New San Diego Chargers Uniforms?

There seems to be some new NFL uniforms being passed around on the internet. NIKE took over the NFL uniforms and there was talk that they could change the game with what is happening with team uniforms. We saw the Seattle Seahawks roll with some new uniforms last season.

There were some FAKE uniform leaks a couple of seasons ago that people just liked looking at. Just like those, these are probably fakes too, but I am sure you all will like looking at these too. The people that are faking these are getting really good.

I like the look! Antonio Gates sure looks beast in the photo too. The gold and the powder blue mix is pretty sick. While we have so much change happening on the team, we might as well change the uniform look as well.

Found the photo on this site: To The Athletes Who

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  • arnie

    i like the uni’s we have.

  • Preston Niedert

    Wow the those uniforms stink the ones we have now are better then These

  • Grease Lighting

    Just go with the powder blues and the white helmets.

  • Keegan Tatum

    The uniforms above are hideous. Can we go back to the 1960s AFL uniforms?

  • JoseSD

    Those are ass ugly! the uniform I’d like them to wear more are the all white AFL with the white helmets and numbers on them

  • tbell11

    Just Stop it with this crap. Maybe if you make the pants white, but I still like the ones we have.

  • Joe Clarke

    If Nike took over the uniforms why do these have Under Armour logos on the pants and jersey sleeve?

  • delamerica93

    Go back to the blue helmet it was so cooooool

  • Tom Spalsbury

    I like this look except the gold shoes.They gotta go.

  • Raul

    They have Under Armour Logos. FAKE. If the pants were white they’d be sick.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Didn’t notice that from the start…. good call

  • veazy

    it looks kind of like UCLA, but worse. Yellow isn’t gold people, because at least gold pants don’t look like crap.

  • sanford peisner

    Those are some kind of ugly.Go back to the powder blues and watch sales sore

  • Mark Rojas

    those are stank ass ugly

  • Me

    I love ‘em! I’m not a big fan of white, especially white helmets; definitely love seeing color everywhere.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Too loud. Make them look clownish.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Or at least go navy blue.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Omg, I just noticed. They don’t seriously have to wear gold shoes, do they?

  • RussinSactown

    What? Were we bought by UCLA?

  • Sid Klum

    Powder blues are the best nothing else comes close. Not even those crazy gold boots

  • Vardog

    The new uniforms suck!

  • ed

    These uniforms aee just awesome the chargers should get thistype of look the ones we have now are too bland. Nike should make this uniform