Should He Stay, Or Should He Go?

Good Morning, Charger Fam-Bam!

A lot of Charger fans are  in a “Danario Frenzy” right now. We have merely days until we will find out if he will be a Charger this year! Some want him to stay, and some don’t care if he goes. I would say that the majority of people want him to stay.

Despite his injuries, he was PR’s only Go-To-Guy last year. He did have a couple of flat games. However, he can catch the ball, and make some spectacular plays! We aren’t known for yards after catch, but we have seen him do the “spin move” a couple of times, and break free for big yardage! Especially in important moments.

This opens up a host of questions.

How much is DX worth? Are his injury problems behind him? How many more years can he be effective?  What spot do you give him on the receiver roster, if he stays? Can he be the #1 coming out of camp?

One thing is for sure. We are going to have Vincent Brown back! V-Brown might be the missing link. If we retain Alexander, we will have 3 good wide receivers on the list. Royal & Meachem still need to prove themselves, as Chargers. Mike McCoy may be able to get Royal going, due to their familiarity. It’s up to Meachem to step up this year, and be that missing piece to the wide receiver corps!

So, as the days get closer…. I wanna know.

Will Danario Alexander be wearing a Lightning Bolt in 2013?

Here comes the poll:

Will Danario Alexander be a Charger in 2013?

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  • Lee

    obviouusly he needs to stick around. we dont have a lot of depth at any position right now and rivers really liked him for the most part of last year. keep him and see what he does. low risk high reward imo

    • Peter Thompson

      I agree. I just keep seeing people post nervously about him getting scooped up by another team. I was curious to see if anyone actually thinks he is a goner for 2013.

      • JoseSD

        I’ve commented this before , I don’t want to keep repeating myself but only 1 RFA has left his original team in the last 4 years. The onlyRFA to visit another team was Emmanuel Sanders who was offered a one year deal by the Pats. DX is staying I don’t see anybody taking him especially with so many other WRs on the free agent market and the draft 2 Weeks away

        • Peter Thompson

          Actually, your original post was one of things that contributed to me writing the article. I thought it was odd that people were bashing TT for offering him the lowest tender, as soon as the news broke. It was doom and gloom from the get-go. Personally, my pulse never went up even a little bit. I’m not being optimistic for the sake of it… I just think the cards were stacked heavily i TT’s favor. It wasn’t as big a gamble as everyone was making it out to be. Of course, he COULD get signed by another team, which would definitely suck… but, who would throw that kind of money at it? Norv? It would almost seem like a “revenge” signing, and I’m not sure he wants that kind of thing on his plate when he is trying to shed the “bad coach” title in a new city. I was a little nervous about the Pats swooping him up, but they seem to have found their guy already. And, judging by the poll numbers, the overwhelming amount of people agree that DX isn’t going anywhere. So what’s with all the panic? We should not only still retain him, but will have saved cap money doing it. How was this a bad move again? Maybe I’m missing something.

          • JoseSD

            If I remember correctly a lot of people were pissed that he was offered an original tender when for 750K more it would be a 2nd round tender and he would probably be guaranteed staying in San Diego. But what they failed to.comprehend was that besides signing any other free agents they have to work out deals with the incoming rookie picks, that extra $750K Telesco saved is the first year salary of 2-3 rookies, TT made the right call

          • Stefanie Smith

            Man, we are in that bad of shape? Down to looking for a $100k here and there.

          • JoseSD

            Not at all, you missed the point of my comment, TT knows not many teams would try to sign DX with his injury history so he gave him the lower amount, looks like a week from now DX is gonna stay. So TT saved an extra 750k I don’t care if you have 20 mil or 2 mil in cap space saving 750k is a good thing not penny pinching like you implied

          • Stefanie Smith

            Jose, may I ask if you work for the Chargers? When I insinuate that the Chargers management is screwing around with the money, you get pretty shaken up about it.

            Guys want to get paid when they do well. I am solely looking at it from an employee perspective. If you want to keep good workers (players) you take care of them, pay them well, and don’t screw around with them playing games. Sometimes saving $1 today costs you $2 tomorrow. Immediate short term gains/savings/outcomes are not always the best ones for long range optimum results.

          • JoseSD

            No I don’t. I wish I did, I would even work for free. And the only time I’ve disagreed with you is when I corrected you when you kept posting that a restructure adds more years and I told you that you were confusing a restructure with a contract extension. And you disagreed when I said Weddle is underpaid, hes making 5.6 mil this year, that’s really low for a top 3 Free Safety in this league. And with Alexander it looks more than likely that Danario will be kept with no suitors are coming for him. what’s your opinion that just cause he had a good 9 games we should ignore the fact that he’s injury prone, has had 5 knee surgeries and never played a full 16 game season they should throw a bunch of money at him, that’s what happened with signing Gaither, Royal and Meachem. Spending loads of money on a player out of sheer desperation. in one week we’ll all know where he’ll play this season. Probably here, and you’re making a fuss cause Telesco saved the team $750 saying “they’re desperate to save 100k here and there” in the words of Chad Johnson, Child Please!!

          • JoseSD

            $750 k, not $750

          • Stefanie Smith

            Plus Norv is not the coach, so he doesn’t make the decision. Chud does.

