NFL Mock Draft: The San Diego Chargers Select…

Time to check in on the to see their latest mock draft. Here is who they have the Chargers selecting:

12. San Diego Chargers – Taylor Lewan – LT/Michigan
There is going to be a regime change in San Diego and whether or not that means the end of Philip Rivers is yet to be known. But no matter if they keep him or grab Cali kid Matt Barkley, the Chargers need to protect whoever is under center. Jake Matthews is a common pick, but Jared Gaither is alright at right tackle. Stephen Schilling at left tackle is not; Schilling is an alright lineman at best and Lewan is one of the best tackles in the country. You do the math.

There are a few issues on this evaluation, first we have the ninth pick in the draft. Second, Gaither plays left tackle and Stephen Schilling is nowhere close to starting on the line.

At least they got the correct spot on the team to upgrade. I would hate to bring in Matt Barkley onto the roster in this draft. It would be a waste of a draft pick and we need to ride it out with Philip Rivers for at least one more season.

Now with the actual selection, anyone with a mustache tattoo is OK in my book.


Taylor is going to be one of the top lineman in the draft if he decides to enter the draft. Gaither, Mike Harris and Jeromey Clary to battle it out at tackle. Lewan would probably take the starting spot from Jeromey Clary or take the left tackle position and have Gaither move over to the right side. Gaither may be even less enthusiastic to play if he has to switch sides.

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  • jumpy

    y on earth would they draft a michigan guy or any big ten guy big ten is weak they dont play good competition just each other n mac schools this is nfl not pee wee football of the little ten stay away drafting anybody from a sissy conference

    • Ernie Padaon

      Hahaha… So you don’t like the little ten?

    • JoseSD

      I agree with you, Jake Long has regressed terribly and Joe Thomas is a great pass blocker but nota very good run blocker. Texas A& M proved they’re mettle by moving to the SEC and playing well above expectations I’d rather have Luke Joeckel but I’m beginning to think they’ll end up winning their last 2-3 games and again give the Chargers another mid level first rounder ensuring the top player at our position of need is gone by the time its their turn to choose. But I think Jake Mathews would be a good pick up at RT. And since we’re stuck with Gaither and his contract at least he might be more willing to play at LT

      • Chris Hudson

        You realize between Long and Thomas there are 6 All-pro awards and 9 pro bowl appearances. I’ll take that any day over Gaither, Harris or whoever else they can scarp up to play LT. This kid measurables are off the chart. Not to knock Jake Mathews but LT is much more of a need and harris is probably better suited to the right side

        • JoseSD

          I didn’t say they weren’t good, Thomas is one of the best pass protectors in the game but for a man his size he isn’t the mauler or road grader in the rushing game that he should be. Jake Long was great his first 2 years but has been pretty bad the last 2 seasons. What I was agreeing with is that there is this stigma with the Big Ten that they’re soft. But with Joeckel and Mathews they’ve proven they can get it done in the pass heavy and spread offenses of the Big 12 and they played incredibly well in the SEC which is basically like a minor league NFL

          • Chris Hudson

            I’m totally lost on your analysis of Long and Thomas. I agree the SEC is a stronger conference that does not explain why far more Big 10 Linemen specifically have translated to better the to NFL then the Big 12 and SEC. Plus Ohio St is probably going to have have at least 2 guys drafted in the 1st round of the 2013 draft. Mine final point is there is not as big of a gap as you think there is for the talent in college football

          • Chris Hudson

            Oh and Lewan just got named an All-American

          • JoseSD

            Im not denying he’s good im saying id rather have Joeckel but like I said it looks like theyll probably win at least 2 of their last 3 games so Joeckel and Lewan will be gone and Mathews is a good pickup. I don’t give much credit to All-American and Heisman winners as relating to NFL success, Tebow, Leinart,,Reggie Bush, Troy Smith however there are good ones that made the transition and as for all Americans recent ones are Kellen Moore, Case Keenum,, Mardy Gilyard.Freddie Barnes, Greg Jones, Deandre McDaniel and lots of othets that couldnt cut it .and other than Joe Thomas and Nick Mangold recent Big Ten 1st rounders haven’t yet lived up to expectations like Riley Reiff and Brian Bulaga and Jake Long was brought up in trade rumors and possibly being released and now that hes a free agent it’s unlikely he’ll be resigned with Jonathan Martin on the roster to take over at LT

          • Chris Hudson

            Two guys from Iowa is all you got and one of them is a rookie. The reason the Dolphins are probably going to let Long go is because they cant afford him not because he isn’t good and they have to resign reggie bush plus if i remember correctly guys like Jason Smith and Andre Played in the SEC and Big 12 taken in the 1st round haven’t panned out either plus lets look at some other guys who have played in the big 10 and done well in the nfl Kris Dielman, Nick Hardwick and Steve Hutchinsen. Mathews is a good player and regardless of where they are slotted to pick they need to get a LT not a RT you need to sure up the left before the right and Mathews could play on the left in college so I doubt his ability to do it at the next level. And if you honestly think that Jake Long is not a good player let alone a top five LT in the NFL then you know nothing about football

          • JoseSD

            I said first rounders which is why I could only mention two Iowa guys, Hardwick was a 3rd rounder and Dielman was an undrafted free agent and converted defensive tackle. Again you’re not listening to what I’m saying id rather have Joeckel and I doubt Lewan will be available. The weakest link on the Chargers o line is Jeromy Clary. Gaither has shown he can dominate the only question is his heart and passion to the game. Jason Smith played in the spread so he was a bust and Andre Smith can’t keep his weight down but is a good RT in Cincy. Jake Long is still very good but I think that the situation in Miami with the coaching staff has affected his play these last two seasons. You may have a different opinion but I think Duane Brown, Ryan Clady,, Michael Roos, Andrew Whitworth, Joe Thomas, are better and youngsters like Russell Okung, Trent Williams, Anthony Castonzo and Nate Solder are coming up and Jason Peters is still one of the best but has been injured too much lately

          • Chris Hudson

            Well agree to disagree because Gaither needs to go rather then keep praying that he wants to play or can stay healthy Im not a fan of Clary and he needs to go but I think Harris fits better on the right then the left and the chargers have to protect Rivers back side having harris makes the left side much more of an issue you may like Joeckel but I prefer Lewan but he has still yet to declare regardless if they are sitting mid first round which it looks like they will be the chargers need to trade up and take either one of the top LT

  • two1

    Matt Barkley? Scrub!!!!!!

  • RussinSactown

    We will need to fill a few holes. This guy is likely a stud. We will need 3-4

  • 1961 Fan

    Bla Bla Bla; so you have our draft pick decided. Did you notice in the picture that LT Taylor Lewan has a brace on both knees? I will give you credit for moving on to the 2013 season. I still can’t get over the num nut Joey Nicks who predicted we would be 13-3; I wonder what team he was watching? You young squirts need to focus on the next three games. Perhaps some other player will put his stamp on a position for next year and we will have hope for the 2013 season. Rivers is shot as a quality QB; he just had his best game of this season against the Steelers. He is smiling now because he gets a million dollars per game, but knows he will never see the Super Bowl as a player.

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  • padreof3

    Ha ! They said Gaither would be less enthusiastic to play if he switches sides. What is less enthusiastic, faking his own death so he won’t have to play? Hilarious!