Jan 30, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed answers questions during a press conference in preparation for Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ed Reed Comments On Junior Seau - He Knew What He Was Signing Up For

Ed Reed was asked about the safety in the game of football and also was asked to comment on former San Diego Charger Junior Seau. Here are his comments via Buffalo News:

“We have to protect ourselves,” he said. “But football has been this way for ages. It’s always been a contact sport. It’s going to be a violent sport. You’re going to have repercussions from that.

“But every player who ever played this game, and will play it, they signed up for it. We signed up for it. We know what can happen. God forbid it happen to anyone, but that’s the life we choose to live.”

What about Junior Seau, I asked. Did he sign up for what happened to him?

“Yeah,” Reed said, “he signed up to play football. We all signed up to play football. Do you want it to happen? No. When I was on the golf course, did I want to hear that Junior Seau died? No. I grew up watching him play. That was a sad day, man, a sad day.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

    Wow. That’s an opinion, I guess. I love how he tried to throw the “I was sad while I was playing golf” thing at the end.. real classy. Ya playin’ next year, Ed? Don’t answer that.. we already know the answer. A resounding YES!!! Only because you have to. Otherwise, your retirement won’t get the media attention you “deserve”, and would be overshadowed by Ray Lewis’ retirement. Hope nobody puts a serious helmet-to-helmet on you in your final season. That would be a shame.. but, you would have signed up for it, so….

    I actually heard somebody say that this guy would make a great coach the other day on NFL Network… are you kidding me?!!!

  • Pels04

    I might get heat for this but oh well. I agree with Reed. Players know exactly what can happen playing this sport. People complain about the league being soft but can you really blame them when they keep getting sued by ex players and their family’s?

    • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

      I hear ya… I fully agree with you, P4..I don’t agree with the Seau family’s law suit, whatsoever. I don’t see Jr. being about that, but then again.. I only know what I know about him. I think his point (as sad, and misguided as his suicide was) is for scientists to research it. But, I still think Ed Reed is a primadonna, and has no class. Ask a REAL class act that question, not Ed Reed. And his comments proved that to me.

      • lblocz

        You seem to not like reed for some reason which is your opinion but how is he not a “real” class act. I’ve never heard of any players or coaches calling him disrespectful or a dirty player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

    @Iblocz – Figured I would take this off of P4′s comment, just to be cool. No worries.

    I have seen Ed Reed interviewed numerous times, and don’t like his general attitude. He should have been suspended for that dirty hit on Cruz, but he got off light with a fine. I also don’t like peeps making matter-of-fact comments like this about serious situations… especially #55. I mean… golf? Really?

    I do understand we all have different views of players. It’s all good tho = )

    • lblocz

      It’s cool man i was just curious why you din’t like him. On the golf part I just think he was playing golf when he heard the news about Seau which is why he brought that up.

      • http://www.facebook.com/pete.spinning Pete Spinning

        Most def. I’ll agree that I may be over-reacting to that part a little bit. But, just a little bit. Hahahaha! Nice chattin’ with ya, bro!

  • Joey Nicks

    I agree w/ Reed due to the fact that when i played i knew exactly what i we risk. It’s sad about JR. VERY Sad, we should try to prevent it. It happens often where people need a shoulder and we need to be there fir them regardless! As for Reeds play, he plays the game hard because as soon as you let up you might be the one to get hurt. You gotta protect yourself.