San Diego Chargers Add Crazy Looking Dude To Complete Coaching Staff

The San Diego Chargers added Rick Lyle to the coaching staff today as the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. I probably wasn’t even going to mention the hiring on the site, but I looked up images for the dude and noticed that he will likely kill a fool. Probably would kick Jared Gaither right in his groin or in his strained back.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    He does look like he’s had a guest spot on “America’s Most Wanted”.. just sayin.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Looks like a mug shot!

    • Pete Spinning

      This was probably his best pic, too… lol.

  • tiiiiiiiiiiit11

    He looks more like a red dot that shows up on the sexual offenders website

    • Pete Spinning


  • Ernie Padaon

    i just jumped onto the home page of the site and felt like i needed to run!!! he does his job well!

  • Pete Spinning


    This is gonna be an interesting year.

    • Pete Spinning

      There’s a guy at my gym like this, that I avoid like the plague. Kinda chucklin’ about club med right now.

      • Ernie Padaon

        this guy seriously is going to kick Gaither in the vagina

        • Pete Spinning

          I would hope that’s the plan. I keep waiting for the final evaluations. But, then I remember how much tape there must be to watch. I bet TT & MM haven’t had a wink of sleep in days.. and they are chewing their fingers off. LMFAO

        • tubbs45


  • Pete Spinning

    OK.. a little off topic kinda…. I have always said that the Chargers should change their image a little. I know we aren’t as bad now as the Bucs of old.. but I just watched Warren Sapp talk about how him and a few players decided that this was the last day that people were going to laugh at the Bucs. They had just gone from Popsicle to Pewter… and they changed that s**t right there.

    I have BEEN hoping that the Bolts would get a tough looking uni for awhile. Powder Blue is great, but sometimes I think you gotta be tough, and I think they should submit a design…today.

  • Joey Nicks

    This is amazing! Imagine white goodman with a shaved head! BAM! COUNT IT!

  • veazy
  • tubbs45

    lyle alzado’s son?

  • arnie

    LOL!!!! you said it Ernie.
    did this guy belong to the Sons of Anarchy? with one look, i would not want to be the player that missed their scheduled strength an condition test.

  • RussinSactown

    That dude looks like an assault waiting to happen. I’m betting he’s the nicest guy though. Probably plays tea party with his daughters.

  • Per Ola Öberg

    You guys really need to interview this guy. Record it for safety measures

    • Ernie Padaon

      I would only do it if there was that safety glass in between us and we pick up a phone on each side

      • Per Ola Öberg

        To be honest, looks like that might be a possibility in a not so distant future. I will follow this closely.

  • Dominic Seoane

    partner in crime with ryan leaf

  • davacho

    i just spit out my coffee reading that!

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