Chargers Lost to Ravens: 4th and Forever


That’s the play that ended the season! That was the latest style in which the Chargers decided to lose. Just when we think we have seen it all, they pull a new trick out of their sleeve. Somehow I still find myself in shock with all the new ways we lose.

I remember before the play started whispering over to my friend saying “if we botch this one…” Maybe I should have said ‘WHEN we botch this one’. Everyone else already EXPECTS this crap to happen. I’m sure coaches and players on the sideline expect this to happen. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!

First off, THREE defenders whiff on the tackle. Then Eric Weddle gets hit in the back on his tackle attempt. NO FLAG! Then, Ray Rice comes up short of the first down, but the officials were in poor position to see where to spot the football because they expected the tackle to happen 15 yards ago. Of course they gave him first down yardage.

They check the replay and it still shows that he was short of the first down, but they still gave him first down yardage!

Philip Rivers was adamant that he didn’t get the first down:

He didn’t get the first down! They just didn’t have a view to overturn it. He didn’t get it. But when you’re done you can’t help it. Because if you don’t have a view to overturn it, you can’t overturn it.

I don’t think anybody thinks he got it. I don’t think anybody in the stadium thinks he got it. I don’t think Ray Rice thinks he got it. I don’t think anybody on their team thinks they got it. But he got it!


Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • veazy

    Can anybody name any or all of the dumbasses that fell at Ray Rice’s feet?

    • Ernie Padaon

      Demorrio Williams is one.. Think Marcus Gilchrist was one of those too

  • arnie

    i love Sean phillips reaction after the play, when he was the guy that blew his assignment to cover rice. then jogs after him, and has the nerve to react frustrated when rice isn’t stopped.

  • Ignatius

    Overconfidence, poor angles of attack and lousy tackling techniques combined with an excellent run by Rice gave the team a first down. This is not the coaching staff or management’s fault, it’s all on the defensive players on this play, but in the whole picture, many of the Chargers brass are responsible for this season’s failure.

    What really troubles me more it’s that we ALL saw this coming two seasons ago, we ALL knew that mistakes from the past were covered by a stroke of luck and a lousy division. The team is just as good as the division is strong and when Manning came to Denver, I heard a collective “Uh oh!” from every bolt fan because the team’s true colors were about to be shown but AJ Smith did nothing to really improve this team and build it for division play.

    It’s like fantasy football. In order to have a good season one must stick with his players all the way and trade up in key spots that is why the draft is so important, not free agency, contrary with what AJ Smith has done. What really bugs me it’s that it may not be AJ Smith’s total fault at all, I mean, he pulled some pretty good deals early on, it’s not like he’s suddenly dumb, we must remember that behind AJ Smith there is a pretty good staff around him, for example, Ed McGuire is a long time NFL executive as well as Jimmy Raye and Randy Mueller. These are people that have worked together for quite sometime and have build good teams in the past so, what has gone wrong? It maybe not one thing in particular but a lot of small things, for example, Gaither and Meachem’s contract, neglect at the offensive line, Turner’s inexplicable tenure, distractions from the team’s physician, Gates’ decline and awful production from the draftees.

    The first thing they must do is let Norv Turner go, he seems to go through the motions and has the face of a burned-out coach and the sooner the better for him and the team. There’s no reason to keep him going other that to see him suffer. Secondly, the must address the offensive line through the draft, it’s a priority! Draft a left tackle and guard for years to come, keep Mike Harris and develop him to guard, secondly, draft a numero uno receiver, there are so many that they can’t go wrong on this one, third, keep John Pagano and it’s staff because he has done a good job with this defense with only a year of work, I think he can a will develop into one of the best in the business, fourth, try to dissolve Gaither’s contract with the union, he’s proven he’s not going to perform and that could help the team, in any other case, cut him!, fifth, release AJ Smith from his contract and hire a good GM like Bill Polian, and last but not least, free chill-pills!

    While this maybe a bad year for the team, it surely cannot be worse that that God-awful 1-15 season, that was really bad!

  • Froderick_Frankenstein

    Norv, Spano, gm, the team … ALL LOSERS

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