plays out. Great core, just hope Rivers gets enough time to throw to them

    • tubbs45

      Put the gloves on and let see who is the pound for pound winner!

  • MC Boltman

    Indeed, thats an interesting question…I think he´ll see significant playtime (#2 receiver…) in the beginning, but Brown and maybe Allen will some kind of “outplay” him as the season goes on. And I don´t wanna write off Meachem just yet. The guy has nothing to lose and we got a new coaching staff here in Bolt town. They will find a way to use his speed. Our receiving corps looks pretty good *I like* #boltup

    • Ernie Padaon

      hard to write meachem off.. he will have a job, and the question will be how he does when he gets that next opportunity.

      • Ernie Padaon

        especially with him being the 4th or 5th best option…. he should win those matchups against corners then

  • jamfed

    Keep him! He’s not making TOO much money (just over $4MM) so keep him… He’s a Vincent Jackson CLONE and my fav. Chargers reciever.

    SD doesn’t have a lot of money invested in their WR (combined). Leave as is…

    • Ernie Padaon

      there was no question about cutting him… he would cost more against the cap to actually release him.

      far from a CLONE also. injury prone. doesn’t make the impact on offense like VJ.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Man, I miss VJ. He really did have an impact here and now in Tampa. He made it to the Pro Bowl last January.

        Remember when we said, VJ would sink without Rivers? lol

        • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

          I don’t see him in anyway being a VJ clone, he just doesn’t do the same things at all. He’s huge and still not all that great near the endzone, Allen could take his spot easy, just bring him in near the goal line as the #3 or #4 and then he’s a bigger threat but not as a #1

          • Pels04

            Yep i agree. M80 has caused me to pull my hair a few times. It seems he does it a couple times a year where he doesn’t fully extend for the ball whether its in front or up high, he tries to catch it with his body. What wouldve been a completion ends up getting broken up. That will drive a sports fan to drink………more.

        • Peter Thompson

          I don’t.. Good riddance.

    • Pels04

      I like M80 too but VJ clone?….thats a bit of a stretch.

      • Peter Thompson

        Yeah. But people forget how solid of a receiver he has been at the right times. He’s not flashy, but he gets the job done, and isn’t a total friggin dooshbag like VJ was. Allen will replace him as a #2 eventually, but Allen isn’t a #1 either. And DA’s knees won’t hold up forever.. So Floyd isn’t any worse than the others on the roster, at this point. And he isn’t expensive either. I would draft a REAL #1, in that case, if I was looking for a #1. That was probably Patterson this draft.

    • Peter Thompson


    • Alter Ego

      Damn right keep him. We should be so lucky to have too many healthy receivers as an issue. Floyd is worthy.
      Meachem and Royal are in the proverbial hot seats. Show us something now – all things being equal with our fresh start.

      • nativesandiegan

        Floyd has always been a clutch receiver and catches everything. He even ran some deep route a couple years ago

  • Ioane

    I love M80 and he’s been a solid Charger. Lets see if we can trade him to the Browns or Ravens? He’s a home favorite but we have a deep pool at receiver with much more talent and upside. I say give the you g guns a chance on the playing field and if possible, grab a 4th fr Floyd while we’re at it? We have DX, Brown, Allen, Meachem, Royal and Floyd on the roster. That’s a bunch of receivers, it’s also a good problem to have since we always suffer from our receiver corp falling to injuries.

  • Jonah Lee

    Really good point!! And most of these guys, Meachem, Royal, Brown, Allen and including Floyd are signed to the end of the 2014 season!!

  • DanishBolt

    I think we’ll end up with 7 WRs on the roster
    DX, Floyd, Allen, Brown, Meach, Royal

    I don’t think we’ll be able to put Gardner at the PS, so i think he might end up as part of the final 53

  • Cgoodness13

    Rivers likes Floyd so keep him till next year.

  • JoseSD

    M80 has never been a #1 option and can’t reallybe relied on to be a #1 since he always misses a couple games a season, he’s a big play WR that usually is among the league leaders in yards per catch. I’d like to see him lined up in the slot more often going against nickle backs. I’d prefer to see DX and V Brown start on the outside, I love how brown plays bigger than his size and he’s aggressive and fights for the ball

  • Peter Thompson

    I still don’t think we have a true #1 receiver right now. I think one will emerge, eventually. But, early this season, it will only because of necessity. It’s like we have a bunch of hungry #2′s.
    One of these guys is capable, but they aren’t quite there yet. I’m talking about a gamechanger. Even DX disappeared in games last year. Say what you want about the O-line.. But, part of the problem was WR’s just not getting open. That’s why we tanked in Cleveland, and again against Carolina. Floyd at least has a chance at #1 or #2, because Brown & Allen are young, and coming off injuries. Meachem will have a chip on his shoulder, as well. Hopefully, McCoy & Whiz can get these guys coached up ; )

    • [email protected]

      Someone like marquees lee from usc :)

    • Dion Chin

      O-line being horrible affects the WR’s too, less time for Rivers to set his feet and go through his options means less time for the WR’s to run their routes and get open

  • Peter Thompson

    I remember some clutch catches from Floyd, at some really important moments last year… I was like “phew”!!!