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Chargers GM Poll: Tom Telesco or Jimmy Raye

The list of candidates for the General Manager vacancy has narrowed down to a couple of names. Kevin Acee keeps speculating that the General Manager job will come down to Tom Telesco of the Indianapolis Colts or Jimmy Raye, who worked under AJ Smith.

The first time we ran this poll, Tom Gamble of the 49ers was the favorite from all of you guys. The New York Jets were a favorite to land him but now are looking to go in another direction, so he remains a possibility.

Now that it is narrowed down, which GM do you want?

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  • arnie

    for obvious reasons, telesco brings arians. our voted one hit wonder. and it also eliminates the problem of finding some one to install a new offensive system. however while the colts have experienced some “early” sucess, it can still be said there are enough leftover players, from the manning era, to help that along. so i’m not to ready to declare arians an offensive genius, nor telesco a front office guru.

    jimmy raye. he’s a leftover from the aj era. that in itself should be enough to move on. however this could mean dean is not ready for any “real” change but rather the look of change. simply because dean is familiar with raye, could bring a certain amount of comfort, specificaly when it comes to personell changes. on the other hand it has been reported raye was in disagreement with aj about certain, not so good draft an fa agent acquisitions. this alone give me hope that raye could be the man for the job. since i’m not willing to concede the chargers need to be completely overhauled.

    so while this could all be smoke screen to hire raye, the chargers could still get arians without telesco.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I agree. I have my concerns that with Jimmy Raye, it is phase one of the Spanos/Jimmy Jones type era. They are grooming the Spanos kid to be the GM. Do we want the same kind of set up like Dallas with Jimmy Jones?

      Also,out of all these candidates that they interviewed Jimmy Raye is at the top? How convenient. But as you stated, I don’t think the Chargers need a complete overhaul.

      But leftover players from the Manning era or not attributed to the Colts turnaround and success, somebody was smart enough to keep them. Apparently, someone over there had enough sense to keep them and somebody who knew how to use them–bringing out the best in them.

  • 1961 Fan

    They can get Raye for cheap money; Spanos will go the cheap way trying to make it look like loyalty. With the younger Spanos kid hanging around this franchise is in the dumps for a long time. Get ready for more “black outs” especially with the NEW and increased ticket prices. For all our loyalty Spanos jacked our season seats up $ 200.00/seat per season. Thanks Dean, you had four (almost five) blackouts last season it will be interesting how the fans react in the (2013) up coming season.

  • Nick Diaz

    Hiring Jimmy Raye is keeping the mediocrity we are all use to seeing in San Diego. I read the other comments on here and I get what those gentlemen said. But not cleaning house and getting rid of everything “AJ” is not truly cleaning house in my opinion. Hiring Jimmy Raye is not exciting and new. Its more of the same. So what you guys are saying is Spanos is so spineless that he will hire Raye because he kind of operates like AJ? God help us.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I am saying Spanos will hire Jimmy Raye so his kid can slide into the GM role eventually. Then we can have the Spanos kid acting like Jerry Jones. Yeah, Jimmy Raye is more of the same, but easier for the kid to merge into running the Chargers.

      • sdreal

        Dean has gone public saying that John Spanos will NOT be the GM. John will take over Dean’s responsibilities in a few years. This, in my mind, is an upgrade because at least John has been working in the league his entire life. I’d rather have him making decisions than Dean. At least he will come from the perspective of winning rather than business, which Dean is more apt to do.

  • RussinSactown

    The team needs a culture change and becoming Dallas West isn’t the best move we can make, especially since we aren’t even that good.

  • JoseSD

    The problem I had with AJ is his inability to keep our core players and sign them long term early before it got expensive like with Vincent Jackson, Darren Sproles who he signed twice with the very expensive franchise tag, or Marcus McNeil. but instead he overpaid Clary and Luis Castillo. Unlike most I don’t fault him for losing Brees and Turner. Philip was a first round pick and sat for two years and Drew’s contract was up and he had what seemed like a career ending injury in his last game no one could have predicted the success he would have in New Orleans staying with Rivers was a no brainer. And with Turner LT was just one season removed from being an MVP imagine the outrage if he was traded or cut to keep Turner and we couldn’t afford to keep all three RB’s the smart thing would have been to trade him in 2007 so we could get something in return. But what I hated most about AJ was his need to be the smartest guy in the room drafting English when Clay Matthews was still available trading away 2nd rounders and 3rd to get Jacob Hester, Mouton in the 2nd round, drafting two injured players Demetrius Byrd and Troutman, not drafting Offensive tackle depth I think the only tackles drafted since McNeil were Schilling and Corey Clark. I hope now that he’s gone they can sign Butler, Liuget and Alexander long term while they can afford it

  • miketuck

    Tom Telesco, and whether or not his decision to return to the Ducks is final the Chargers should lure Chip Kelly to their Sunny Beach City. Chip is as innovative as you can get. As a long time Chargers fan, what drew me to the Chargers was their innovative and explosive style. Holmgren would be OK, but I’ve said it before, the Chargers need a infushion of youthful inthusiasm from a GM and Coach that will take the NFL in their direction and not just follow along for the ride. Chip Kelly really knows how to go in at halftime and reevaluate a defense, coming out and taking it to their weakest link. I’d like the Chargers to not only win, but as Cindi has put it DOMINATE other teams. Besides Fouts, Byrd, and alot of other great Chargers went through Oregon. Keep it west Coast, both in management and in player personnel and prove to the rest of the US. The So East and Midwest aren’t the only ones that know how to play winning football.

  • miketuck

    Telesco with Kelly OSU as Coach sounds like a young winning combo to me.
    Ernie; Just a note, there’s a redshirt junior coming out of Eastern Washington this year or next depending on how he’s courted. Brandon Kaufman is Ed McCaffery reincarnated. This guy is 6’5″ and has hand like Floyd, plus he’s fast 4.6 / 40 I think but faster after the catch and boy he’s strong and hard to bring down. He’s listed as the 20th best WR by the talking heads, but be assured he’ll make his presence known if he gets his chance. I was tweeting Kevin Acee about this stud, and another Eastern player in the draft last year/ but not picked up, J.C. Sherritt MLB. Only 5′ 10″ so that was his drawback for many teams, now he led in tackles in the Canadian Football league almost all season. Just like Byrd, who was let go until Butler went down, he’s a football player and a great one. In special teams alone he’d be worth the pick-up.I’ve talked to you about the west Coast having some great players, these two are NFL caliber. Kaufman is the real deal, Floyd,Brown, &Kaufman would scare a few teams. With his lenghth, which he uses to his advantage, I’ve seen him catch so many balls that were way out of bounds and get both feet in. There”s alot of talent in the western FCS, and it comes cheaper than the hyped big school names.