Sep 18, 2011; Foxborough, MA, USA; San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Donald Butler (56) celebrates a sack of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (not pictured) during the first half at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Butler Wants to See Manti Te'o Do Work Before He Gives Judgement

Donald Butler is coming off a little harsh with his latest statement about the new rookie linebacker joining the team. Here is his comments from the UT yesterday:

“I think a lot of people are jumping to conclusions,” Butler said this week. “He has to come in and prove himself as a starter. Obviously, it would be nice — that’s why you draft someone in the second round. We don’t know how he’s going to be in the NFL. I hope he comes in and he’s a superstar. Hopefully we can create something that will carry us for the next four, five, six years.

“I’m looking forward to him coming in and being excited to work. From what I’ve heard, that is what he likes to do: humble guy who wants to come in and just work and really hone his craft.”

It comes off a little harsh…. A little. This is one of the new leaders to the defense and he is setting the tone right away with the rookie. Basically it says, nobody is going to hand you the job! You better come in here and do work or you are wasting my time. Your name doesn’t impress me. When I see you working your tail off with the rest of the crew, that’s when I want to be impressed.

I wonder what Donald’s thoughts were about the other rookies? I wonder if it is the hype and noise around Te’o that has him a little on edge.

Butler did send a text message out to the rookie and told him to come in and be ready. The new leader on defense is going to make sure that people that come in are ready to do work. I can respect that.

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  • sdmike

    Harsh? Hardly. It was actually complimentary.

  • shane

    i see no harshness in his comments, very appropriate and optomisitic yet realistic

    • tubbs45

      yep, love the ‘earn it’ attitude. That is exactly what should happen, there are no automatics: work work work….

      • arnie

        that’s what i think was missing from norv’s team. like mathews stated, ” …there was a sense of entitlement…”

  • Cgoodness13

    Think Ernie is just to used to norvs preaching of not working hard and being “complacent”.

    • arnie

      LOL good one.

  • RZ

    I don’t think he was harsh at all….just telling it like it is.

  • Gunnar Martin

    A move characteristic of a leader. Glad to have him as our leader of the defense.
    And I believe in Hawaii Five-O!!!

  • joerockt

    Pretty much what I’ve been saying. I’m sure he’s a hard worker, but we’ll see how he does on Monday Night against the Texans.

  • Saul Lopez

    I love it, won’t be long before Butler gets that C on his jersey.

  • Dustin Stovall

    Just what the Chargers need!!! A vocal leader that can backup what he says… It wasn’t really that harsh… But more like you need to have you cray togather day 1….!!! Butler and weddle will lead what could be a top 5 D… Depending on the secondary…

  • Louie Reyes

    People don’t seem to see that with our new regime, you will have to earn your spot. Nobody is guaranteed their starting position. McCoy will play the best available guy as should be. It’s not harsh, it’s the truth. Work hard and earn your job.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Every rookie gets knocked around. What are people supposed to do with T’eo? Cowtow to him? This is the NFL. He has no right to start. If he can’t compete, then you know where he will be. It’s good that Butler is stepping up as a leader.

  • MArtin Ramirez

    Harsh? That wasn’t harsh, he better be ready like Butler said. Abouttime someone steps up And dictates especially on d. Lets go fire up!!!!

  • tanker58p

    when the leader speaks you better listen
    a win attitude is what the chargers need, and getting rid of the cancer
    is what needed to be done. this includes players as well as coaches

    • Cgoodness13

      Not cool, norv might have cancer on that discusting scrotum neck lol

  • Ernie Padaon

    Not harsh? Hmmm… Are you excited to have one of the best linebackers next to you???

    Nope. A lot of people are jumping to conclusions….

    Not harsh?

    • IrishCarBomb

      “I hope he comes in and he’s a superstar.”

      Pretty sure Butler does appreciate Te’Os talent, just wants to give the kid something to strive for. I am a big fan of firm guidance and leadership, and think(hope) they will be quite the dynamic duo

  • Dion Chin

    Love Butler’s attitude towarss this situation. Butler is a beast, physically and now obviously mentally.