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Poll: What Should the Chargers Do In The Draft Tomorrow?

Time to make your vote on who you want the Chargers to select TOMORROW. We have been talking about all kinds of scenarios on this site for days and days. Time to see what you all really want to happen.

Since a lot of you all like to creep onto the site, we will put this thing up for a vote.

Here are the candidates (and I am sure I will forget one of them):

Trade up and take a tackle
Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson… whoever slides to a spot that we can make a trade up to. We get that left tackle that we have been complaining about since Jared Gaither had a whole body cramp in training camp last season.

Trade down
Find a partner somehow/someway. Pick up a few extra picks and try to compile as many good players as possible onto the roster.

Tavon Austin
You already know my thoughts on Austin… but if you are new to the site, this is my sexy pick. He is a playmaker and instant dynamite to an offense that has been missing that lightning in a bottle.

Kenny Vaccaro
Sexy pick number 2. Line Vaccaro up next to Eric Weddle in the secondary and we will have one of the best safety tandems in the league.

Star Lotulelei
Bring in the nose tackle to line up with Corey Liuget and Kendall Reyes and we will have a defensive line with a ton of youth and potential to be great.

DJ Fluker
His name keeps coming up in rumors lately. I guess he should be part of this list of potential candidates to take here.

Jonathan Cooper/Chance Warmack
If the tackles are not available, we need to find help for that offensive line somewhere. Selecting one of the guards will give us some help that we need.

Dee Milliner/Xavier Rhodes
I have seen a few people ask for the best corner on the board if the tackles are not available. Had to make that option avaialble for you in the poll, so you didn’t feel left out.

Barkevious Mingo/Jarvis Jones
It has been a while since I have mentioned these guys here, but they still are possibilities. Our pass rush has been missing something since Shawne Merriman fell off the planet.

What Should the Chargers Do In The Draft Tomorrow?

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  • [email protected]

    I think we should draft tavon austin he would be great and be a future star for this team, and if not vacarro that guy is raw talent and hits hard every time

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      welcome to the site brotha… he is definitely my absolute favorite choice for the selection. would love to bring on that explosiveness to the offense. we miss it

      • [email protected]

        Thanks glad to be here lol but ive been rrading your forums for about 2 weeks or so and I couldnt agree more with all of them and enjoy reading them, you honestly know your football man but tavon austin all the way! Haha

    • Cgoodness13

      As a returner I guess

      • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

        you have to give him more credit than that… i understand you are not into the pick, but he has more skills than just a returner.

        • Cgoodness13

          Ya, but we are pretty much such set on WRs. And to be honest, I feel like a team like the jets needs him way more than we do, plus if royal can stay healthy, he could probaly be just as good. If Alexander wasn’t on the team I’d be with you on picking him up, I think he will tear up defenses.

  • [email protected]

    Also what is your guys take on drafting a ej manuel or geno smith? Just saying and want feed back and opinions

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      would definitely be against bringing in a qb this time around…. if Philip is not right, then we go full blown for QB next season… right now, we try to get him back to elite. think he still is that qb

      • [email protected]

        Thanks and yeah makes sense im super excited for tomarrow

    • boltingindiego

      to many positions we have to fill to waste 1 of the 7 draft picks we have on a qb especially when we have rivers salary and with our 1st round or if we had to trade up early in the 2nd for manuel.

      • [email protected]

        Thanks for the feed back appreciate it

  • FitzWilly

    Trade up to get LJ IMO
    We need a long term solid LT
    and drafts like this don’t come along every year

    • http://www.facebook.com/lostkiara Stefanie Smith

      That is a good point. We were all talking about it when the Combine was going on that this was the Chargers’ draft year to solve that O- line problem for Rivers. And yes, these types of drafts do not come around often. Usually, the first 10 are a bunch of QBs.

      • FitzWilly

        exactly Stefanie
        in the new era of football, the LT is becoming a “glamour” position, and can make or break your offense
        as we have seen

    • boltingindiego

      except next year when u have mathews who will be tamu lt this upcoming year. Then you have lewan from michigan and cyrus from bama.

      • FitzWilly

        Yes but Rivers is taking a beating now
        don’t think we wanna go through another
        49 sack season

    • RussinSactown

      If you trade up for LJ then you lose the chance to fill the other holes in the roster since the value of 6 (Cleveland) to 11 (Us) is pretty high. Are you sure you can’t find a solid left tackle further down in the draft?

      • FitzWilly

        I don’t disagree with you
        it all depends on what either Cleveland or Oakland would want
        it’s a tough spot to be in
        My thinking is if LJ is a great a football player as they saying
        then we are set at that position for a long time
        Just glad i’m not the GM lol

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    I voted trade down.. because that’s what I think is best for the team, and what TT WILL do… unless there is an elite LT, or Star Lotulelei is there, of course.

    However, if none of these things are possible…TT should draft my dream pick.. Vaccaro!

