November 11, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Vincent Jackson (83) gets pumped up as he runs out onto the field prior to the game against the San Diego Chargers during the first quarter at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Will Not Receive a Compensatory Draft Pick

Thank goodness for AJ spending all his money in free agency and picking up all that talent to make up for the loss of Vincent Jackson! We would have never had been able to pull off that tremendous season without Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal, Jarrett Johnson and that free agent class! By picking up all those guys, we get ZERO compensatory picks. ZERO!

This draft isn’t deep in offensive linemen or secondary or anything. We couldn’t use an extra pick at all. We have no holes to fill. We are frickin fabulous!

I love AJ Smith and everything he was able to do for us the last few seasons. Letting Vincent Jackson walk without getting any compensation is my absolute favorite move of them all.

Thank you so much AJ. You are something special.

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  • Rob Base

    You called it bro no comp picks for our Bolts! Thanks A.J
    sucks no trade potential for picks either. Pick em wisely Telseco!

  • Ignatius

    Wait, wait, wait… Before we start bashing AJ Smith let us not forget all the wonderful draft picks he’s done like Rivers and… well… I think… dang! I can’t think of someone else! Curse you AJ and your lousy draft picks and trades!

    • blackroseMD1

      I’m gonna go on record as saying that Weddle kid might be pretty good one day.

      • Ignatius

        Yes but he paid a lot to get him. Also, one good draft pick doesn’t make for two or more bad draft picks. Anyone can make a good pick but in the position he’s in and everything at his disposal, he should’ve had done a better job.

        • blackroseMD1

          Oh yeah, I agree. He definitely had more horrible picks than great ones. I’m by no means defending him…just pointing out that he got a good one every now and then, in between all the horrible ones. Hopefully Telesco does a much, much better job.

      • boltingindiego

        he had some good 1′s river trade, olivea 7th round, weddle. But also some bad 1′s hester, buster, english. Look at our 2008 draft none of those players are with us anymore.

      • Ernie Padaon

        I love lamp… And weddle

    • DougM

      Hitting draft picks is not easy. AJ messed up a lot, but the percentages of hits are not very good for most.

      • Stefanie Smith

        So, then.. “rebuilding through the draft” is a risky proposition.

        • arnie

          Absolutely Stefanie. that’s why most winning teams, re-tain there good players when they have them. instead of playing hardball negotiator, and letting them walk with no compensation, when there was some to be had.
          aj could find talent, but guess what DougM? EVERY player in the NFL is talented. the percentages of hits is irrelevant, unless you use it in context. you don’t need all your draft picks to be pro-bowl super stars. aj made plenty of head scratching moves, every analyst and organization just didn’t understand. compile that, yet again, with letting you good players leave, adds to being a poor GM.
          i’ve said it before, it takes more than being able to find talent, to be a good GM.
          his firing, and the mess the Chargers are in, only verify that.

          • DougM

            My reply was to a person who mentioned draft picks, Arnie. That person wasn’t making a point about retention.

            And as far as that goes, signings aren’t easy. You can’t just sign every free agent you have to a huge salary – if you do, you have cap issues. I’m not saying AJ didn’t screw up and let some get away, but the ones that most people name are not issues.

            Drew Brees: wasn’t all that great with the Bolts, good, but not great. Rivers had more potential and Brees got hurt. No problem with that choice. Brees recovered and has a perfect offense for him. Put him behind our current OL and he’d be useless.

            Michael Turner: It was LT or Michael Turner, not both. Fans would have burned down Qualcomm if LT was let go then.

            LT: yes, he was the best RB the Chargers probably ever had, but as a GM you always want to let go of a guy BEFORE he runs out of gas. LT only had one more decent year. Again, no problem with that choice.

            Sproles: I’ll ruffle some feathers by saying this, but dude quit on the Chargers after signing his franchise contract – maybe even before. Just because he’s a great fit with the Saints didn’t mean the Chargers needed to keep a disgruntled, highly paid RB on board.

            VJax: Excellent receiver, but NO WAY worth the amount of money he’s making each year. He’s not Megatron or Fitzgerald or Julio Jones or Roddy White.

          • arnie

            I understand quite clearly what your point was about, but you can’t have one with out the other. there is a balance that must be maintained. now i can see your opinions on what you think each of the players value is. so let’s look at the other side..

