Oct 15, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Richard Goodman (15) runs a kick-off return during the fourth quarter against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Will Retain WR/KR Richard Goodman

The San Diego Chargers retained the rights to WR Richard Goodman. Goodman signed his one-year tender offer, per Michael Gehlken, and will have to fight for a spot on the roster next season.

The wide receiver spot has a lot of competition, but that doesn’t mean there are not any openingsl. Goodman could finally get a fair shot at getting some playing time as a receiver with Norv Turner out of town.

I know that fans that would rather have Micheal Spurlock back returning kicks and getting opportunities, but I am a fan of Goodman as the kick returner.Kick returner! Spurlock is the better receiver and he was the one that had a kick return for a touchdown last season, but Goodman was close plenty of times. There were plenty of times when he was one move away from that score. He has great speed and can make things happen.

I know people still remember when Goodman made that rookie mistake of tossing the football on the grass after his reception against New England. I know people hate when he runs the kicks out of the end zone. He takes chances, but those chances usually ends up at least to the 20 and in better occasions he gets us even closer.

I would love to see him get some chances on offense too. The kid has some speed! Maybe he sucks and that’s why he has never gotten the chance again or maybe he suffered from Norv’s ageism.

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  • Rob Base

    The more competition the better! Goodman has the ability to make great plays its a good move.

  • arnie

    That is good news. No pun intended. If I have to look forward I am looking at T&M creating completion, not favorites, planning for the teams future. Although we know meachum will be in one of those roster spots, it’s not because he was outstanding. If meachum fails to produce, it will be nice to know we have Goodman to move up into that roster spot.

  • JoseSD

    This is going back to the previous article about Norv relying on vets but we never got to see what Goodman can do as a WR, when the team had no options Goodman got his shot against New England you have to admit that diving catch was freaking sweet but being a rookie he forgot that you have to be touched to be down in the NFL, and just like typical good ol’ Norval he was stuck on the bench ever since. Spurlock was great in the slot doing what Royal should have been but I say let’s see what Goodman has to offer at WR not just special teams

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      Yup… I thought the same thing… Would love to see him just get a real shot

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Cool as long as its not replacing Denarios spot.

  • Preston Niedert

    They can give Richard goodman a one year tender. But Alexander gets a low cost tender how is that fair or right. If I were Alexander agent I would be upset. how does goodman warrent a one year tender and more money for someone who barley played or was on the field. Vs Alexander who was on the field more and played well enough to at least earn a one year tender with more money vs the money he could earn on the low cost tender. how is that doing Alexander any good that to me is a slap in the face. I could see if Alexander didnt play well and was not on the filed. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel Alexander was passed over if that is how mangent is going to run things then the régime won’t last long.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lostkiara Stefanie Smith

      I agree, Preston. I am starting to wonder whether this new management is just setting the stage to do everything opposite of either AJ or Norv. If Norv liked the guy, he is gone. If AJ liked the guy- gone.
      Hope they are not too busy just doing the opposite of the previous management.

      And yeah, Alexander deserved a high tender. Was a dumb move on the management’s part. They can spin it any way they want. Too busy proving they are different than AJ and Norv.

      Change just for the sake of change is not always the correct move. I think they feel compelled to be totally different even if it ends up hurting the team.

      And they better get Vasquez taken care of. Letting what few decent players we have left walk out the door – well, AJ could have taken care of that for us.

    • JoseSD

      They put the same one year tender on both of them, Goodman just happened to sign his offer, the other difference is that DX has had 5 knee surgeries, they.can’t afford to risk big money on him with very little cap room and so many needs elsewhere. DX played incredible in his games here but what if they sign him to a big contract and he blows out his knee again, then everyone will be complaining that they learned nothing from Gaither’s signing. They’re doing the smart thing thinking long term, free agency hasn’t even officially started yet, at least wait until after the draft before ripping into the new regime

      • Preston Niedert

        Really did the chargers think that no team would take a chance on Alexander. They must have a really low opion of Alexander that they would put a tender that dosnt benefit them. Also I rip into the new regime if I feel like it I’m tired of the chargers losing and the way they do business and in case you have forgot I’m Intiled to my opion you don’t like it that your opion.

        • JoseSD

          The league year hasn’t started yet, free agency doesn’t begin until tomorrow you say this regime won’t last long, they haven’t even made their first move yet besides resigning the kicker and longsnapper. What they have done is give the team 11.million in cap space when they only had $6 mil to start with and they’ll have another 3.5-5 if they release Garay . No team has put a claim on Alexander there’s just rumors of.Cleveland being interested because of norv. You’re acting as if Alexander is gone already

          • Preston Niedert

            I’m not alone when I say the new regime hasn’t restored alot of ppl faith in the chargers this season. How long do we give the new regime to make it to the playoffs and a Super Bowl befor we call for there firing. I’m not convinced the chargers turn it around this season in fact they migh have a have a worse record then last year then what?

          • JoseSD

            I say give them more than the one month it’s been since the last Super Bowl, and of course they might have a worse record than last year, do you expect them to find new starters at LT,LG, WR a backup RB, Nose Tackle, MLB to play next to Butler, probably 2 more CBS and a SS in a single offseason

          • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

            In with Jose on this one… At least see what he does in the offseason. He can’t make any moves right now.

          • JoseSD

            Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but seriously he can’t make any real moves until tomorrow,its like if I trashed ernie for an article you haven’t even written yet

          • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

            i would think you were a jerk… hahaha… most definitely wait and see what he does this offseason and then we can at least see part of the picture. the canvas is still blank

          • Preston Niedert

            Okay that makes sences. Also what’s the deal with Vasquez I’m hearing the chargers haven’t even made him a offer yet I though he was a top priority. If Vasquez was number one on there of agents to resign would you think they would be in constant contact with Vasquez agent and were working on a deal. Now we find out they have even made a offer that saids alot right there.