Sep 16, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles tackle King Dunlap (65) walks to the locker room with an injury during the third quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Ravens 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Are You Ready For The King?

Are you ready for the King?

Not Elvis Presley. Not Michael Jackson. Not even Lebron James.

King David Dunlap V.

For real. That is his real name.

Are you ready for that? King Dunlap is the next man up! After struggling through last season with Mike Harris lining up at left tackle, we signed King Dunlap to compete for a starting tackle job. Dunlap was likely signed to be a swing safety, but as the roster stands right now, he would be the starting left tackle.

6-foot-9 and 330 pounds. That is a mammoth of a man! Huge! DJ Fluker is 4 inches shorter that the King. Crazy talk.

As much as the Philly fans hated the King, he did a decent job for the team. It sounds like his consistency wasn’t strong, but he has the ability.

Here is the report on Dunlap from Pro Football Focus:

Summary: At the lower reaches of our free agent rankings we’re getting into players who can start in a pinch and offer quality performances when called upon. When Demetress Bell struggled in place of Jason Peters, it fell to King Dunlap to fill that void and he did an admirable job. You’re never going to mistake him for Peters, but his pass protection was, outside of a couple of games, excellent… though he struggled as a run blocker in the Eagles’ system.

Considering some of the tackles who were forced into starting last season and their performance levels one of those teams with dreadful tackles could do worse than offer Dunlap the chance to come in and win a job at one of their tackle spots.

Just reading the report off of him, it sounds like he had a couple of AWFUL games. His pass protection is the best part of his game, but the consistency seems to be an issue. At least he won’t get Philip killed? Maybe?

Dang I am scurred! Scarier question… what happens if he goes down with an injury?

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  • Stefanie Smith

    Me. too. Ernie. I would rather not think about it. I get a knot in my stomach.

    • Ernie Padaon

      It is trippy… We need more depth for sure

  • Peter Thompson

    If he goes down… maybe we throw in Harris, and a few extra tight ends… and give Philip a Kevlar vest?

    • Cgoodness13

      I think we’d put in McLain at LT before Harris again lol

    • Stefanie Smith

      Another good quote of the week: “…and give Philip a Kevlar vest?” lol Good one.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Division III better be ready!!!

      • James P Derrick

        Was thinking the same thing….

  • Cgoodness13

    I’d still rather have Dunlap over McKinney or Gaither. Dunlap was poorly coached in Philadelphia, so I’m kinda meh on him. I would like to sign Starks for more reliability though.

    • Alan Shanahan

      that would be a good move if the team can pull it off (fingers crossed)

  • tubbs45

    Ernie I thought the article was that article some sort of Jedi mind trick until the last couple of paragraphs. Hope the whizinator come up with a quick throwing game planning….

    • Ernie Padaon

      I hope so too… We didn’t do that enough with the offensive genius calling the plays

  • Peter Thompson

    I am ready for the summer… I am ready for football season… not sure if I am ready for the King. But, we may have no choice.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Okay, for right now, until something changes, the King is the LT going into camp. Take it that far. They may see something or be able to fix it in camp. Yes? No? Is there anybody else to compete for LT spot in camp or are they just giving the LT spot to this guy? and the Packers say- use the most trusted and talented for this position (if you plan on switching somebody).

  • RussinSactown

    What we have is an unknown in Dunlap. Is he the guy from Auburn who manhandles people or is he the guy that Philly couldn’t wait to get out of town? To be honest, Eagles fans booed Santa so for Eagles fans being pissy, that’s just Friday before happy hour. If he’s the starting LT, and if he’s trying to land a long term deal, I expect that he’ll be bringing it this year. And if he is a slug then I expect TT to toss his sorry carcass out of Charger Park.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Yeah, the Philly fans are one thing, but when sportscasters are ranting and showing videos of the guy’s debacles, that is another. However, these sportscasters were Philly sportscasters and could also be just as pissy as the fans except they get paid. Hopefully, he brings it and is up for changing the past. Oh man, I hope so.

      I will say that NFL Network has said nothing derogatory about the guy. You would think that if they were going to tell the listeners how bad the guy was, they will be saying it soon,

    • tubbs45

      Philly fans boo Santa! That is top notch commenting right there!

    • joerockt

      They didn’t boo Jason Peters, who was their starter until he blew out his achilles before last season started. And Dunlap was yanked after he got injured and didn’t start again until the Eagle realized how horrible Demetress Bell was. They struggled with those two clowns the entire season. And that’s why they both do not play for the Eagles anymore.

      If we’re trying to find a silver lining with Dunlap, there isn’t one. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fluker on the left side when the season starts. To put Dunlap there would be cruel and usual punishment for Rivers.

    • Skeptical Cat

      It’s funny when people try to convince Philly fans that bums like McNabb were great. He sure looked great in Washington and Minnesota didn’t he?