          • Peter Thompson

            I am aware of that. But, much like I would imagine Whiz has some say in who he would like to have on our roster (even if it is a small say), I’m sure Norv would have some say in who he thinks fits best into his system… which they brought him in to run..

  • RussinSactown

    If someone was going to toss a ton of cash at him, it would have happened by now. We’re not out of the woods here but he’s looking good for Charger Blues in 2013.

    • Peter Thompson

      I love that! I think so too.

  • Cgoodness13

    Why about Floyd?

  • jamesballenger

    Just noticed that Danario is spelled Denario in the poll.

    • Ernie Padaon

      close your eyes for 2 seconds while i correct it.

      • Peter Thompson

        Stop screwing up my polls, Ernie! Hahaha.

        • Ernie Padaon

          oopsie… haha

  • FitzWilly

    T-Squared has this
    He’ll be back donning the Bolt :)

  • Stefanie Smith

    Yes. Danario has to stay. There is a lot of change going on and it would be nice for Rivers to have some stability of players.

    Off the subject a little: Do you think Rivers is taking out Woodhead and the guys and working with them like Manning is with Welker, Decker and Moore right now? Is he taking it on himself to do his own practices with these guys? Just wondering.

    • Ernie Padaon

      they are all at camp already… manning still has to wait. we got a head start on them

      • Stefanie Smith

        I mean. Does Rivers do extra with his guys? Thought this was only a voluntary workout. Also Manning did this last year–spent a ton of time outside of the facilities with new teammates.

        • Ernie Padaon

          he has before. i have seen him do stuff with vincent brown right when he joined the team.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Fantastic. Then he is doing it. Makes me feel better. lol.

          • JoseSD

            Most QBs probably do the media just isn’t all on their nuts the way they are with Brady and Manning so we don’t hear about it, and like others said they’re at the team facility now doing voluntary workouts but their actual football actions on the field are highly restricted, it’s mostly strength and condition at this time

          • Paul Kokal

            I hope he’s doing it this year. Haven’t heard anything from him this year over here in Hi. You informed me of his charity closing. Wonder what he’s thinking these days. Is he ever talking to the media in San Diego?

          • Ernie Padaon

            He goes on the air a few times

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        I don’t think they can even touch a football on the field yet so…..

        • Stefanie Smith

          Yeah, I just read that. Manning and his guys go out of the Broncos’ facilities and do their own workouts on their own. Like Brady was doing with Danny Amendola just about a week ago (out here in CA).
          Manning talked about this–they really don’t get that much time even in camp and it requires a lot of extra time. Was just wondering if Rivers does that–to get a good rapport going with these guys?

          Even Mark Sanchez holds a sort of camp for his players on his own to get more time outside the structured team workouts which are limited now by the CBA.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    If he stays there will be trouble……if he goes it will be double!

    • Peter Thompson

      Bingo! I was jamming that last night, and it inspired me to write the article.

  • Peter Thompson

    If an offer is made by another team, how much do you guys think we should spend to keep him? At what point are we overpaying for DX, and should just walk away?

    • Ambitoos

      You answered a question with another question.?

      • Peter Thompson

        I wasn’t answering anyone’s question. I was asking two of my own…. Lol. We should get an over / under going on how much DX will be offered, if another team wants him!!! That could be fun!

        • Ernie Padaon

          Hmm.. Wonder what he could get offered. What did sanders get offered? Could be around there.

          • Peter Thompson

            2.5 mil. One year. I’m going with the under on that.

          • Ernie Padaon

            I can see a 2M deal for a couple of seasons or maybe a year… Would you match that?

          • Peter Thompson

            Yes, I would. If it gets higher than 2.5, it starts getting uncomfortable IMO.

          • C.Steele

            Yep I’m feeling $2M. I think the tender was for $1.5M anyhow, so another $500K is doable. But, starts to get dicey after that. I do love the strategy though, giving him your number than letting the market decide if it’s right nor not!!

  • blu3ny3llow

    If they are going to more of a dink and dunk offense ……do they still need DX…I hope he’s back just saying though

    • boltingindiego

      he should do well on slants and ins because he could use his size for positioning.

  • Rob Base

    Just stay its easier!

  • chargersfanfromswitzerland

    iam a football fan since 2 years when i visited san diego, i like the city and especelly the san diego chargers.. watch every game since then and cant wait till the season begins! so, my know how about football cant be compared to you guys.. so i have actually no idea what is possible in the off season and what is not.. my question: there were rumors, that the browns (with our beloved norv) could have interest in danario, is there possible to make a deal, that the browns give aus the nr. 6 pick in the draft in return to get the 11. pick form us and danario?? so we would have our left tackle!! (if that isnt possible, dont laugh at me, im learning every day ;) )

    if that isnt possible, i want him to stay all the way!!

    btw.. i really like this page, like the articles and the discussions.. makes the offseason a little bit shorter!

    go chargers

    • Ernie Padaon

      thank you so much for the compliments. it would be possible to do something like that, but the Browns likely would not want to make that trade since they can sign Danario Alexander to a contract without having to give up anything in return.

    • Peter Thompson

      Hope to see you comment on here more! Roll your sleeves up, and get dirty ; )

  • Peter Thompson

    268 to 12. Guess we know where the fans stand.

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