    • boltingindiego

      i agree we have lots of holes on our team and the more picks we have the better.

  • [email protected]

    Just got news, espn said 3 teams have called the raiders about the 3rd overall pick, chargers, dolphins, and other is unknown but does this mean eric fisher a charger? OrJoeckel if chiefs choose fisher hmm so much anticipation for tomarrow dont know whats going to happen

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      that guarantees one of the 3… dont know which one. still could mean only Lane Johnson.

      • [email protected]

        That is true

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=821380130 Jason Lehr

      Would the Raiders really trade with us in the division? Not sure about that!

  • Preston Niedert

    Stay put at number 11 and draft the best player available. Let the board play itself-out there are alot of good players.

  • Ioane

    If the QB class wasn’t so poor in this draft, we could of easily landed Fisher or LJ. It’s not very often in drafts 3 tackles and 2 guards could go top10. Usually, tackles start to come off the board in the mid of the 1st. As bad as we need a tackle, I say we don’t move up for one. I would try and sign McKinnie as a stop gap and draft a tackle in next years draft. Guys like Lewan, Matthews and a few others will be available considering next years draft will have more star power players in the top 10.

    I say we take the BPA or move down and grab more picks. We have big holes to fill and having extra picks can really help us. The only players I would stay at 11 for would:

    LJ, STAR, MINGO, MILLINER. That would be it. I really like Vaccaro, but the safety position is deep. If none of those guys are there, we should trade down a few spots and grab an extra 2nd, 3rd round pick.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      make a great point with the safety class being deep. think we can steal a good one in the next two rounds. Swearinger would be a nice pickup to team up with Melvin all over again.

  • Pels04

    Honestly i would be pretty much ok the Chargers doing any of the options. The only one im not totally sold on yet is Fluker. I would rather have Lotulelei/Austin/Vaccaro Rd 1 and an OT in 2nd over taking Fluker in rd one. Here is what i want to happen tomorrow…..First choice would to be to trade up in front of Arz. only if there is one LT left on the board. If thats not an option or it costs too much then try to trade down into the late teens or early 20′s and take BPA and hopefully Vacarro is still there. If that fails i would be more than happy with any taking a DL/LB or Austin at 11. I did however vote to trade down because thats what i feel has the best chance of happening and if we dont trade down too far i think thats whats best for our team.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ ChargerGirl Cindi

    Too many choices. We should stay put and get the best available player at each turn. Best available lineman is first.

  • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

    more love for star than i thought… beast

  • DanishBolt

    I’m not sure, if I even want us to draft a LT
    Lane Johnson will be a solid LT in the league, only the 3rd best at the position THIS YEAR.
    Defensive BPA = a player that could turn our D-line or safety duo into one of the best in the league.

    In a few years, when we look back. Would you be satisfied with an avg LT? I’d rather have a Pro Bowl caliber guard, who would make the job a bit easier for the OT.

    I just think we have a chance to take a top tier talent and turn a weakness (Secondary or pass rush) into a strength and Lane would still not be a savior at the tackle this year.

    So give me an instant starter or trade down (hopefully to 16) and get BPA and an extra pick or two

    • DanishBolt

      So my vote is, do whatever you want but move up or select Fluker (RT/G?)

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Dang trading up got 32 votes? Who are these mysterious 32 people lol. I kinda hope the Ravens don’t trade all their picks and move up for LJ, man everyone and there mom wants him now. Might be another big 3 next year but again we would have to really stink it up to get one of them, at least next year will have guys of substance go go along with the tackles who knows. I’m ready for the draft baby!

    • DanishBolt

      If we fill most of the holes this year, I wouldn’t be against moving up for Lewan next year.

      then we should move down to 16 and select vaccaro or a guard and get an extra second

      2nd and 3rd BPA; ILB, CB, NT

  • RussinSactown

    Trade down. St. Louis wants to come up. So might San Fran. Target an ILB with the 1st pick and O line with a 2nd.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      I hope we do just that Russell, tomorrows Football Christmas….cant freakin wait.

  • SDCharger86

    We cannot afford to trade up and get a LT because that is not our only need! We are better staying at the 11th spot and grabbing Warmack! Our second round pick will go towards improving the secondary! #BoltUp

  • tubbs45

    1. OT – if they are there
    2. trade down
    3. trade not possible, then Star
    4. BPA Probably Vaccaro?

    • Gunnar Martin

      Yep yep yep

  • Ioane

    @ Ernie, yes a Safety like Sweringer would be a great pick up, another guy would be Baccari Rambo possibly in the 3rd or 4th. Sweringer will likely go in the 2nd.

  • Ignatius

    Pull off a Bobby Beathard, trade down a look deep in the draft instead of the sexy pick.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    I want to congratulate the 23 people (5%) who knew better than the rest of us did on this poll. DJ Fluker it is!!!! Any of you want to take a stab at who we will draft tonight? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. LMAO!