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Next Steps For the San Diego Chargers In Free Agency

The San Diego Chargers have been busy for the first couple of days in free agency. There hasn’t been Denver Broncos type movement going on over here, but there were a handful of players that Tom Telesco was able to recruit over to town.

The Chargers started on the offensive side of the football, getting help up front on the offensive line. The Chargers signed versatile offensive linemen, King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart, to deals. They also signed hard nosed tight end John Phillips. None of the signing will blow you away, but it brings youth and a fresh air onto the roster. They also bring some help blocking for Philip Rivers.

Having players like Dunlap and Rinehart around will open up the possibilities in the draft. Both guys can play all over the offensive line and can fill the holes that we have. If the linemen they want is unavailable in the draft in the first round, they can look at different positions and know there are a couple of guys that can hold the fort for a bit. If Dee Milliner is available at pick 11, then we can afford to select him. Or whoever you want to select with that pick.

On defense, the Chargers were able to add a new piece to the secondary with the signing of Derek Cox. Cox will start at one corner spot and the other spot will be battled out between Shareece Wright, Marcus Gilchrist and probably some rookie. That position will be shored up in the draft and the team can see if they can find some bargains in free agency to add to the position.

There still are a few holes that need to be addressed. Re-signing Aubrayo Franklin will clog a huge hole over the middle of the defense. There also needs to be a middle linebacker brought to town to play next o Donald Butler. Lastly, they probably need some vet on the roster to take some carries away from Ryan Mathews. They will grab one in the draft also, but there needs to be depth at the position.

The Chargers can always sign offensive linemen and nobody will be mad. They can add 6 more and I wouldn’t see an issue with it. Call up Eric Winston and bring him to town. Keep adding pieces. In the draft, draft studs. Don’t worry about the position, we just need good football players!

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  • Ryan Elliott

    You hear anything about why the Chargers team plane was in Florida (assuming for Cox) then went to KC and is now in Denver?. I have a couple of theories

    One being more Free agent (maybe Winston)

    Two being maybe McCoy’s had to pick up or drop off his family in Denver but it doesn’t explain the KC trip

    Three being the old burning bags of dog poop of division opponents team facilities front door steps

    here’s a link

  • Chargers001

    We go 3-13 this year.

    • Ryan Elliott

      Last one to Clowney is a rotten egg

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Look how Indy turned it around so fast. Course they had Luck on their side.

      • tbell11

        And you think Rivers is worse?

        • NativeSanDiegan

          In 1 word, Yes. Example 1: Rivers running out of pocket to his right- throws it away (even with open recvr down sideline). Luck consistently throws completions in same situation ( he had a bad o-line just like PR.
          Ex: 2- (this is sure to bring some wrath on me) Early last yr Meacham, a smaller, quicker/faster receiver than PR is used to, streaked down the sideline with 2 steps on his man. PR took this huge windup and threw it as far as he could, but it was way short. PR tried to adjust by throwing it as far as he could as soon as he received the hike (great coaching by Norv) and was predictably off-target. Luck has a quick and accurate deep pass to speedy recvrs, dating back to at least his Jr. year to Owusu.
          Could go on, but ask scouts: Luck is already better than PR. I do believe PR is still good enough (given time), but other top qb’s make plays even under pressure. Hopefully PR can rebound with good coaching & o-line. So much for 1 word.

          • JoseSD

            That pick six he threw against the Bucs shows how bad Philip is when scrambling out of the pocket

          • arnie

            i don’t know why you would get heat? you didn’t say anything that isn’t fact. You left out one thing…

            3) who did Luck have for Coaches? And who was PR coaches? again, no comparison. I’ve been on record on this site, “…it is a collective effort, of the entire organization”, to reach a record of 11-5. the same can be said for being 7-9.

            if you look at PR’s numbers ever since norv took over, they consistently go in one direction. down. Either that is a sign, he is a product of the players around him. Coaching. Or, his skills have declined and we should start looking for a new QB, now. all players skills decline over time, but 108 to 86.6 passer rating?

            From 2006-2009 rivers sacks were consistently averaged 25 a season. From 2010-2012, those sacks increased by an average of 8, over the last three seasons. now that may be lack of developing players, to protect PR. Or it could be a lack “getting” players to protect PR. that would be a management issue.

            Now, i don’t care what other “top qb” there are, you can’t make any plays under a pile of 300 lbs linemen. PR can only throw the ball, the skill guys need to catch it. or least be “in between” the DB an the ball, when it comes down.

            Luck was better than PR, last year. but he never had the privilege of having aj & norv as his support system.

          • NativeSanDiegan

            Hi Arnie,
            You’re absolutely correct. I was already too long-winded to add more. Seems obvious it’s a complete team effort as you alluded to (GM/mgmt) Coaching, Philip’s natural reaction to being a “tackling dummy”, & his skillset at the time. He may have even had an undisclosed injury. What to do? Get quality OL(I think blocking TE signed will help along with pass protecting RB) & depth at OL, RB, & TE. There are always injuries in NFL. I’d also get developmental QB.
            Thanks for your info. Some bloggers only repeat what they’ve read from articles or team PR; don’t use their own eyes.

  • NativeSanDiegan

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. (I tried on another thread). There will be a stud at 11, just don’t know which position until then. You need those studs if you really do want to Win The Super Bowl ( which I’m sure is what we’re all passionate about

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Especially if anyone takes a QB or two. Pushes a couple more stud choices our way.

      • NativeSanDiegan

        Yep. Could be OT, guard, db, or even stud LB ; but really do need stud OL at some point

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I think above all else this year’s team is going to be really fun to watch, we have several guys that we haven’t even got to see. Ingram starting full time is like getting another 1st round pick, who kbps maybe Gilchrist is a beast we just don’t know.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      I think a lot of the younger guys TT keeps are going to be better than we give them credit for, given the pt. I also look for them to keep improving throughout the season. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

  • Joey Nicks

    Montee Ball would be AWESOME to watch in Bolts. I would love to see the selection!

  • Nick in PB

    I had a really hard time with Vasques being signed by the Broncos. I was wondering what Tolesco had in mind. Thought it was a priority to bring him back? But then I realized, of all the positions to lose a player at, Guard is possibly one of the easiest to replace. Getting Cox was a good move. The rest, just average but we did add depth. I think FA signing should be about depth and not overspending. Seems we did that last year and this year, we have little cap room. I am still worried about the LT position and even in the draft, there are no guarantees. I’s like to see where we are as far as cap room with all the releases and signings. Do we have enough to go after a really good FA. Maybe we are waiting for the price to come down. So far, the LT spot hasn’t brought any big contracts. Maybe TT is waiting for a steal!