Dec 30, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) lays on his back after a play during the first quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN: NFL Most Overvalued Players – Philip Rivers

It is obvious that Philip Rivers has had a tough time the last couple of seasons. His protection has been crap and his performance has suffered because of it. In a new post from ESPN, they analyzed the most “overvalued” players based off of their performance. Basically, it is a list of most overpaid players. At the start of their list…

Quarterback: Philip Rivers
Cap difference: minus-$10.3 million

Rivers edges Michael Vick because Vick missed time due to injury, though that shouldn’t be used to deflect any criticism directed at the Chargers quarterback. Obviously protection was a problem in San Diego, but there were obvious times where Rivers was anticipating pressure that simply didn’t manifest itself. That led to a ridiculous 42 balls thrown away (the next most was 30), with 15 of those throw-aways coming on plays he wasn’t pressured. - ESPN

I don’t have an ESPN Insider account, but that is the portion that I was able to see. AWESOME! Chalk up another award for bad performance!

I wonder if there was a head coach listed in that post? Where did Norv stack up on that list and what type of analytics did they conduct? Does destroying a quarterback count on that list?

Operation Fix Philip Rivers is in full effect!

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  • Calum

    I have insider, nothing more on PR17 Gates is there though:

    Tight end: Antonio Gates
    Cap difference: minus-$4.8m

    Remember when San Diego’s Gates was the receiving tight end all aspired to be? Well, a drop-off in play from his quarterback, combined with age (32) catching up with him, have seen that all change. He was targeted 76 times last season and ran 523 pass routes, and had a woeful 1.03 yards per route run. That was the third-worst number among tight ends.

    • Ernie Padaon

      UGH… looking at the numbers is just sad!

      • arnie

        With all that said, are we starting to see a clear picture yet, on how bad it was to hire norv turner? of how not-so-well-of-a-job aj smith did?
        where are those numbers?
        i know what PR numbers are, but to point out, every since norv was hired, the numbers of production for this team have been steadily in decline.
        i’m tired these articles. PR did not design the plays, nor did he call them. PR did not decide on personnel. Yes he threw the pics, he muffed the hand-off. i get it. My point, if PR is guilty of one thing, it’s trying to do “everything”, within his power, to WIN a FOOTBALL GAME. if there is anything to be said about his “value”, does anybody think we win those 7 games, without him?
        PR is by no means my favorite QB, nor will i make excuses for him, it is what it is. But i refuse the throw the guy under the bus because his old HC was a moron, that called plays off the back of a vanilla folder. And his old GM was an ego-maniac.
        value? naawwh, this ain’t about overrated or overvalued. this is about the teams trying to free up cap space, and using the media to try an justify it, by putting positive spin on it, while they put some money in there pockets.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I am sure the new management is looking at the situation in a similar manner. They are likely thinking we have overvalued players on our team. Man, Rivers has to really turn it around this year. Bet they are brainstorming on how they can get Rivers and some of the others to take a pay cut.

      • Joan Manuel Martinez

        Is there any guy out there with good numbers and no OL ? I think Rivers has proved what he can do with protection.

  • Pete Spinning

    It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this year we can expect to be off of that list, methinks. Not completely out of the woods, but off of this list.

  • Stefanie Smith

    There is Rivers and Weddle that could do a restructuring, but the management has not approached them. Why? Because they are not sure they want to guarantee these guys money on the back end. So that tells me they are not sure of these guys yet.

    Right now, management wouldn’t think of doing a deal like Kraft and the Pats did with Brady. Our management is not sure that they want to keep Rivers around until he retires–so he doesn’t wander around the league like Favre and Montana

    • Ernie Padaon

      you make a good point. if I were someone new coming into the situation, it would be hard for me to keep him around forever also. He has to prove that he can get back on the right path. Don’t want to keep a bad quarterback around longer than we have to.

      • Joan Manuel Martinez

        I’m not sure the FO is not working on those deals as we speak. At this point we have to wait and see.