Ladainian Tomlinson does PSA for gun control

After the unthinkable happened our country is now on board for gun reform.  Even NFL greats like LaDainian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk are appearing in a public service announcement in favor of gun law reforms.  The spot starts out with them asking “how many more?”

The spot was released on Friday and is paid for by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which was founded by New York City’s Michael Bloomberg and Boston’s Thomas Menino. A solemn Smith speaks into the camera: ”For the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.” Then Tomlinson adds, ”Demand a plan.”

You can watch the PSA on their website. If you agree, sign the petition and spread the word.

ChargerGirl Cindi

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  • Pels04

    I would argue that our country is on board with gun reform. I am a big 2nd amendment supporter and i was a little sad that LT was on this ad. Something does need to be done but blanket laws will do nothing to make us safer

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Watch the ad, it’s simply telling law makers to get off their butts and make laws to save kids. I am all for keeping the second amendment safe and our family safe at the same time. This can be achieved.

      • Pels04

        You dont think i watched it? I watched it multiple times, even before you posted it. Mayor Bloomberg is one of the biggest gun control advocates that has spent millions of his own money to push gun conrtol which is exactly what this video and the celebrity video is trying to do. If you truly support the second amendment you wouldn’t be urging us to sign a petition that bans guns.

        • ChargerGirl Cindi

          Without getting into a gun debate on a football website let me just say that I respect your right to believe what you choose and in no way am I trying to change your opinion. That said, it is my opinion, that an amendment that was written over two centuries ago to ensure peoples safety due to the amendment allowing organized militia, may need some tweaking.

          • Keenan Rickless

            You cant say that your not going to get into a debate then give your opinion. Especially when you said you’re all for keeping the second amendment safe, then hint you want it changed. The first amendment is just as old, doesn’t mean we need to limit peopls rights to speach. Just saying, this is a post on gun control on a football site, thats what started this.

          • ChargerGirl Cindi

            Thanks for your thoughts :-)

          • Keenan Rickless

            If Norv still had the HC seat you might feel different about gun control :P

          • ChargerGirl Cindi

            Hmmmm, food for thought. BTW, I am so glad he’s not!

          • Pels04

            I was fine with you posting this information until you tell the readers to sign the petition. I respect your opinion as well and i respect the constitution. We don’t need to further this debate but since you made a last statement so will I. “Tweaking” as you say only opens the door to other “tweaking” of amendments. That in my opinion is a huge problem. You had to have known that a topic this hot would cause a stir. But hey at least we have 2 things in common. We love football munchies and GO CHARGERS!!

          • ChargerGirl Cindi

            I agree. I updated my wording. I’m not about to push my opinion on someone. Boltup!

  • Stefanie Smith

    I am tired of the 2nd Amendment supporters wanting to shove guns in our face. What about my rights not to have to look at them? A lot of these gun nuts are showy about weapons to intimidate those around them.

    Personally, the big red flag for me, is this inordinate interest in weaponry. There is a guy at work who is taking steroids, now starting to fly off the handle… and yeah, now he is buying a crap load of guns and talks about them incessantly.

    No—don’t like it and don’t like being around it and stop shoving them in our faces to prove a point.

    • Pels04

      You know what im tired of? People like you that lump all gun owners into the “gun nut” category or the government making up terms to trick the public into thinking that these are “assault rifles” or “military styled rifles”. Your comments make you sound like you have never been around guns and are quite frankly extremely ignorant about them. Guns aren’t all bad like the media makes them out to be.
      And about the steroid co-worker…i would be worried about him to and you probably should tell HR or the police about him. Steroids are illegal and no one should be around guns if they are on drugs. You could take this opportunity and buy a handgun(assuming you’re a law abiding citizen). Take some classes to properly train yourself with it and that way god forbid if he did anything crazy you would have a chance to defend yourself.

    • Keenan Rickless

      One person a group does not make.

  • veazy

    Is my picture of LT ironic?

  • veazy

    48,000 deaths within the next 4 years? Sounds inflated as if it were the Mexican Drug War.

  • arnie

    i Love that LT is speaking out. what i don’t love is, we have laws on the books, that are not being enforced. If you want to limit, the sale of assault weapons, or limit the amount an individual can purchase, i’m fine with that too. What’s worse, there seem to be no accountability if someone gets a hold of one, they do not own. but let’s be clear. the majority of violent crimes involving guns in America, are committed with “hand guns”. Secondly, the number one weapon used in violent crimes in America, is a “baseball bat”. yet it seems to be clear to ban “assault weapons”. which account for less the one, one hundredth of a percent in violent gun crimes.
    if you listen to peirs morgan, we should be like great britian. where only 45 people died involving guns last year. what he doesn’t say, Britain has the highest violent crime rate, in “ALL” of europe. my point you can’t legislate “intent”. if some wants to kill another person, they’re going to find a way to do it. what i also find interesting, states where people can carry concealed weapons, have the lowest crime rates, across the board. i wonder why that is?
    so if we want to protect our children, because that is what this is about, maybe we should take page out of our president an vice presidents book. their children/grandchildren attend schools with “armed guards”. even the congress woman that has proposed a ban on all weapons, has a license to carry a concealed weapon, and is protected by four armed guards.
    so whether you like guns or not. or don’t like the second amendment, please consider this, the british empire, routinely disarmed it’s colonies, to maintain control. so in case “we the people” have to rise up in revolt, or even defend from foreign invaders, it think it might be a good idea to be able to have access to a AR-15 an some ammo. i even think it’s good idea, if someone tries to kill me, or my family, i can have the right to chose my weapon to defend myself or them.
    FFT. getting off the soap box…

    Bolts 4 Life!

  • Mike Novice

    The 2nd amendment was made to protect us from a Government bent on destroying our Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights. The biggest seller of assault weapons is the United States Government, and those weapons find their way right back here in the United States in the hands of criminals we let in, in the way of imigration. This is a ludicrous, knee-jerk action by Tomlinson. As a ex-utilty/ Hydro worker in California I find it funny the lack of smarts the democratic party has, unless they really are trying to go to a socialist society. Take this to note Charger Fans; The USA and it’s government has let it’s infrastructure go in the way of it’s train lines, power grid, bridges and every other way in which we all communicate in one way or the other. The power outage should have said it all. TV, going more and more to SAT, and who forced analog out- the US government. Cell phones are great aren’t they, more and more people are shutting down their landline phones for the comfort and less expensive Cell Phone,. Computers will work though right? Gas prices continue to rise and so do our grocery bills, truckers love it. Trains would be alot more economic for transporting people and supplys. But with the continued dependence on Satalite technology it makes it all the simplier for a foriegn government or our own to shut down or knock down the Satalites leaving the intire country without any way to pull together, less communicate with each other. Devide and control. This is why we have the 2nd amendment and if I were you I’d buy your guns now before this becomes a real thing. Conspiricy you say, math I say, add it up. Were being led down the road to destruction.

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