            It doesn’t matter what O-line Brees is behind. he went to a better run organization, and won a championship.
            LT would have taken a back seat to Turner, he is on record for saying this, but was never asked.
            Yes LT was on his last legs, but was that before, norv shifted away from running the football? Or told his pro-bowl FB to take a hike? LT didn’t start sucking over night, they took away the things that made him successful. Kinda’ like what PR has gone through the last few seasons. again, can be traced back to drafting.
            As for Sproles, i don’t know what you’ve been reading, but the facts are he was looking for a long term deal, and aj franchised him. TWICE. Sproles wanted to be a Charger, but an offer was never made. he signed with Saints for less than his franchise tag and if aj had matched the deal, Sproles would still be in Bolts, for around $2.5 mil a year. Also when Sproles was here, the team ranked among the best in 3rd down conversions. Since his departure, they are near the bottom. how much is that worth?
            VJ could have been a Bolt for less $30 mil, however, again aj decided to not offer a longterm deal. now as far as worth goes, when VJ was on the field the Chargers would have there best running games. Gates would kill in the redzone. PR would look unstoppable. And even Floyd would look like a superstar. Since……defenses have no respect for the WR. The running game doesn’t exist. and teams have beaten the Chargers by simply taking away Gates. So i guess the Chargers got better value by over paying gaither with half of Vj’s money? And over paying the other half away to Meachum.? then overpaying royal, and bring back Floyd? whom they could’ve compensated gaither with those two salaries.

            aj could have managed a better team, but all this didn’t happen overnight. he was here for ten years as GM. it was quite possible to retain most of those players. The point still remains, aj failed to draft players, to replace most of the ones he let walk.

          • DougM

            I understand the whole picture. Again, the only point with my statement was that its hard to hit on all picks, nobody does. I also completely agree that he did a poor job on the signing side. However, most people cry about those big names, and I don’t think that he necessarily made the wrong choices with THOSE guys.

            Yes, the Saints were better run and have a far better designed offense – no qualms there. Didn’t mean Brees would have done that here, my only point.

            The fans wouldn’t have let LT take a back seat then and we couldn’t afford both he and Turner.

            Never said LT turned bad overnight. I said that you had to let him go before he was done. The Chargers did. Even in a whole new system, he had one more good year.

            I watched Sproles quit on the field. Now you could be right, maybe that was because AJ handled him the way he did, but with the franchise tag, he was making a LOT of money for an RB, let alone a 3rd down back.

            VJ, at the time we could have signed him long term, was acting like a jackass. Drinking before playoff games, two DUIs. He was a great asset, but if you aren’t going to commit to your teammates and you’re going to be an idiot off the field, how are you worth a huge contract? And again with this terrible OL – that AJ created- VJ would have done little to help last year. He wouldn’t have opened up the running game because there was no time for PR to throw the ball downfield.

            Look, we’re both Bolt fans. We both agree that AJ made big mistakes. I think we’re just disagreeing with where they were made.

  • DougM

    Wait, so AJ shouldn’t have tried to fill the whole by signing more FA options? Plenty to complain about with AJ, but I don’t get this one.

    • Kenny Weeks

      pretty sure the argument is that we shouldnt have made a hole, especially since we didn’t have a sure fit to fill it.

      • DougM

        He wasn’t worth the money. No way. Not having him last year was not the reason for failure. With no time for Philip to throw, I don’t care who’s at WR, the Chargers weren’t going to win.

    • arnie

      What aj should have done is re-sign the good veteran players he darfted, an let the younger players develop behind them. Instead, he played hardball with the vets, pushed undeveloped players into roles they weren’t ready for, and had to spend even more money in FA to cover his behind.

      Why? because the “Holes” you referred to, ” were created by aj smith”.

  • Pete Spinning

    Hold no cap space or extra pics in one hand… A turd in the other… And you have what TT is working with this year. I’m glad to see that we all have his back.

    • Ernie Padaon

      TT has two turds… Ewww

      • Pete Spinning

        Hahaha… Better to have two turds in your hand, then two turds running your team, right?

        • Ernie Padaon

          Nice!! Well played

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    AJ knew he was gone and did it on purpose. What a douche, we need a freebie 3rd rounder.

  • RussinSactown

    AJ tried to bring in talent but we all know AJ is as good at picking talent as a drunk picking a sober drink

    • Ernie Padaon

      One scotch on the rocks with no ice please

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        The Ravens got a boat load of picks, maybe that’s why they let a third of their team go.

  • Brainz Jonathan Fitzgerald

    Lay off the booze