      Trust me, I watched every game 4-12 season, there was plenty of reason for Eagles fans to hate the play of King Dunlap.

      Best of luck, but I think I would still be looking for a starting tackle.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Wow. This is nice. I just did a google on this guy. He’s an RT. What the heck? Yeah. He played RT not LT. TT is going to use him at LT now? Awww come on, now. That is a little over the top when he really isn’t that good even at RT. Is there another NFL King Dunlap out there that played RT?

    • Ernie Padaon

      He’s played both.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Okay. But did he play RT for the Eagles last season?

        • Ernie Padaon

          Had to play both last season… Would be a perfect backup tackle

          • arnie

            Technically he’ played all positions except center.

    • Cgoodness13

      Vick is a left handed QB, so he was pretty Mutch a LT. And I noticed watching the eagles, the left side of the line was getting dominated. I believe they made a huge mistake not drafting cooper or warmack because their interior sucked.

  • Stefanie Smith

    The Jared Gaither meltdown and release has left the Chargers dreadfully thin on Philip Rivers’ blind side. Dunlap is the best in-house candidate right now, but he’s a backup-caliber talent. “We’re going to bring in some other guys over time and get competition together,” McCoy conceded.

    These are not my words. I pulled it from part of a bio and stats listing on Dunlap.

  • Cgoodness13

    LT-Dunlap LG-troutman C-hardwick RG-clary RT-fluker. That does look way better than last year.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Heck yes it does! I just cringe when I see the (ever-changing) lineup from last year. For the most part, it was:
      LT- Harris LG- Green C- Hardwick RG- Vasquez RT- Clary. Green was injured pretty often too, so LG could also be Hadnot.
      Talk about under par.

  • blu3ny3llow

    Maybe I’m just being my positive self but….is there a chance he sucked cus he was blocking for a running QB and not a pocket passer….and also is the left guard he played next to any good…maybe the chargers coaches will coach him up better……just saying though…..I got a good feeling about that undrafted rookie LT from virginia tech

    • JoseSD

      I’ve had the same thoughts, I think Vick makes it harder for his o line, what if they expect him to stay in the pocket but he rolls out of the pocket and the defender has an easier path to the qb

    • FitzWilly

      the whole Philly team was a mess (dream team my ass)
      doesn’t mean King Dee is not a good player
      T^2 saw something in him

  • JoseSD

    I read that the Cowboys want to cut Doug Free if he doesn’t take a pay cut and they’ll sign Clabo. I think he’s a good stop gap option certainly better than Dunlap. He’s currently at RT but he played LT for a couple seasons. I think he hasn’t started on the left side since Tyron Smith was a rookie and played RT then took over at LT

    • Alan Shanahan

      Doug Free will want way to much money to be cost-effective.

  • Gunnar Martin

    If TT and McCoy liked him enough to sign him with a chance that he would start, I like him. I also believe that he will get better as a player, seeing how young he is. Who knows, he could end up being a very solid starter. Doubt it, but we can’t go into the season thinking that he is going to get Rivers killed.

  • RZ

    All I can do is try and be possitive about the whole process..Coach will find the best player to start on our squad whoever it may be even if it’s KD.I think DJ has the Fire and he’ll keep everyone on the OLine in check.So here’s to a Stay Healthy, Beat down everybody we play type of Season!! GO BOLTZ!!!

  • arnie

    What can I say, some players struggle I some systems, and flourish I others. Dunlap has the skills, but let’s look at this in context. How you block for a QB, when you don’t know where he is most of the time? Yet it’s Dunlaps fault, Vick got pounded of from the strong side? which in Vicks case, would be the left side of the line. That means Dunlap was playing an unconventional position of blind side protector, on the right side.
    I’m willing to give Dunlap a chance simply because I wanted Big Lazy gone, and replaced. I got what I wanted so I’m not going to piss an moan about the replacement. Especially when it’s Philly fans that are doing most of the belly aching.

  • geigage

    Once we signed a guy who wasnt considered very good, maybe a back up at best and he came in and played admirably, a guy named Roman Oben. King Dunlap is a young player, now he is in a new system, with new coaches and new teammates. I think whats more important than the individual player is the continuity of the group as a whole. I really think that this group can pull it together and will play much better than last year.

  • Stefanie Smith

    That’s all well and good to give this Dunlap guy a chance, but why should Rivers have to put up with it? Why should his risk of injury have to go up so this guy gets a chance when there are other options that are safer and better for the entire team?

  • Sid Klum

    I liked Harris. Do you realize as a non-drafted rookie he went up against Clay Mathews and Jared Allen in pre-season? Then went up against Abraham,
    Wimbley and Saints Will Smith with little help. What Harris lacked was being able to hold. Gaither was great at getting away with holding. Harris should be a more complete player this year.